OWS: Occupy Smackdowns

Epic smackdown of smug Occupier

The Blaze:

Hannity Rips Apart Occupy Organizer in Tense Segment: ‘Get Your Ass Out of Bed…and Get to Work!”

Did you know that the NYPD was to blame for the crimes at Zuccotti Park? The rapes, sexual assaults, public urination and defecation?

That‘s the story told by OWS organizer Harrison Schultz on Sean Hannity’s show Thursday night on Fox News. The first 90 seconds of the incredible interview set the tone for the entire 10-minute segment:

Video: #Occupy Organizer Claims NYPD Was Behind Rapes & Violence at Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street organizer Harrison Schultz was on with Hannity tonight. Harrison blamed the New York Police Department for the rapes and violence at the #OWS Zuccotti Park camp

Mr. Schultz not only blamed the NYPD for the crimes at Zuccotti, he also educated Mr. Hannity on the occupier’s beliefs about Capitalism and that government should provide all citizens with “basic necessities” such as free education, free medical and dental care, free housing, and free transportation.

Hannity eventually couldn’t take it anymore: “You don’t work, you get free money for school, and you’re [bleeped out on air] complaining and whining,” Hannity said. Later he offered a “suggestion”:

You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at Occupy Wall Street. And here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your ass out of bed, like everybody else in America, and get to work. How does that sound?

It got even more heated from there, with both Hannity and Schultz taking parting shots at each other.

Watch as the 29-year-old, unemployed grad student tries (unsuccessfully) to keep up with Hannity in one of the most explosive and entertaining news clips we’ve seen in a while

ZoNation decimates Occupy’s covetous logic

Video: Occunuts: OWS May Day Protesters Hate Workers as Much as an Honest Day’s Work

Occupy and Tea Party – Does the Media Tell You the Truth?

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