WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: They Got Obamacare – Now They Want the 2nd Amendment –The Ulsterman Report

With decades of experience as a political operative within the Democratic Party, including service to both the Clinton and Obama administrations, our ongoing dialogue with the figure simply known to readers as “Insider” continues…

Ulsterman:  It seems the Solyndra scandal is heating up for the White House as –name withheld- predicted.  You still feel Fast and Furious is the

Insider:  To hell with Solyndra.  I told you before – if it helps to weaken the administration, fine.  So be it.  The more the merrier – but NO, Solyndra is not what we are focusing on.  Fast and Furious remains the most pressing concern at this moment for those inside the administration trying to contain the scandal.  I assure you of that.  They were all in on that program you know.  The administration…the party leadership.  It was attached to the arrogance they had after passage of Obamacare – they thought there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish.  Nothing they couldn’t push through.

Ulsterman:  Elaborate on that please.  What do you mean by arrogance?  And what were they trying to accomplish?

Insider:  They got Obamacare – now they want the 2nd Amendment.  There were some who didn’t get it.  Why go for gun control?  Hell, the White House Chief of Staff at the time didn’t want to go for Obamacare – he didn’t understand the push for that.  Knew it would be a political liability – the economy needed to be dealt with.  That alone shows those calling the shots at the White House are removed from the normal…the historical divisions of power within the administration.  All those f—cking czars…the advisers…Jarrett.  These people put in without any Congressional oversight – they are running the program.  The media has danced around that story, but it gets buried. Ignored.

Ulsterman:  Focus on the gun control issue – you’ve mentioned that before.  I recall that.

Insider:  You’re right.  Yeah…controlling healthcare and controlling guns – they were viewed as a package deal at about the same time it seems.  Control how people live, how they die, and how they go about protecting themselves – that about sums it up.

Ulsterman:  You sound like a gun rights advocate.

Insider: I am.  Always have been.  You see, this is…always has been one hell of a confounding contradiction of liberals.  I never got it.  These people say they are suspicious of government, right? They protest it.  They march against it…whatever.  And yet these same people – or a lot of them…they want to go ahead and give the government control over almost every critical aspect of their lives.  Education.  Healthcare.  Personal property rights.  Gun laws…it just…it never made sense to me.  It’s why those people are so damn easy to manipulate.  They are chock full of emotional contradiction.

Ulsterman:  You don’t sound like much of a Democrat right now.

Insider:  I ain’t – not today’s version anyway.  You know that.  I’m wandering in the wilderness kid.  40 fu—ing days and 40 fu—ing nights.  And there ain’t no promised land – not even a hope of that promised land if this country gives Barack Obama a second term.

Ulsterman:  Explain the gun control connection again – the Fast and Furious connection.

Insider:  I mentioned a memo…or a communication…there was, or is – something out there.  Or it was circulating – I don’t have the exact specifics.  But something was being planned – directly connecting this Fast and Furious disaster and the Obama people – some in the party…an entire plan to initiate sweeping gun control legislation throughout the country.  Now I didn’t know this until after the fact.  Didn’t believe it at first.  Seemed to…even for this group – seemed too damn far-reaching.  You step back though – watch what is being done, see how the dots start connecting – then you find religion.

Ulsterman:  What are the dots being connected?

Insider: Just look at what is being reported.  It’s still just under the surface – but it’s there.  You have people right now within the party taking this moment to once again push for gun control and using the scandal – Fast and Furious, using that to do so.  They are saying these things openly.  It’s astonishing to me.  They are very confident – or very afraid.  I think it’s fear that is now motivating them.  When you have Feinstein coming right out and saying we need enhanced gun control because of Fast and Furious  – days away from the Attorney General giving sworn testimony…something is up.  Something big.  She is attempting some serious damage control, trying to get out in front of the story.

Ulsterman: You’re speculating on this?  You don’t know?

Insider: I don’t have specific information…that’s correct.  I told you before – information coming out…it’s in lockdown mode.  From both parties on this.  Both sides have managed to shut off access to information – whatever is going on.  That has always proven before to be the calm before a storm.  A big fu—ing storm.

Ulsterman: What about the story that Hillary Clinton had a hand in Fast and Furious?

Insider: What?

