A man accused of assaulting an elderly couple last month was formally charged Monday… Where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on this one?

Man charged with murder in deadly home invasion…

After doing some additional digging:

A week ago, in Tulsa , Oklahoma  a black kid named Tyrone Woodfork severely beat an elderly couple, a Mr. & Mrs. Strait , who had been married for 65 years.  

Tyrone RAPED Mrs. Strait, and she died of injuries received at his hands. 

Mr. Strait served in the 101st Airborne during WWII. NO national media carried the story. Tyrone was arrested yesterday.  Before that there was no outcry from anyone including Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, members of Congress, or outside ‘concerned groups’.  The Strait’s family wasn’t invited to speak in front of Congress… and no special prosecutor was appointed.

I supposed that if Mr. Strait had shot Tyrone, the whole country would know about the story. As it is, only Mrs. Strait died, so it’s not of interest to Brian Williams and the rest of the ‘main stream media (MSM)’ media.

Think about it. After 65 years of marriage. After serving our country. After 90 years of life, Mr. Strait has lost his wife to a rapist/murderer. NO ONE in the national media gives a flip. They’re interested in their glorified hero, Trayvon Martin, created by the progressive media instead.

Tyrone Woodfork, arrested on murder complaint for beating death of 85-year-old Nancy Strait. Her husband, Bob Strait, 90, was also severely beaten. COURTESY

Tyrone Woodfork, arrested on murder complaint for beating death of 85-year-old Nancy Strait. Her husband, Bob Strait, 90, was also severely beaten. COURTESY

Total Coverage I could find (re-posted a few times):

By JERRY WOFFORD World Staff Writer  –  Tulsa World  –  Published: 3/26/2012 4:53 PM  –  Last Modified: 3/26/2012 4:53 PM – h/t to TLA

A man accused of assaulting an elderly couple this month was formally charged Monday

Tyrone Woodfork, 20, was charged in Tulsa County District Court with felony first-degree murder, two counts of robbery with a firearm and first-degree burglary.

Bob and Nancy Strait were assaulted March 14 in their home in the 3300 block of East Virgin Street. Nancy Strait died March 15 from injuries related to the assault. Bob Strait is still recovering from multiple injuries.

Woodfork was arrested March 15 after witnesses reported seeing the couple’s stolen 2001 Dodge Neon in the 3500 block of East Fourth Street. He remains in the Tulsa Jail without bond.


(By the way, If Obama had a son, would he look like Tyrone Woodfork?  Just asking….)

It is getting ugly out there people!! What happened to the end of racism so many voted for!


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4 Responses to A man accused of assaulting an elderly couple last month was formally charged Monday… Where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on this one?

  1. Warlock Asylum says:

    Seems like America is a failed experiment. It would have been nice to see people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world come together as one, and pursue the course that leads to the advancement of man. Unfortunately, however, America has become a medium of advanced tribalism. Maybe the inhabitants of America may finally wake up when they see foreign troops on their soil acting as government. It will be upon this time that “white” and “black” Americans will understand that the world sees them only as Americans.

  2. CJ says:

    This isn’t big news because Tyrone was arrested and charged with murder. If he wasn’t charged (until now) and claimed “self defense” under a poorly written law, then you might have a story comparable to the Trayvon Martin shooting. Otherwise you are simply race baiting like Al and Jesse.

    • Ask Marion says:

      He was not immediately arrested, and just like in Florida they were going through the process, but the point is that this hyness senseless crime is mentioned nowhere in the media and no-one ‘important’ has jumped in to ask why. All crimes should be investigated and prosecuted if there is just cause and all crimes that rise to this level of “hate” should be reported and treated equally.

      If you read the non-MSM and have read my blog this is far from the only example of the MSM and Progressive left picking and choosing what they highlight and where they jump in… only when it helps them.

      I am not a race bater… I try to share the information, wherever it takes me.

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