SOPA And PIPA Sponsors Caving In To Opposition

Stop Online Piracy Act. Here is an article – there might be better articles out there, but it will give you some info on it: Why We Must Stop SOPA

Wikipedia to Join Web Blackout Boycott Protesting SOPA Boycott

SOPA And PIPA Sponsors Caving In To OppositionRep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), sponsor of the 'Stop Online Piracy Act.'

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), sponsor of the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act.’

Carl Franzen January 13, 2012, 7:12 PM434237

As more and more actions are planned in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), the dual pieces of anti-online piracy legislation moving through Congress, the architects and supporters of these bills have finally begun tiptoeing back.

PIPA co-sponsor Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) on late Friday released a statement saying: “I would not vote for final passage of PIPA, as currently written, on the Senate floor.”

However, Cardin said he would remain a co-sponsor because it would give him “the opportunity to be an active participant in the process of addressing the most serious concerns raised by my constituents.”

Meanwhile, six other Republican Senate co-sponsors of PIPA — Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), John Cornyn (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Tom Coburn (R-OK) — sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on Friday asking him to delay the impending full Senate vote on PIPA scheduled for January 24.

As the letter (which was cc’ed to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)) reads:

Since the mark-up, we have increasingly heard from a large number of constituents and other stakeholders with vocal concerns about possible unintended consequences of the proposed legislation, including breaches in cybersecurity, damaging the integrity of the Internet, costly and burdensome litigation, and dilution of First Amendment rights. Moreover, in light of potential cybersecurity implications, we believe hearing from the Administration and relevant agencies is imperative.

Reid in mid December filed cloture, breaking a block on PIPA that was put in place by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) to prevent the legislation from moving forward. Reid’s move meant that the full Senate would have to quickly vote on PIPA despite the rising tide of opposition to the bill and calls to slow the process down.

As Donny Shaw points out at OpenCongress: The letter marks an “incredible turn of events,” given that support for PIPA seemed so high just a few short weeks ago.

And in perhaps the best sign yet that the online protests started by Reddit are having their intended affect, SOPA sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and PIPA sponsor Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) both released statements on their official websites over the past 48 hours announcing that they would be at least delaying the implementation of one of the more reviled aspects shared by both SOPA and PIPA, the one that would force Internet Service Providers (companies including AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner) to impose Domain Name Service (DNS) blocking on foreign webpages accused of hosting pirated content. Essentially, the DNS blocking provisions would force ISPs to show an error message when consumers try to navigate to a website accused of piracy.

After hearing from various constituents and industry personnel who pointed out that the provision would essentially break the Internet for U.S. users, both lawmakers decided it is time to put the breaks on at least that part of the anti-piracy effort.

Smith was the more reactive of the two to these complaints, saying he would remove entirely the DNS blocking provision from SOPA.

“After consultation with industry groups across the country, I feel we should remove Domain Name System blocking from the Stop Online Piracy Act so that the [House Judiciary] Committee can further examine the issues surrounding this provision,” Smith wrote in a statement posed on his website Friday. “We will continue to look for ways to ensure that foreign websites cannot sell and distribute illegal content to U.S. consumers.”

Critically, Smith’s statement doesn’t say that the DNS provision will be eliminated entirely, only that it will be temporarily removed until “further examination” occurs.

That would likely entail more hearings involving “technical experts,” aka “the nerds,” Web entrepreneurs and engineers like Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, who are due to testify in a hearing on January 18 at a separate committee, the House Oversight Committee, which is chaired by stalwart SOPA critic Rep. Darrell Issa.

And the rest of Smith’s statement continues to explain just why SOPA was needed and why it was the perfect solution to cracking down on online piracy. Apparently, it just needed a little tweaking.

Intriguingly, this is actually the second major tweak Smith has made to SOPA on his own volition since he introduced it into the House in late October 2011. Smith also introduced a manager’s amendement in December attempting to narrow the definitions of what could be considered a “rogue” website under the bills, but critics weren’t satisfied, pointing out numerous other problems the remaining over-broad language.