Ulsterman:  There was a story or two out there implicating Hillary as being part of the scandal.  A direct part.

Insider:  Bullsh-t.  Move on.

Ulsterman:  You don’t believe there is a possibility of that?  It’s an international incident.  She heads up the State Department.  She—

Insider:  I said move on.  Hillary will not be implicated in this.  That won’t happen.

Ulsterman:  What about Rahm Emanuel – could he have had knowledge of this plan?  He was White House Chief of Staff when it was implemented, right?  Wouldn’t that place him in the room when they were laying all of this out?  Including the connection between Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and gun control that you just laid out?

Insider:  (Long pause – no response)

Ulsterman:  Did you hear me?

Insider:  I will say this just once  – so you need to really listen here.  Hillary Clinton will not be implicated.  Rahm Emanuel will not be implicated.  If you’re out there reading something about them being tied in with this mess…those stories are pushbacks – you understand?  They certainly have plenty of knowledge to implicate this administration, right?  So Jarrett and her crew are giving off little warnings to them to stand down – to shut up.  It’s typical bullsh-t.  Don’t fall for it.  Stay focused on Fast and Furious and the danger it poses to this administration.

Ulsterman:  Hillary Clinton is still part of the administration.

Insider:  If you want to continue with this line of questioning you will be doing it by yourself.  Permanently.

Ulsterman:  Is Hillary Clinton assisting in the Fast and Furious investigation. Or Rahm Emanuel?

Insider: No comment.  Move on.

Ulsterman:  Are Republicans aware of the Fast and Furious connection to attempted gun control by the Obama administration?  Are they pursuing that – will they be pursuing that during the Congressional hearings coming up?

Insider:  Are they aware of it – yes.  That much I know.  For certain.  Whether they plan to openly make it part of the public hearings…I don’t know.

Ulsterman:  Are you working with the Republicans on this issue – Fast and Furious, or any Republican-related campaign to defeat Barack Obama?

Insider:  I’m not on the payroll if that’s what you mean.

Ulsterman:  But you’re cooperating in some way?  With Republicans?

Insider:  I won’t answer that.

Ulsterman:  You’ve been giving me that answer a lot today.

Insider:  (No response)

Ulsterman:  Back to Fast and Furious…back to the hearings. Will they be the final straw to remove Eric Holder?  Is this thing reaching its conclusion?  You’ve been at this for nearly a year now. Forcing Holder out – “Obama’s firewall” as you call him.

Insider:  I certainly hope so.  It’s been a hard run hasn’t it?  Uphill the whole way it seems.  But the last few months…recently…we’ve been doin’ – doin’ good.  Real good on this.  All of this…this thing.  Holder is in a corner now.  Question is…is Obama right there with him?  They’ve had a while to prepare for Holder’s leaving.  Gotta believe protections have been put in place.  Whether or not they will be enough…too early to know.

Ulsterman:  But Attorney General Eric Holder is gone?  He will be forced out?  You are still certain of that at this point?

Insider:  Yes.  No doubt whatsoever.  And I want to encourage you again to look at the gun control angle in all of this.  It’s bigger than Fast and Furious.  Imagine if Americans were made to know – to understand, how lives were spent in a purely political attempt to enhance federal gun control laws.  And I think immigration is tied into it all as well.  I’m not doing this…I’m not laying it out as well as I need to for you and I’m sorry for that.  The scope of this plan requires a person to almost suspend reality – fu—ing reality for a moment.  We had the feds placing deadly weapons into the hands of dangerous criminals.  That’s the reality as we know it now.  Those are the facts, right?

Ulsterman:  Yes.

Insider:  Ok – so those guns are given to these criminals who then turn around and use them to kill Americans, to kill Mexicans, to cause all kinds of chaos, right?  The shops used to sell those guns – the government forced them to sell those guns, right?

Ulsterman:  Right.

Insider:  Yeah – the government basically put a gun to those gun sellers’ head and told them to allow those criminals to purchase those weapons.  Then they turn around and are prosecuting those gun sellers, while at the same time you got Democrats…some of the most extreme of Democrats – they are calling for gun control.  It’s the part about nobody in the administration trying to track those guns that were given to the criminals…that’s the key for me in this.  They didn’t care about those guns, right?  It seems pretty damn obvious they could care less where those guns were going…who had them, whatever.  So what was the purpose of Fast and Furious if it wasn’t to track those guns back to the criminals and arrest them?  What the f-ck were they up to?  You ask yourself that?

