The DNC’s Christmas Gift to Newt Gingrich

DNC Web Video: “Original Tea Partier”

By Marion Algier

Without a doubt Obama and the Democrats would rather run against Newt Gingrich than Mitt Romney.  In poll after poll Mitt wins as the most electable, having the best chance to beat Obama in the general election over anyone else in the GOP field.

So was the ad a mistake… a DNC Oops?  Or are they sly as foxes?  Was this an attempt at gift giving to themselves?

The conservative right faction of the GOP, although almost everyone says that in the end they will vote for whomever to beat Obama, is looking for the ‘real’ most conservative GOP hopeful… to support, which Newt isn’t. So is this an attempt by the DNC to help Gingrich?

Newt might be considered more right of center than moderate Mitt in some areas, but certainly not on personal behavior or ethics.  Romney has been married to the same women, Ann Davies Romney with whom he has raised 5-children, without a hint of scandal and has always been very involved in his church, while keeping both his morals and religion out of the spotlight.  Mitt has political experience as Governor of Massachusetts but is not a career politician nor a beltway insider.  He also has extensive business experience and saved the economically distressed Winter Olympics in Utah with his business know now (a definite positive for where we are as a country).  Gingrich on the other hand is on his third marriage with questionable affairs in-between including with present wife Callista Bisek Gingrich, and has scandal and dissent in his political background as well for the Democrats to dig out later.  Newt is a career politician as well as a Washington insider.

If the GOP were really interested in a tea party candidate or the most conservative candidate for their nominee they would be leaning toward Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul with his added Libertarian leanings. (Santorum picked up the endorsement of the Secretary of State  of Iowa this week; Michele Bachmann had her best debate performance this past weekend in Iowa in months; and Ron Paul has an incredibly loyal organization on the ground for the Caucuses.)   All three have a chance to surprise the pollsters in Iowa.  And even Rick Perry is further right of center and has some tea party support. But Perry’s campaign continues to flounder even though he did redeem himself somewhat in Saturday’s debate.

Side note:  Perry attacked Mitt Romney for the 7th time, during the Iowa Caucus Debate this past weekend moderated by ABC, on the issue of Romney’s position on the individual mandate in the nation’s new health insurance law, ObamaCare. Perry keeps asserting what Mitt wrote in his book, No Apology (the hardback version), was changed to accommodate a flip-flop for the paperback version release. (Mitt has explained that the book was written two years ago so in light of his candidacy he updated parts of it for the new paperback release since information and issues change.)  Rick Perry has continuously misquoted what Mitt wrote in the hardback version (verified by this writer and several mainstream media news outlets) 7-times now.  Mitt finally had enough and last night said so, asking Perry if he wants to bet $10K.  Perry of courses backed off saying he was not there to bet but to run for office, but did back down.

The leftist controlled mainstream media as well as left-blogosphere seized on the comment and have had a field day with Mitt’s’ ‘bet’  comment as soon as the words left his mouth in an attempt to make Mitt look like an out of touch rich guy.  The Romney camp when contacted today said Mitt had finally had enough and obviously knew that Perry was wrong so wouldn’t take the bet. Mitt just wanted to put an end to this on-going erroneous charge.  Come on people… let us stop being manipulated.  Mitt was right to back Perry down.  And if you pay attention, it is Newt who has been caught at Tiffany’s more than once buying very expensive gifts… not Mitt.  Another great media manipulation by Team Obama and their media alliances.

Overall, Newt experienced his first round of being attacked as the latest front-runner. Mitt came out for the first time in the loser category, not because he did badly, but because he wasn’t  as good on his feet and message discipline as he has been in the past, and because of his $10K remark blown out of proportion by the media. And Bachmann came out strong except for one too many positive references about former candidate Herman Cain; people still aren’t ready for that.  All six candidates did fairly well in the Iowa debate and no one missed Huntsman.  Even with Mitt’s bet remark he has a strong organization in Iowa from the 2008 run that shouldn’t be diminished. (Don’t miss the next GOP Debate moderated by Fox on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9p.m. ET.  This will be the last major debate before the Iowa Caucuses, especially with the non-participation of all but Gingrich and Santorum in the Newsmax Debate to be moderated by Donald Trump, at least so far.)

The road to the White House in 2012 is going to be a long, hard and probably ‘dirty’ road.  Obama has the biggest war chest in history and goes into his second term campaign still virtually un-vetted while the GOP candidates with help from the media are tearing each other apart and doing all the vetting for Team Obama.

Who ultimately gets the GOP nomination is still up for grabs… Even Iowa is still up for grabs. But at least for now Newt should be sending the DNC a Merry Christmas card with a big thank you for their support with this ad!

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