ObamaCare… This Will Knock Your Socks Off!!

THIS VIDEO IS A GUIDE TO THE ORIGINAL HEALTHCARE BILL H.R. 3200.  H.R. 3962 is the actual bill that passed, but virtually everything the public and the GOP fought against was just moved, buried and hidden somewhere else in the new bill or is a contingency to be added later.  Just like the circus created over not funding abortions with taxpayer money quickly proved to be all smoke and mirrors, after being one of the pivotal points of compromise to get the bill past… at any cost. It was all a game of smoke and mirrors. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement: “You have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”, and we certainly are… virtually everything that was in H.R. 3200!

Recently we are finally reading news report and article after article about things that someone has finally found and verified that is hidden in the ObamaCare Bill.  You can bet that all the negative things in this video and more are part of the revised bill H.R. 3962.  It really is the gift from Hell that just keeps on giving…

Please watch this video:

Video:  Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200Key Points

Update With Video: THIS IS A GUIDE TO THE ORIGINAL HEALTHCARE BILL H.R. 3200. Yes the healthcare bill HR 3962 passed. Now it’s up to us to do all we can to repeal it!! This video is based on HR3200 but it is very closely related to HR3962 with the exception that HR3962 is deemed to be worse! If we don’t get this bill thrown in the trash where it belongs we can expect to see much if not all of what this video shows us. THE PDF.OF THE BILL HR3200 NOTED AT THE END OF THE VIDEO IS NO LONGER VALID. HERE IS THE UPDATED LINK TO THE PDF. http://candicemiller.house.gov/pdf/hr3200.pdf

I am well aware of the typo in this video, I apologize but It’s too late to fix it now.

Healthcare is only a powerful stepping stone to their government takeover plan. Open your eyes America, they don’t care what “we the people” want or need, they simply want control.
Aug. 2009

Original Bill (Video): This is a point by point description (A guide not the actual reading of the bill!) of the Government Healthcare plan taken from the ACTUAL proposed bill H.R.3200 http://candicemiller.house.gov/pdf/hr3200.pdf

Though not opposed to healthcare reform most Americans do not want this KIND of reform which is a dangerous UN-AMERICAN UNCONSTITUTIONAL We want reform that makes sense and that is helpful for all not a destructive death warrant for the unborn and the elderly. We want government to stay out of our personal life decisions period. This is America !!

Here is the link to H.R. 3590: http://usgovinfo.about.com/library/PDF/hr3590.pdf

Docs4PatientCare Email Update

Docs 4 Patient Founder and president Hal Scherz, M.D., released the following statement today regarding the US Preventative Services Task Force recommendation to stop the routine PSA screening of men:

“On Thursday, the US Preventative Services Task Force issued their recommendation that routine PSA screening of men looking for prostate cancer was no longer indicated. So said the chairperson of this group, pediatrician Virginia Moyer, of Baylor School of Medicine. There were no urologists on this committee- the universally recognized experts on the treatment of prostate cancer.

“This is the same body that issued the controversial recommendations to stop routine mammography.

“It is unlikely that this task force took into account that in the years that PSA screening has been routinely done, that mortality from prostate cancer has dropped significantly. Over 32,000 men die BECAUSE of their prostate cancer every year, and it is the second most common cancer in men, with a particular predilection for African Americans. It is important to note that the death rate from prostate cancer in England, where routine screening is not performed in order to save money, is dramatically higher than in the US.

“It can only be concluded that this task force is doing the bidding of the federal government, under the guise of science and evidentiary medicine, to justify the intent to covertly ration care. This attempt to put bureaucrats between patients and doctors is precisely why groups like the Preventative Task Force needs to be exposed for what it is and marginalized. Patients make the best decisions about their care along with the good counsel from their own personal doctors- in this case urologists, not pediatricians.”

This is just one example of many of the beginning of the cutting back process of services and procedures.

The Supreme Court will hear the case against ObamaCare in the upcoming session and each of the GOP candidates has sworn to overturn this bill by Executive Order and whatever means necessary to undo it  if they are elected in 2012, and then put forth a  real healthcare reform bill or program. If one of those two things does not happen and ObamaCare is allowed to go into affect, it will destroy our Republic!  This was never about healthcare for the poor or better health care for all, it was about the Progressive Movement getting control of one-sixth of the U.S. economy and ‘control’… over you!


Obama’s Civilian Army Is Now LAW and is Funded… Through ObamaCare

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I am a babyboomer and empty nester who savors every moment of my past and believes that it is the responsibility of each of us in my generation and Americans in general to make sure that America is as good or even a better place for future generations as it was for us. So far... we haven't done very well!! Favorite Quotes: "The first 50 years are to build and acquire; the second 50 are to leave your legacy"; "Do something that scares you every day!"; "The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place". At age 62 I find myself fighting inoperable uterine Cancer and thanks to the man upstairs and the prayers from so many people including many of my readers from AskMarion and JustOneMorePet... I'm beating it. After losing our business because of the economy and factors related to the re-election of President Obama in 2012 followed by 16-mos of job hunting, my architect-trained husband is working as a trucker and has only been home approximately 5-days a month since I was diagnosed, which has made everything more difficult and often lonely... plus funds are tight. Our family medical deductible is 12K per year for two of us; thank you ObamaCare. But thanks to donations from so many of you, we are making ends meet as I go through treatment while taking care of my father-in-law who is suffering from late stage Alzheimer's and my mother-in-law who suffers from RA and onset dementia as well as hearing loss, for which there are no caretaker funds, as I continue the fight here online to inform and help restore our amazing country. And finally I need to thank a core group of family, friends, and readers... all at a distance, who check in with me regularly. Plus, I must thank my furkids who have not left my side through this fight. You can see them at JustOneMorePet.
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