Ulsterman:  Yeah – and there still doesn’t seem to be an answer.

Insider:  Bullsh-t there isn’t an answer – it’s just that the answer is the most frightening one, so not enough people are willing to look at it.  If the Obama administration wasn’t really concerned about the actual guns – they lost over a thousand or so, right?  Can’t find them.  No idea where they went.  So those guns weren’t the concern.  It was the crime they wanted to trace back to those guns that were sold in the United States.  It was the crimes they wanted to happen – they fu—ing encouraged to happen – that was the purpose of all of this.  Turn around and use those crimes to push through much tougher federal gun controls, and push through some kind of amnesty immigration policy.  WE killed 200 Mexicans – that message…guilt voters into amnesty, right?  And I’m not opposed to some immigration policy – it’s needed, and long overdue.  But for God’s sake – I’m not for killing people to get there.  This White House was willing to do that.  This White House, the Obama administration – they were willing to kill Mexicans.  But they made a mistake…the killing of the border agents – they didn’t prepare to have those killings linked to the weapons.  Or if they did, they didn’t realize it would backfire against them like it did.

Ulsterman:  Will the hearings bring this information out?  Will it hit the mainstream?

Insider:  We are trying to make that happen.  Trying very hard.  We need a Democrat to stand up and point a finger at this administration and call them out for this mess.  All of it.

Ulsterman:  Will that happen?  Do you have a Democrat willing to do that?  To take on that risk?

Insider:  Yes.  It’s a matter of timing – but yes…we do.

Ulsterman:  A question or two on the 2012 election if you don’t mind?

Insider:  Certainly – go ahead.

Ulsterman:  The Herman Cain story – the allegations of sexual harassment…who initiated it?

Insider:  Don’t know…but if it came from any of the GOP campaigns…the Romney people or the Perry camp – a huge mistake.  Huge.

Ulsterman: How so?

Insider:  The story is growing beyond the borders of Herman Cain – it is being used now to paint the GOP field.  That kind of infighting…that simply cannot be allowed to happen.  The stakes are far too high.  Whoever is chosen as the nominee – all of you need to stand behind them.  Every single vote opposed to Barack Obama needs to join together.  I cannot stress that enough.  Millions upon millions are gonna be spent dividing the Republican party against itself.  That is already underway.  Don’t trust one godd-mn word you read on those message things of yours – the Facebook stuff.  I bet the farm you got Obama operatives posting on there.  You know that, right?  I still say you’d be much better off shutting that thing down.  And they are all over the place.  They got a plan in place – probably already underway, thousands of people attempting to form the message in favor of Obama.  An entire online only operation to compliment the mainstream media,Hollywood…everything.  That’s why I am telling anyone I can that once the GOP nominee is chosen – you all gotta put whatever differences you might have now and focus everything on making Barack Obama a one-termer.  They – the Obama machine…they are counting on that not happening.

Ulsterman:  Who – what GOP nominee would pose the greatest threat to Obama?

Insider:  It’s too early to say for certain.  I maintain that Herman Cain would not win the nomination.  He represents the frustrations of a lot of people – but not the best hopes of the Republican Party.  He won’t be able to withstand the onslaught that is coming from the Obama machine.  I used the term brutal before – sticking with that.  Brutal.

Ulsterman:  So in your opinion – who could withstand that onslaught?

Insider:  Romney remains the frontrunner.  That hasn’t changed.  And for the people who say he’s not conservative enough…he ain’t Barack Obama.  It’s that fu—ing simple.  You hear about anyone saying they won’t vote for Romney if he’s the nominee…that person wants Obama to be given another four years to destroy this country.  People need to grow the f-ck up.  Stop the childish bullsh-t about this GOP candidate over the other.  When the nominee is chosen – they are the one who needs to win against Barack Obama.  Anyone who can say with a straight face that John McCain would have been worse than Barack Obama…c’mon.  Nobody in their right mind thinks that anymore  – except the most extreme Democrats.  And they ain’t Democrats.

Ulsterman: Who else – besides Romney?

