Breitbart to Conservatives: "Unite or Perish!"

Video:  Breitbart to Conservatives: “Unite or Perish!”

Andrew Breitbart on The Victory Sessions with host Stephen K. Bannon on KABC –

“Conservatives must Unite or Perish”. “The Occupy Movement was created to get Obama elected.

Video: Andrew’s Unity Speech at CPAC

Earlier to day… There was tweet from Fox News’ Eric Bolling saying:

ALERT! Palin breaking big news… the 15 minutes with Gov Sarah that may change everything.. stay tuned 10p FBN

After this, Sarah made a surprise appearance on The Five today…  Bolling asked her about a brokered convention… asking if she thought it was possible.  Many feel that process could include her A Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges…. Bush verses Palin?  Eric Bolling let it slip that he had asked Palin about being tapped as the GOP nominee at a brokered convention, and if she would accept… but said he would not announce her answer now.

There are many people out there praying that she will still jump in!!

But whoever the GOP nominee ends up being, we better unite, sooner vs. later, or the America we knew and loved is done!

**  I just read an exclusive alert from Reuters –Exclusive: Clinton in talks about possible move to World Bank.  This is frightening because it is a possible sign that the global elite are much closer to their New Economic World Order than we wanted to believe.  There will not be a second chance to save freedom, America or turn back the clock (and definitely not in our lifetimes).  If we do not unite and put our individual preferences aside to fight like Hell to save the Country our Founders gave us between now and Election Day 2012 (if we have that long), we are done!  Please wake-up America… It is almost too late! Third parties, not voting and endless in-fighting are just not acceptable this time around… because if we take that path, there won’t be a next time around! **


A Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges…. Bush verses Palin?

GOP Candidates Still Swinging

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