Still, Smith’s turnabout is impressive, and especially rich given that less than 24 hours prior, he gave an interview to Reuters defying his critics and vowing to pass the legislation.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), sponsor of PIPA, couched his words even more. On Thursday, his office released a statement to the following effect:

“I remain confident that the ISPs – including the cable industry, which is the largest association of ISPs – would not support the legislation if its enactment created the problems that opponents of this provision suggest. Nonetheless, this is in fact a highly technical issue, and I am prepared to recommend we give it more study before implementing it.

“As I prepare a managers’ amendment to be considered during the floor debate, I will therefore propose that the positive and negative effects of this provision be studied before implemented, so that we can focus on the other important provisions in this bill, which are essential to protecting American intellectual property online, and the American jobs that are tied to intellectual property.”

As SOPA critic and IP expert Mike Masnick pointed out at Techdirt, however, “That is NOT removing the DNS blocking provisions. It is merely delaying them.” Still, Masnick was more celebratory about the late Friday developments, writing “All of this, by the way, is because tons of you (tons!) have stepped up and reached out to your Reps. and Senators and let them know that these bills are unacceptable. Let’s see if Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy and Lamar Smith finally admit that they, too, can hear you.”

Markham Erickson, executive director of Net Coalition, a Web industry group that represents Google, Facebook and numerous other leading brands, released a statement Friday applauding the move but saying it didn’t go far enough: “”While we await details on revisions to the House and Senate legislation, we wish to underscore that significant amendments still need to be made. Significant concerns with the private right of action, mandated search filtering, and legal risk and uncertainty still remain.”

Indeed, as Sherwin Siy, deputy legal director of Public Knowledge, an online citizens’ rights organization, said in a statement released to the press late Friday: “While we are pleased that some progress is being made, we are also firm in our opposition to both bills because some very bad provisions remain. The bills are still over-broad in their reach, for example (as in the Senate bill) allowing court orders against anyone a providing ‘directory, index, reference, pointer, or hypertext link.’ Both bills still include a private right of action with few protections from abuse, meaning that sites can be killed without ever being proven to violate copyright.”

And as Andrew Rasiej, Chair of NY Tech Meetup’s Board told TPM via telephone: “If Reid decides to cancel the vote, we’ll turn our protest into a celebration.”


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House Budget Chair, Paul Ryan (R-Wi) announces he no longer supports SOPA

Take a moment to first sign the TPN Stop SOPA petition

Also, A request to the American People- Nationwide Protest against NDAA- ACTION ALERT – Seems the Occupy Protestors are jointing the Tea Party and other conservative groups in this endeavor.  SOPA is believed to work hand in had with NDAA.

These 61 Senators are refusing to meet with their constituents before the critical Jan 24 vote on PIPA/SOPA. Oh Reddit, can you call them?

The January 24th Senate vote is our best chance to stop SOPA. The EFF, Public Knowledge, Demand Progress, CDT, and anti-SOPA lobbyists all agree on this.

So together we’ve been organizing meetings with Senators in their home districts. The Senate’s in recess until the 23rd, so it’s the perfect opportunity for a) a local show of force and b) actually convincing Senators that these bills are flawed.

Here’s the problem: the following Senate offices are ignoring our requests for meetings before the 24th. It’s not just that the senators are busy; we’re asking for meetings with staffers too.

Redditors! Can you call the offices below and ask them to meet with us? Even if your state isn’t on this list, calls are helpful. It’s fine (and encouraged!) to call the entire list. Be polite, but insist that the senator or staff members meet with concerned constituents.

FOR YOUR STATE: Introduce yourself, say you oppose SOPA and PIPA, insist that the senator or her staff meet with constituents during the recess, before the cloture vote on the 24th (FYI, “cloture” is a motion to limit debate and push PIPA to a vote, clearing the way for SOPA).

