Glenn Beck Returns from Greece, the Vatican

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By: Andrea Shea King  –  The Radio Patriot – Cross-Posted at the Noisy Room

Beck is back in studio this morning with amazing news. Read the following piece at The Blaze and be sure to listen to his radio show on Monday, as Beck will be sharing all of the details surrounding his meetings with church leaders and international Tea Party groups, while also delving into his vision for a multi-faith coalition that stands in support of religious liberty. Additionally, throughout the upcoming week, The Blaze will provide ongoing information and follow-up reports that further explain what’s to come.

His op-ed in the Washington Post appears today:
Posted at 10:55 PM ET, 02/19/2012

Why we are all Catholics now

By Glenn Beck

– Beck meets the newly elevated Cardinal Timothy Dolan in the Vatican.

I am a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but today, I call myself a Catholic. Why? Because the state is telling the Catholic Church to violate its principles and teachings. So if you are a person of faith, you must call yourself a Catholic.

Today, the Catholic Church is defending a historic American freedom. We tend to forget that many of America’s earliest European settlers were religious refugees. Europe was not a kind place to the faithful if the state didn’t approve: Jews in Spain, Puritans in England, Protestants in France and so on. You were cast out, or worse.

Our Founding Fathers remembered this. They knew if you can’t serve God as you choose, you are not free. And so they enshrined that right in the First Amendment of the Constitution: The state “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

This is why Americans are offended by the ruling from the White House that would force church-run institutions to pay for birth control and morning-after pills, which are tantamount to abortion. The so-called compromise is no compromise – under government-approved health insurance plans that the church pays for, abortifacients would be covered. Sin by proxy – that’s the compromise.

This isn’t a fight over abortion or birth control. This is about whether the state can force someone to pay to have their religious beliefs violated.

Many people – including those who use contraception and abortion – respect those whose faith teaches them that God wants them to do or not do certain things. They recognize such faith in themselves. Some people don’t drink alcohol. Some don’t eat pork. Some people wear a hijab. Some work in soup kitchens. Some tithe 10 percent of their income. All because God tells them to.

That is what a conscience is – a belief in a higher power, greater than the state, greater than any man. That makes religious people a danger to the state – and a powerful force for change. Religious people stood against slavery. They stood against injustice. And today, they stand against a culture of death and a culture of hatred. On July 28, in Dallas, I will convene a meeting of the faithful – all faithful – to celebrate life and restore love.

Because when the state comes against the Catholics, or the Jews, or the Muslims, or the Pentecostals, or the Mormons or those of any other faith – exotic or familiar – we must all stand up as one: We are all Catholics now.

This is a broad struggle. I have met many Catholic friends, including high-ranking church leaders last weekend at the Vatican. I told them this struggle is similar to the fight against anti-Semitism. They understand, and they agree. To them, this fight is everything. And there will be no compromise.

Perhaps this is a hard line. But when it comes to the separation of church and state, we need absolutes. The state needs to be free from the church, and the church from the state. The state has no right to say how much religion any American can practice. It’s our right, and it is the first one our Founding Fathers protected.


Tea Party International?

There’s an interesting story over at the new website The Daily Caller. It seems the Gadsden flag has become popular in Europe (even in Russia) and in Israel, as many look across the pond at the Tea Party movement for inspiration to fight their own big-spending socialists. Wow, how cool would it be if this caught on throughout the world? Time to tell the left, “Don’t tread on me.” This is from Kyle Peterson.

As Tea Party protests pop up in places like Moscow, Tel Aviv and the Hague, Americans may question whether the Tea Party platform can cross international and cultural borders. For activists outside the U.S., the answer is a resounding “yes.”

I think the message of the American Revolution is global. The message of natural, unalienable rights, the message of opposition to tyrannical government — that’s not just well-known, that’s universal,” Boris Karpa, organizer of the Israeli Tea Party, told The Daily Caller in an e-mail. “As you know well, many countries have based their founding documents on the U.S. Declaration of Independence or other American documents.”

Although several international organizers had never even heard of the Boston Tea Party until U.S. protests brought the events of 1773 back into the spotlight, they now wear the Tea Party badge proudly as an example of American exceptionalism worth emulating.

