LAS VEGAS: Proposed regulation — illegal aliens right to vote! – Sovereignty Alert

ALERT:  LAS VEGAS: Proposed regulation — illegal aliens right to vote!

And let us not forget George Soros Eye’d the State Secretaries to gain control of the count…

VERY IMPORTANT: Dec 29 at 3PM – Proposed Regulation – R111-11 and R124-11  –  Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 07:06:44 –0600

Dec 29 at 3PM – Proposed Regulation – R111-11 and R124-11 Thursday, December 29, 2011, 3:00 PM  at the Grant Sawyer Building – 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV

80 Patriots attended December 23 hearing. Please attend this one as well. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Proposed Regulation of the Secretary of State
LCB File # R124-11 and R111-11…

The goal of this proposed election rules and regulation is only one: give illegal aliens the right to vote.

The real intention is buried on Section 9 – 3 – (h) page 10:
(h) A current and valid document issued by a governmental agency;
ITIN is a valid document issued by a governmental agency.
ITIN – Please check page 12 of the IRS Form 1040 –

The sub-committee (please replace the word AT to @)
Senator Mo Denis, Chair D Moises.
702 657 6857

Senator David R. Parks D
702 736 692

Senator Michael Roberson R
702 612 6929

Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson D
775 247 7665

Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick D
775 655 0332

Assemblyman Lynn D. Stewart R
702 370 2185

Please read also how illegals are buying houses, getting thousand of dollars from the IRS, getting driver license and everything else. Now, if this election regulation pass, illegals will have the right to vote.

The IRSs Dirty Little Secret the Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Aliens


Illegal, but Not Undocumented: Identity Theft, Document Fraud, and Illegal Employment

How we can approach Identification:


Insert the bolded words into Section 9.1 as shown below. It is impossible to establish the identification of a potential voter without a photograph. Without a government issued photo ID the voting process is subject to fraud. Sec.9.1 would then properly read The Secretary of State interprets official identification to mean a government-issued photo ID, or otherwise official, article or combination of articles, which establishes both the identity, by photograph, and residence of a person submitting an application to register to vote.

The draft R124.11 Sec. 9.2 (j) must be stricken. This gives too much discretion to the election board (poll workers). Are they allowed to accept an ID that is home made or one from Sam’s Club or Costco?

Sec.9.3. At the beginning of this section please enter the words Once the identity of the voter has been established by photo ID the following articles

Add Subsection (k) to Sec.9.3. Subsection (k) is to read No document that has any indication that the potential voter is not a U.S. citizen can be used to establish identity or residency. For example, a government issued document that has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) shall not be used to establish identity or residency.

Soros Eyes Secretaries

Voter Fraud – Hacking Democracy

There is nothing more valuable and germane to the sovereignty of a nation than protecting the right to vote for their citizens!!

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