Is America Prepared for Total War?

It is my contention that the US will probably eventually face an all out war against the combined forces of Russia and its vassal states, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, North Korea and possibly  several other major countries, including even Brazil, Mexico, India and Pakistan and conceivably even Japan, Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia.


These countries all lag the US in military technology, but they do mostly have significant armies – boots on the ground.

Therefore one wonders if the new military strategy favored by leftists’ President Barack Obama, and the equally radical Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, will work in America’s enemy’s favor?


Obama and Panetta want to massively reduce troop numbers, in favor of more flexible, air based strike weaponry.

They specifically want to abolish America’s ability to fight two land wars at once, down to one.

If Russia strikes through Europe, while China strikes through Asia and the Pacific, where does that leave America? And that’s assuming Cuba, Venezuela and their allies don’t open a third front to the South, or Iran, Turkey and Egypt don’t open another front in the Middle East, or Pakistan in South Asia, or………

Given huge and ongoing espionage by both the Russians, Chinese and Cubans, just how long can America guarantee that technical superiority? Given that weapons systems can be immobilized by a series of keyboard strokes, don’t boots on the ground remain an essential part of sound defense strategy?

There are a lot of ifs in the Obama/Panetta plan…..

The world is entering its most dangerous and unstable phase since the 1930s. America’s large army and superior technology maintained relative peace in the world for 60 years. Will the Obama/Panetta strategy keep America safe, or will it merely embolden the world’s tyrants?

Will Moscow and Beijing care if they lose millions of vassal state soldiers, if they can once and for all destroy their hated main enemy, the United States of America – their only significant barrier to world domination?

Moscow propaganda channel Russia Today comments on America’s new “defense” strategy.

Video on site at New Zeal…

By: Trevor Loudon – New Zeal

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