Is It Time for Conservatives, Moderates, Independents and the GOP to Come Together? Especially After Super Tuesday?

Charles Krauthammer says, “The long primary process has ‘Diminished’ the GOP Brand”

In a recent interview:

Megyn Kelly, FOX News: Charles, a lot of Republican voters have been uncomfortable watching this primary contest so far with all the barbs being exchanged between the candidates and in Michigan, as we’ve seen in some of the earlier states, it got a little ugly in the end. Your take now at this point in the process on whether this extended primary process that was a choice by the GOP is working to the GOP’s advantage?

Charles Krauthammer: No. I think it’s hurting them terribly. And you’re right about the fact that it is a Republican choice. And I think it was a really stupid choice. They decided that in 2008 they had gotten a candidate too early. A weak candidate in McCain and they got slaughtered. So they were going to undo that and have a long, drawn out process. Almost all the contests would be proportional, and let the voters decide over time.
The flaw in the reasoning, and it was pretty obvious, they’d be running against an incumbent president, unlike in 2008. The Democrats would not have any early contests. They wouldn’t have any negativity. They wouldn’t have all this expenditure in trying to decide who is going to be the nominee.

So they should have had a shorter race, but they designed it for a longer race in a year in which the Democrats have no race at all and therefore have an advantage. Nonetheless, I think the way Obama has performed as president is so disappointing that that will even out, and I think it is now an even contest between Democrats and Republicans as to the general election. But, it shouldn’t be. Republicans should be way ahead, given how badly Obama has done and how weak the economy is. But this process has certainly hurt all the Republican candidates, and unfortunately diminished the brand.

The case for Mitt Romney

There are an awful lot of “true conservative” types dumping on Mitt Romney these days… some are saying that he is no better than Obama, and some are even threatening to not vote if Romney is the nominee. I don’t get it… I know that Romney isn’t perfect, but I don’t understand the hatred of him.

Here was Mark Levin in 2008 arguing that Romney was the most conservative choice:

Let’s face it, none of the candidates are perfect. They never are. But McCain is the least perfect of the viable candidates. The only one left standing who can honestly be said to share most of our conservative principles is Mitt Romney. I say this as someone who has not been an active Romney supporter. If conservatives don’t unite behind Romney at this stage, and become vocal in their support for him, then they will get McCain as their Republican nominee and probably a Democrat president. And in either case, we will have a deeply flawed president.

Of course that was before Levin suddenly decided to hate Romney’s guts. In 2008 he was calling Romney a conservative… maybe an imperfect conservative, but still a conservative. And now Romney is some sort of ultra-liberal who should be hated like poison?
Well, I don’t see any perfect conservatives this time around either. I initially supported Rick Perry, but he just wasn’t able to sell himself… so now that Perry is gone, Romney has become my second choice. Who else am I supposed to vote for? Rick Santorum may yet win the nomination, and I will vote for him if he does, but I don’t see how he could possibly beat Obama in the general election. (I don’t think that Newt Gingrich could beat Obama either, but I don’t see him winning the nomination at this point anyway, so the question is probably moot.)

As our nominee, Mitt Romney would keep the focus on Obama’s failed policies… Romneycare is a problem for Romney, but not an insurmountable one. I think Romney will do a much better job of exposing Obama as a radical leftist than Santorum ever could, mainly because Santorum is too eager to let himself get lured into lecturing us about things like Satan, sodomy, pornography, contraception, and whether or not Protestants are real Christians.

I’ve been fairly impressed with Mitt Romney’s performance in the debates so far, and I think he would do just fine against Obama… but you don’t have to take my word for it, here is Santorum himself endorsing Mitt Romney in 2008:


Romney is a much more generous, outgoing, personable and relatable in person than he appears in debates or on TV.  He also does not toot his own horn as do both Obama and Gingrich… who love to toot theirs.  In one of the debates Romney said he did not inherit his money, that he is a self-made man and that is true.  What he didn’t tell us is that he did inherit money from his parents and gave it all away in their honor.  He gave much of it to develop the George Romney Management Institute at BYU and the rest to charity.  His friends and supporters say that most of us just don’t see or know The Real Romney.

Romney also took no salary when he was the Governor of Massachusetts.

And because Romney does not sound his own horn and is steady and calm instead of boastful and grandiose a lot of people like to say that he isn’t tough enough and doesn’t show enough feelings. You really need to read this story to see another side of him.

And in the end, ROMNEY’S EDGE IS ELECTABILITY, which seems to be proving out as Romney is gaining momentum in Ohio.  In yet another bizarre twist to this roller coaster 2012 GOP Primary race, Rick Santorum’s lead in Ohio has all but evaporated. What once was a double digit lead is now down to 2 points. Mitt Romney is making a late surge for the ever important electoral state of Ohio – but will it be enough to overcome Santorum? Why is Romney surging anyway? Could it be the bizarre interview of Santorum that Glenn played a portion of? See HERE.