Urge the senator to vote against cloture on the 24th, and ask for a meeting to explain your opposition. If they give you a meeting or any useful information, report it on the thread for your state.

NOTE: there’s some chance they’ve already granted meetings to individuals who aren’t part of our process, so again be polite. But in most cases, these offices are ignoring us.

UPDATE: We’re getting their attention! KEEP IT UP! Sign up here for notifications about meetings in your state.

Mark Begich (D, AK) – (907) 271-5915

Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) – 907-456-0233

Jeff Sessions (R, AL) – (205) 731-1500

Richard Shelby (R, AL) – (205) 731-1384

John Boozman (R, AR) – (501) 372-7153

Mark Pryor (D, AR) – (501) 324-6336

Jon Kyl (R, AZ) – (602) 840-1891

John McCain (R, AZ) – (602) 952-2410

Barbra Boxer (D, CA) – (510) 286-8537

Diane Feinstein (D, CA) – (415) 393-0707

Michael Bennet (D, CO) – (303) 455-7600

Richard Blumenthal (D, CT) – (860) 258-6940

Joe Liberman (I, CT) – 866-317-2242

Bill Nelson (D, FL) – (407)-872-7161

Saxby Chambliss (R, GA) – (770)-763-9090

Johnny Isakson (R, GA) – (770) 661-0999

Daniel Akaka (D, HI) – (808) 522-8970

Daniel Inoyue (D, HI) – (808) 541-2542

Tom Harkin (D, IA) – (515) 284-4574

Mike Crapo (R, ID) – (208) 334-1776

James Risch (R, ID) – 208-342-7985

Dick Durbin (D, IL) – (312) 353-4952

Mark Kirk (R, IL) – (312)-886-3506

Richard Lugar (R, IN) – (202) 224-4814

Daniel Coats (R, IN) – (317) 554-0750

Mitch McConell (R, KY) – (502) 582-6304

Mary Landrieu (D, LA) – 225-383-0331

John Kerry (D, MA) – 617-565-8519

Ben Cardin (D, MD) – (410) 962-4436

Barbra Mikulski (D, MD) – (410) 962-4510

Olympia Snowe (R, ME) – (207) 874-0883

Susan Collins (R, ME) – (207) 780-3575

Debbie Stabenow (D, MI) – (616)-975-0052

Amy Klobuchar (D, MN) – 612-727-5220

Thad Cochren (R, MS) – (601)-965-4459

Roger Wicker (R, MS) – (601)-965-4644

Claire McCaskill (D, MO) – 314-367-1364

Roy Blunt (R, MO) – (816) 471-7141

Mike Johanns (R, NE) – (308) 236-7602

Robert Menendez (D, NJ) – (973) 645-3030

Frank Lautenberg (D, NJ) – (973) 639-8700

Jeff Bingham (D, NM) – (505) 346-6601

Chuck Schumer (D, NY) – 212-486-4430

Kristen Gillibrand (D, NY) – (212) 688-6262

Kay Hagen (D, NC) – 336-333-5311

Rob Portman (R, OH) – 216-522-7095

Tom Coburn (R, OK) – 918-581-7651

James Inhofe (R, OK) – (918) 748-5111

Rob Casey (D, PA) – (717) 231-7540

Jack Reed (D, RI) – (401) 528-5200 (meeting scheduled!!!)

Lamar Alexander (R, TN) – (615) 736-5129

Bob Corker (R, TN) – 615-279-8125

Kay Baliey Hutchenson (R, TX) – 214-361-3500

Orrin Hatch (R, UT) – (801) 524-4380

Bernie Sanders (I, VT) – (800)339-9834

Patrick Leahy (D, VT) – (802) 863-2525

Mark Warner (D, VA) – 804-775-2314

Maria Cantwell (D, WA) – 206-220-6400

Patty Murray (D, WA) – (206) 553-5545

Herb Kohl (D, WI) – 414-297-4451

Ron Johnson (R, WI) – 920-230-7070


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