Insider:  Look, I don’t buy the media’s spin that the GOP field is a bunch of losers.  And that’s just how they have been trying to portray them.  This is…almost all of them are viable candidates.  If I had to choose a legit underdog – somebody besides Romney who is up and coming, who could take on Barack Obama, it would be Newt Gingrich.  You’ve written on him – I’ve noted that.  There is some money taking an interest in Gingrich these days – which is interesting because he burned a lot of bridges with those people not so long ago.  But with the threat to everything that is Barack Obama, it seems like perhaps all is forgiven these days.  At least for now.  I read the line that Gingrich has baggage.  Really now.  Baggage?  And just what the f-ck you wanna call what Obama has?  So anyone who throws out that baggage BS about Gingrich – it’s just like I said.  Don’t trust them.  They are angling for Obama’s re-election.

Ulsterman:  You don’t sound like you’re with the party – the Democratic Party, anymore.

Insider:  Not true – not true.  I’m…what I’m with, what I’m for, is defeating Barack Obama.  For now – that’s it.  The moderates – those who are left, they are asserting themselves more and more.  You need to watch – do a better job watching for that.  It’s happening.  There’s been blurbs here and there on it. Both Pelosi and Reid have been marginalized.  There’s significant pressure being placed on the Dems who sit on the super-committee thing.  Bi-partisan pressure mind you.  The real deal.  You need to note those things. It’s all connected to what we are doing here.

Ulsterman:  Anything else to look out for in the coming days and weeks?

Insider:  The “Home for the Holidays” campaign I told you about – it’s really moving out there now.  They’ve tied it into the jobs bill for Chr-st  sake.  And it isn’t sitting well with all the military.  I got an earful of that the other day.  Watch for that to keep building momentum.  They – the Obama people, they are really thinking that’s gonna work out well for them.  And it just might.  It sickens me to see the same people this president once accused of carpet bombing villages and killing civilians now doing a complete 180 and using them as props for his re-election campaign.

You ever step back and really take note of just how far gone this White House is?  How damn inconceivable it should all seem but isn’t because they have done it over and over again?  And how they are allowed to get away with it?  At least up to now?  Just how bad it is?  So much of it.  Everywhere.

Ulsterman?  What?

Insider:  We have an administration directly responsible for the killing of hundreds of civilians in Mexico.  The killing of our own border agents.  The wasting of billions of taxpayer dollars that went back into the hands of Obama campaign donors.  A Justice Department that dismissed a clearly proven voter intimidation case – that was on record declaring its intent to ignore race-based crimes where Whites were the victims.  The shutting down of energy production industries in the Gulf – only to turn around and allow other nations the right to drill our oil.  This president allows Middle East nations that were once at least somewhat cooperative with the interests of the United States to be over-run by Muslim extremists – and they call that kind of thing a fu—ing victory for the administration!  Talk about your “Mission Accomplished” moment!  This president golfs more than he governs.  He doesn’t meet with his own cabinet.  There’s people in that administration who have never spoken to the man!  When he is at the White House he sits up in that second floor room of his watching TV and waiting for the next batch of orders to come to him from Jarrett. A president that embraces radicalized union-backed protesters calling for socialism, who destroy property and rape the weak.  He has repeatedly pissed off Democrats and Republicans at every turn.  Every fu—ing turn.  At every fu—ing level.  This guy has sh-t on the office.  Sh-t on the responsibility.  Sh-t on the history and tradition of the office that he, by some tragic accident of which I personally played a part it – now occupies.

So I ask you – you seem to think I got all the answers – so I ask you…HOW THE FU-K DOES THAT HAPPEN?  HOW DOES IT CONTINUE TO HAPPEN?  Because I don’t know.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve done it – just about all there is to do in this town…and I don’t know how it’s happening.

All I do know is it’s gotta stop.  That man – Barack Obama…he cannot be elected again in 2012. He must be defeated.  All of them. This country cannot be so far gone as to not recognize that fact.



Within hours of publishing this interview, copies of Attorney General Eric Holder’s prepared testimony to Congress were leaked – testimony giving clear indication of Mr. Holder’s attempts to utilize the Fast and Furious scandal as justification for further federal gun control legislation.

Link to story here:

Holder Calls For Gun Control

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