“This [Tea Party] title is ideal for Russia,” Max Kronos, organizer of the Moscow Tea Party, told The Daily Caller in an e-mail. “This event has forever gone down in history — in Russia, such events have not happened.” Snip –

laissez-faire capitalism, low taxes and fewer regulations — cross boundaries. Each Tea Party does, though, hold particular outrage for specific policies in its individual country. For (Roy) Hofkamp, (organizer of the Dutch Tea Party,) the burning issue is immigration reform.

“We pay 50 percent in taxes. Our social security is so high that people refuse to get back to work and stay for years in social security. More than 30 percent of all non-Western immigrants [enter] into social security and never [get] out of it,” Hofkamp said. “So they come here for economic reasons and benefit on the surplus of the working class. We think it’s about time to stand up against that.”

Karpa said reinvigorating Israel’s stagnating business climate is one of his group’s principle planks. Snip –

Kronos compared the Russian economy to the dystopia in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

“In the new conditions, to start a business from scratch is nearly impossible,” Kronos said.

So like the U.S. Tea Party protesters that inspired them, they organize to spread their message and promote their objectives.

The Moscow Tea Party gathered 250 people in three cities on April 25. The Dutch Tea Party protested with 80 people and five guest speakers in front of the Netherlands’ parliament building on May 29. And the Israeli group will hold its first rally, to celebrate “Tax Freedom Day,” on July 16 in front of Tel Aviv’s City Hall.

“We will arrive with protest signs and flags — both Israeli flags and Gadsden Flags,” Karpa said. “We’ve even arranged to have several Gadsden flags produced with ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ printed on them in Hebrew.”

As the movements grow, organizers hope they will coalesce into a transnational organization, especially in Europe, where much the political and decision-making power rests with the EU. Snip –

“People are re-learning that popular movements are not just the province [of] socialists and supporters of big-government policies,” Karpa said.

Take heart all of you Tea Partiers and protesters for limited government and freedom, this movement is growing. Let freedom reign throughout world. As citizens look at the world our “leaders” have led us to, many are awakening to the lies, the thievery and the thuggery of the left and are turning toward the bright light of freedom and capitalism. Socialism is an idea whose time has passed. Let’s look to real progress and put these “progressive” ideas in the ash heap of history where they belong. Read the rest here:

h/t to Politically Empowered

Related: Is the Tea Party a Social Justice Movement?

This is an interesting take on the Tea Party from Timothy Dalrymple who is a thoughtful writer of Christian thought. As more people look at the words “social justice” as code words for communism or socialism, this writer says the true sense of the words are Christian, and the right wants to get there in a different way – through the “hand up” rather than a hand out. Whether you agree with his interpretation or not, he captures the gist of the Tea Party in his writing. From the website

What I witnessed in the Tea Partiers, however, were a moral, sensible, and patriotic people who had a justified concern that their representatives have grown disconnected from those they represent, and are perpetuating a dysfunctional political culture that will thrust our country back to the precipice of economic collapse. Washington cannot pour rivers of money we do not possess into thousands of programs we do not need, in exchange for the mountains of votes that will keep them in power, and complain when the taxpayers get upset. The Tea Partiers are not objecting because they would rather leave the poor to rot than surrender a little more of their money; polls show (as I will discuss in the next part of this series) that Tea Partiers are perfectly willing to accept the need for moderate taxation and social services. Rather, Tea Partiers are objecting because they fear that Washington is caught in a vicious circle of reckless spending and political payback that will cripple our economy and harm all Americans, rich and poor.

Please read this intelligent and interesting article in full here:

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    Read my blog at its real is all about Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is truly an amazing person.

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    I’ve never had a problem with Glenn Beck but after watching that clip he disguists me! I was born and raised in Athens and am now an American resident. First of all what did he expect to find at 4am in the heart of a metropolitan city… Church-goers and happy families? There is druggies and homeless people in every major us city 24 hours a day. Second, there have stray animals roaming around since I can remember. It has NOTHING to do with the economy. We just don’t round them up and euthanize them. And lastly, the only reason everything smelled so bad was because his nose was so close to where all the bullshit was coming from. And by the way these lies/poor journalism probably hurt greeces GDP through tourism worst than any riot ever could.

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    Could you please contact me about this article? Thanks!

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