When recently asked about a brokered convention Romney said: “That’s just not going to happen!”  However, if it does according to a Fox News online poll: Sarah Palin is the overwhelming choice if there is a brokered convention.  It would be a Game Change that many of us can believe in!


It is time for us to decide… Go with Romney who moderates and independents like and can vote for… or go for the real conservative who will really brings us hope and change and mesmerizes those who listen.  If you have ever heard and seen Sarah Palin speak live, especially to a large crowd, and if you really know what she has done and what she stands for… not the Sarah Palin that Katie Couric, Tina Fey and the Progressive left have fed us… you know that she could win, if any true conservative can win!!

Conservative Super Star Sarah Palin: Brought the Red Meat to CPAC and They Loved It… Loved Her!

Video: Full Speech – Sarah Palin at CPAC 2012

Video: Game Change We Can Believe In

But perhaps in honor of the memory of a man who many called the the spiritual leader of the modern conservative, libertarian movement and ‘the’ conservative warrior by others, Andrew Breitbart, we should consider his words as he warned at CPAC:  “Unite or Perish!”  Or we draft the gal that will bring us real change and excites the conservative base… especially with his recent wins.  Why settle for Sarah light?

Strategist and author Dick Morris said, if there ever was a reason to pull together and vote for Romney, unless you are hoping for a brokered convention, it is the Michigan experience of last weekend.  Romney won by a large margin in both Arizona and with a large margin of Republicans and Independents in Michigan.  But 100,000 Democrats voted in Michigan against Romney, on cue from a combination of a robot call put out by the Santorum campaign and a movement organized by Team Obama (of unions and operatives).

Morris says if Democrats, Team Obama, start interfering and trying to change the outcome of the GOP primary to their preference, Rick Santorum, at least in this case, it tells us who they fear to run against most, Mitt Romney. And if the GOP lets this go beyond May or June without a clear chosen candidate, and worse yet all the way until September, after the Republican convention, Obama will win a second term. The GOP will not have enough time to mount a campaign against Obama between September 1st and  November 6th… and Team Obama knows that!

Wake-up, America… eyes on the price, which is defeating Obama. After Super Tuesday, if not before, unless there is a miracle and someone breaks out, if Santorum and Gingrich split the south and Romney takes  the rest or most, it is time to pull together or we will end up out foxing ourselves into losing our country because we played the wrong game for too long.

*Since this was originally written Mitt Romney won in Washington state (today) on Saturday, with Ron Paul predicted to come in at second at this time.  In the post election analysis, Charles Krauthammer said if Santorum and Gingrich have a weak showing on Super Tuesday, the Republican Establishment will start putting pressure on them to step aside, at least one of them, because they are damaging the GOP brand and are harming the outcome of the bigger goal… beating President Obama in the Fall.  Mitt Romney also appears to have had his best debate/forum performance ever on Saturday night from Wilmington, Ohio sponsored by and featured on Huckabee

Mitt had a very personal and relatable moment with small business owner David McArthur from St. Louis, when he talked about his son. Romney was outwardly emotional during his response to a question from McArthur who is the father of a soldier experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a traumatic brain injury after being wounded in Afghanistan. Governor Romney was obviously very moved by David’s story and clearly grateful for the sacrifice; Romney’s voice broke, crackling with emotion for a moment, as he responded. It was a great chance for people to see Romney’s humanity at a time when many voters say they have been unable to connect with him. Romney also did a great job explaining his economic plan in a simpler fashion yet in greater detail and was even funny during the forum… when Romney forgot to leave the stage for the next candidate, Santorum, to come on and give his final comments.  Romney laughed, lightly grabbing Santorum at the shoulders saying, “I’m not leaving!” (All three candidates did well at the Huckabee Forum, focusing on jobs… Ron Paul opted not to continue campaigning in Washington State and not to participate in the forum, but Romney definitely came out on top!)

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6 Responses to Is It Time for Conservatives, Moderates, Independents and the GOP to Come Together? Especially After Super Tuesday?

  1. pgillenw says:

    There is no doubt that Romney will be the GOP’s candidate to run against Obama, I think Romney is perhaps the second best candidate to take on Obama. Paul has a great following with Independents and the young blood. It would serve the Republican party well to embrace this crowd now and for the future of the party.

    The key, in my opinion, is to lock Santorum down. No matter ones personnel beliefs with regards to reproductive rights, a woman’s right to choose and contraception Santorum is in effect hurting the Republican’s.

  2. Ask Marion says:

    Regardless of what the Paul campaign says… I beleive that the Romney and Paul campaigns have come to a contingency plan agreement and that Ron Paul will have input if/when Romney get the nomination.

    Santorum is too conservative (and too outspoken about it) on social issues to win, I believe, especially in this campain. I think we are seeing that in Ohio now, and Ohio is a neighboring state to PA, where Santorum could/should win. Ohio is a pivotol state but even more critical to Santorum than Romney.

    Good to see you on here!


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