BREAKING: Did Sarah Palin Just Announce She Would Accept The GOP Nomination if Drafted?

BREAKING: Did Sarah Palin Just Announce She Would Accept The GOP Nomination if Drafted?

By Gary P Jackson

Oh man, what a day this has turned out to be. Sarah Palin has been all over Fox News today, including making a surprise appearance on The Five, setting between Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling, who has been teasing her appearance on his Fox Business News show Follow the Money, which brings us to what currently has everyone buzzing.

This is a supposed transcript from the interview she did with Eric, from Time Magazine:

BOLLING: Governor, a lot of people are saying it can’t happen. I don’t necessarily agree with them. If one of the nominees, one of the GOPers, doesn’t get enough delegates, it could go the a brokered convention.

If it does get to that and someone said, Governor, would you be interested, would you be interested?

PALIN: Well, for one, I think that it could get to that. And I — you know, if it had to — if it had to be kind of closed up today, the whole nominating process, then we would be looking at a brokered convention.

I mean nobody is quite there yet. So I think that months from now, if that’s the case, then, you know, all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country. I would — I would do whatever I could to help.

That’s — that’s fantastic.

Putting this in the context of Sarah’s Fox interviews with Greta, the gang on Fox and Friends, and Martha MacCallum, where she is clearly displeased with how the current candidates are handling themselves, as well as going after President Obama full speed, it seems she has decided she may have to take matters into her own hand!

Of course, this could be nothing more than a huge shot across the bow of all of the campaigns, and the GOP, warning them to get their act together. Or it could be she’s been listening to all of us who wanted her to run from day one.

Of course, I’m quite biased, as I have thought she would make a great president since 2007!

It also seems Sarah may be appearing on Red Eye [with Jedediah Bila] in the wee hours of the morning! [they actually tape the show earlier] Stay up late or set your DVRs! Red Eye airs 3 AM eastern.

All I know is the next few days are going to be a bit crazy!


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    From your keyboard to God’s screen…



  2. section9



    Palin left herself tons of wiggle room. She can’t be seen as jonesing for chaos in Tampa, even though everyone knows that the present crowd is a bunch of Second Raters.

    She has to look as if she wants to help. Make no mistake, she just threw a hand grenade into a crowded room.



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    Music to a lot of conservative’s ears!!

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