Say good-bye to the Internet? … And, Last Days to Remove Yourself from Google’s Tentacles

–> The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom  <–

It is hard to believe that twenty years ago, the Internet as we as we know it today did not exist. Yes, there was an Internet, but the World Wide Web did not exist. Imagine life today without the web? We do business over the Internet. We get our news from the Internet. The Internet has been the greatest innovation for free speech since the printing press.

Now this great innovation of free speech is under threat. What is the threat and where is it coming from?

It is coming from the United Nations.

All this year, through December, the World Conference on International Telecommunications is meeting with the purpose of negotiating a new treaty to govern international telecommunications.

Russia and China are using this as an excuse to demand a lesser role for the United States in governing the Internet. They would like the United Nations to control the Internet. Other states, such as Brazil and South Africa have demanded the creation of a new global body to control the Internet.

At the same time, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have called for a code of conduct for the Internet that would govern activities on the Internet. Some of them are no brainers. Some of them include no criminal activities and not using the Internet as a tool of war.

Section C of the “Code of Conduct” should set off all of the alarm bells. It reads:

(c) To cooperate in combating criminal and terrorist activities that use

information and communications technologies, including networks, and in curbing the dissemination of information that incites terrorism, secessionism or extremism or that undermines other countries’ political, economic and social stability, as well as their spiritual and cultural environment;

Let’s see, this is coming from four of the most repressive nations in the world and they think the Internet should be controlled so that it does not undermine “political” or “social” stability. Aren’t those the code words they use to persecute those who dissent from their regimes?

The Russians, Chinese and the third world object that the United States has so much control over the Internet.

Too damn bad. We created it.

The good news here is that this is a treaty. Under the Constitution, the Senate must ratify a treaty and that takes a 2/3 vote. That is unlikely to happen.

Unfortunately Obama has the same respect for free speech as does the leadership of Russia or China and that is alarming. If an agreement or treaty is bad for America, Obama is for it. If you doubt that, look at some of the other treaties he has signed, such as the START treaty.

The Internet is an invaluable tool for freedom. Without the Internet, we would have been hard pressed to get the Tea Party movement started. This is one instance where we cannot play catch up after the Obama regime has already signed a bad treaty.

We must stay in touch with our Senators and Congressmen to make certain they stay on the Obama regime and keep them from agreeing to a deal that would destroy the freedom we have on the Internet.

by Judson PhillipsTPN

Last chance to tell Google to forget you

Article below

Getting Google to forget you:

First, log in to your Google account.

Then go to

Click the button marked “Delete all history.”

Click OK.

Last chance to tell Google to forget you

Even if you’re one of those luddites who uses Google only for Search – not the increasingly random assemblage of first-generation SaaS apps that make up its unintentionally eclectic portfolio – you’re sure to already be sick of the sticky pop-ups Google has been using to warn customers it is unifying all the services under one comprehensive lack-of-privacy policy.

Google announced in January it would unify most of its services under a single privacy policy and a single set of data-gathering tools that will arrange all Google’s useful data on each of its customers in an efficient database, from which it is much simpler to sell that customer as a commodity to advertisers looking for specific patterns of behavior.

The change actually goes into effect March 1.

Before it does, if you’re cautious at all about the amount of information Google has about you, uncertain at all how little evil Google will do with all the consolidated information or just a little woogy about anyone having big chunks of surveillance on you with a yen to sell it: go erase your Google history now.

Thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for pointing out that having decent security and using it are not the same thing.

Tomorrow, after all your odd searches, secret obsessions and kinky lunch reading is ensconced inside a special database, you won’t be able to get to the data any more.

You can delete much of the data Google has on you, though. At least as long as you remember to clear your browser history.

Not the one you always clear before leaving your desk and risking having prying co-workers come look at your cache to figure out what the audio-streamed screams coming from your computer earlier in the day were all about.

The history you have to delete is on When you’re signed in, Google keeps track of where you’re going and what you’re looking at, and stores that history on its server files.

Today only you can still delete that data, by following the instructions provided by EFF.

Getting Google to forget you:

First, log in to your Google account.

Then go to

Click the button marked “Delete all history.”

Click OK.

That’s it. History is a toggle, so once you turn it off it should stay that way until you reactivate it.

It’s not a big procedure, or a complex one. It is one chance more than any other online vendor has offered you lately to restrict your private data a little.

But you have to actually take the trouble.

Do it now, before you forget.

From Twitter:

RT @ASE: How to Remove Your #Google Web History Before The New Privacy Policy Change (on March 1) #Privacy

Google Caught Violating Browser Privacy Settings to Track Users –  –  This might be what you sent earlier Jean

Search engine has been killed

· Scroogle unplugged for good this time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 1:51:13 AM · by Rabin · 6 replies

The Register ^ | 21st February 2012 | Kelly Fiveash

Scroogle – a not-for-profit search engine that offered users something of a pro-privacy antidote to Google – has been killed… Daniel Brandt (its creator), called it quits after his servers were repeatedly targeted by DDoS attacks on Scroogle. (NOT) Google to once again attempt to banish the site from the interwebs, but…. a number of DDoS attacks that hit Scroogle, rendering the site utterly useless. “ is gone forever,” Brandt told BetaBeat. “Even if all my DDoS problems had never started in December, Scroogle was already getting squeezed from Google’s throttling, (DATE SORT) and was already dying. It might have…


Earlier today I saw a headline about a search engine that was deleted. Maybe this is how we will all be tracked – delete the other search engines or as in the text below, you can search, but you can’t open the links from the search.

Happening Now!!!! >> Complete Internet Censorship in New Zealand! Only Able to Access Google Services!!!!

NZ really is the TESTING GROUNDS for the NWO….

At this time, I have used an international SIM modem to access GLP, as ALL NON-GOOGLE WEBSITES HAVE BEEN BLOCKED IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!

I called my ISP, who stated that they are having the same issue, although they are on a different provider in the office. (Ironic that my ISP doesnt use its own services…)

This is what’s up>

You ARE able to access ALL GOOGLE services!!!

You are completely UNABLE to access ANY NON-GOOGLE SITES.


“Internet explorer cannot open the web page”

Same thing on al my PC’s and my Mac, all my mates have reported the same thing, they are all in Auckland though, so this may just be citywide.

—This is affecting ALL ISPs!!!!


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