Don’t Worry… Nuthin’ Bad’s Gonna Happen… – 4th Place Watcher’s Council Winner

Don’t Worry… Nuthin’ Bad’s Gonna Happen… – 4th Place Watcher Council Winner

Well, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone tonight. I’m not a big people person, but I do plan on surviving whatever is coming and I believe it is coming fast. So, when I learned of a number of like-minded individuals meeting in my area today, my hubby and I decided to go. I’m so very glad we did, even though I have been told by the media that everything is great and we shouldn’t worry. And since that’s coming from the media, you know it’s got to be true.

Usually, when I get on a roll about prepping, I get the standard eye-rolls and the incredulous look of, “you can’t be serious?” All the while reading on the person’s face that they think I’m a few bricks short of a load. Which doesn’t bother me in the least… In fact it eggs me on and I usually really go out of my way to irritate the person, but it does tend to ruffle my hubby and the rest of the family. So, meeting with these people this evening was a breath of fresh air. They think exactly like we do. So much so, we were all finishing each other’s sentences by the end of the meeting. I have a feeling we will all become fast friends and have a lot of fun with this and it just might save someone’s, or several someone’s, lives down the road. In that future the infallible press tells us won’t be coming.

Over coffee, we got to know each other. All of us bring different skills to the table and all of us are more than eager and ready to learn. Every one of us that was at the meeting feels time is short and expects an emergency of one kind or another. For several years we have felt as if we were the only ones who felt the way we do where we are. We’re not alone and now we have others to work with. I can’t tell you what a sense of relief this brings. This group comprises all ages and backgrounds, but we all feel a great sense of urgency to get it together and fast. We were brought together by several means as if it was meant to be. These are great people – some of the best I have met in a long, long time.

We covered a wide range of topics such as food storage, gardening, water collection, solar power, guns, knives, first aid, canning, short wave radios, etc. I have an extensive survival library which we’ll let the group use and I need to learn just about everything, so I plan on being a dedicated student. It looks like we will meet once a week since we all feel time is short to get this stuff done and I am sure we will form some sort of communication system for when the feces hits the proverbial fan. Which as we all know, will never happen; remember, all the very smartest people tell us it won’t.

Our group right now numbers seven with two others coming on board. We expect it to grow rapidly and we will rotate meetings from home to home. It’s a commitment for each of us.

The meeting started off timidly with each of us introducing ourselves and me cracking jokes about Armageddon to lighten the mood. At first, our fearless leader wanted to stay out of politics, but as the meeting went on, how could you not talk about the end of the country that our Marxist-in-Chief is plotting out in the open? Conspiracy theories you say? I say real threats like an EMP attack, war, a financial collapse or something that several of us brought up at once: Obama contriving an emergency before the election. Think it can’t happen? Do you even recognize your country any more? Think the impossible – it is bearing down on all of us like a freight train. An imaginary freight train that we are assured doesn’t exist, can’t exist and won’t exist.

Now I know all of us have had promises from our leaders that things are getting better and the news tells us everything is just fine. Don’t pay any attention to inflation or to Nigeria cutting off 8 percent of our oil supply. Just ignore Iran, Russia, China and all those other pesky enemies we have. Ignore the fact that the President now has the power to arrest anyone on American soil and make them disappear. Don’t worry your pretty little head over IPA or SOPA – your Constitutional rights will never be infringed upon… The government will take care of us. Don’t worry… Nuthin’ bad’s gonna happen… I’m not buying it and neither are the majority of Americans any more and we are done waiting around. Time to prepare and get ready for real.

Disclaimer: Any references to catastrophic events, crises or extreme social or financial situations are purely speculative and offered only in the interest of entertainment, since nothing like that will ever happen.

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton – the Noisy Room

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

The election approacheth, and as expected the usual suspects are already touting the wondrous accomplishments of Our Dear Leader.

This week’s winner, Sard at The Right Planet’s The Talking Points Meme examines some of these claims and takes them apart with a fine eye for detail and hyperbole. Here’s a slice:

Here we go again the ole leftist talking points meme! The Progressive never tires of it. If you want to try this at home (the Talking Points Meme that is), just string a series of hyperbolic, fanciful, unsubstantiated claims together and then challenge the listener to respond. I believe the purpose of this technique is analogous to running someone over with a freight train.

And what’s up with the British guy meme? Does he do the Geico ads too? Could we not find an American? Or does it make the inflated assertions sound so much more erudite if it comes in the form of an English accent? Maybe he works for the Chatham House. But I digress–so many amazing accomplishments. Where does one start?

Well, let’s start at the beginning … shall we?

Our TPM talking point friend (the British guy) alleges seven major accomplishments Obama has achieved during his years in Office, if my math serves me correctly.

TPM guy alleges Obama …

  1. Killed Osama
  2. Ended the war in Iraq
  3. Contained Iran
  4. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT)
  5. Reigned in Wall Street
  6. Prevented a 2nd Great Depression
  7. Passed landmark legislation–Obamacare

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

“It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it… anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”–Douglas Adams

President Obama’s decision to take out America’s most-wanted–Osama Bin Laden–was hardly what I would call “controversial.” Honestly, what U.S. president in their right mind would not take out the world’s most notorious terrorist who perpetrated the worst terrorist attack in the history of our nation if given the chance?

I could act like a main-stream, liberal journalist and ask why the President delayed his decision for so long? Or why we never got to see the body of Bin Laden? Or why Osama was given a sailor’s burial at sea? Or how this opens a dangerous new chapter in American foreign policy in regard to the sovereignty of other nations? How many trees were burned and innocent animals killed during the illegal raid? What about noxious fumes being released into the atmosphere from burning helicopters? Won’t this lead to an increase in Climate Change? Yeah … I will leave all the speculation to the hyperbolic types of the main-stream media.

But the main point, as far as I’m concerned, is the notion Obama killed Osama. Yeah, right! Barack the brave Ninja warrior leaped from a burning helicopter riding his skateboard in, with nunchucks in tow, to engage Osama Bin Laden in mortal hand-to-hand combat. PUH-lease! I think we know who killed Osama–SEAL Team 6, and the U.S. Military and intelligence services that made the operation possible in the first place. The hunt for Osama had been going on long before Obama ever “made the scene.” Let’s put the credit where it belongs … NEXT!

Withdrawal from Iraq

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”–Napoleon Bonaparte

It was President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki who signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement in 2008. Obama did nothing but watch SOFA take its course. For Obama and his minions to make the claim it was dear leader who ended the war in Iraq is absurd and infuriating. It is also an insult to those who served in Iraq–who did the hard work–provided the blood, sweat, toil and sacrifice; while the Left did everything it could during the Bush years to tear down any forward progress in Iraq. How about giving credit to where credit is due? It’s not going to happen with the Left–only when it suits their hidden agenda and predetermined outcomes.

Additionally, after the withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Iraq, an escalation in car bombings and violence has exploded within Iraq. It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, either

In our non-Council category the winner was Rep. Colonel Allen West, who had a favor to ask the president in the coming campaign: Mr. President, please don’t play the race card in 2012… submitted by Joshuapundit. Colonel West was his usual eloquent self, in spite of knowing that the president will almost certainly play that particular card. Do read it.

Without further ado, here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners
Non-Council Winners

See you next week! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter..’cause we’re cool like that!

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