LIVE: Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck at Family Arena "Defending the Republic"

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck appeared together for their “Defending the Republic” event on Friday evening 10.07.11 at the St. Charles Family Arena, outside of St. Louis, MO where they appeared to a full house, about 5,100 people. 

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck arrived about 2 hours before the event to share their message on today’s issues. Some traveled hundreds of miles from out of state to see them and hear their candid messages. Many were anxious to hear what they have to say.  From the look and sound of the crowd the speculation that Palin’s political effect is over, is much exaggerated.  Palin and Beck had the crowd eating out of their hands.

launch Video: Palin-Beck Defending America Tour

Two of our country’s leading conservative standard bearers came to St. Louis. Sarah Palin first made history on December 4, 2006 when she was sworn in as the first female governor of Alaska.  In August 2008, Senator John McCain tapped her to serve as his vice-presidential running mate in his presidential campaign, making her the first woman to run on the Republican Party’s presidential ticket.

Glenn Beck, known for his quick wit, candid opinions, and engaging personality, has attracted millions of viewers and listeners throughout the United States with The Glenn Beck Program.  His radio show is heard on over 400 stations. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54.

This event is expected to be part of a larger tour that they will take around the country.

Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin criticized President Barack Obama, “crony capitalism” and the mainstream media at an event in St. Charles with Glenn Beck Friday night.

A crowd of 5,100 people attended the event at the Family Arena, just two days after Palin announced she’s not running for president in 2012. Tickets to the show, which was sponsored by FM 97.1 NewsTalk, ranged from $26 to more than $100 each.

The event at the St. Charles Family Arena drew a mixed crowd of Palin and Beck supporters, many of whom said they weren’t surprised to hear Palin announce she won’t seek the Presidency.

“The national media has done such a rotten job on her,” Renee Bonine of St. Charles said. “They’ve slandered her.”

Derek Lauer, 42, of Creve Coeur, wrote a song about Palin in 2010 and stood outside handing out cards with a link to a site where people could hear it. He said he thinks his song still is relevant even thought Palin’s not planning to run for presidency.

“She’s going to be in the news in the next two years,” he said. “She’s a prominent figure in the media.”

Meredith Tharp, 23, of St. Peters, said she thinks Palin is in a better position to effect change nationally by not running for president.

“It does leave some people nameless but I feel like she’s going to continue to be on the stage,” she said.

On Friday, Palin said the “mainstream media” has failed to ask hard questions about Obama’s plans to revive the economy. Mainstream media needs to ask tougher questions and not be afraid of the political machine, she said.

She criticized major companies that contributed to Obama’s campaign who are benefiting from stimulus dollars, saying the only solution is “sudden and relentless reform.”

Palin challenged Obama to show his track record in fighting corruption, saying he brought Chicago-style politics to the Whitehouse. 

“I think we should expect transparency from our candidates and know who is contributing to whom,” she said.

Palin’s speech drew applause and a standing ovation at points. She followed up her talk with a question and answer session.

Conservative radio personality Glenn Beck spoke after Palin, saying that the secret that will restore the nation is that people must serve god by serving their fellow man.

Midway through his talk, members of the crowd spoke up to announce that the Cardinals beat the Phillies in game 5 of the National League series. Cell phones lit up throughout the Arena as fans checked the score.

Addison Todd, 22, of St. Charles, said he didn’t mind missing the Cardinals game to see Glenn Beck in person.

“It was awesome,” he said, of the night overall. Todd was less impressed with Palin. “I technically agree with most of the things she said, but I’m not a fan of her eloquence,” he said.

For many, a chance to see Palin and Beck in person for the first time was a huge draw. Michelle Blair, 44, of Maryland Heights, brought her 16-year-old daughter Lauren to the event, in an effort to expose her to conservative ideas.

“I got a little overboard,” Blair said before the event. “Our country is on the brink. Hopefully, it’ll hook her.”

Marie Kemp, 78, of Ballwin, said she loves Sarah Palin and was disappointed to hear she wasn’t running.

“We think she’s doing some wonderful things with the country, putting us back in line with the constitution,” she said.

Few people said they had a favorite pick for Republican nominee for president in lieu of Sarah.

Shirley Juhala, 74, who lives near New Melle, said she’s still confused about who might be the best pick.

“Herman Cain seems to be really answering the questions well. My only thing with him is his experience,” she said.

Roland Juhala, 74, said although Sarah Palin would have been a good choice, the others are fine as well.

“All of the candidates who are running could do a better job than the one we’ve got,” he said. 

Glenn Beck reflects not only on his position in life, but his ever-changing goals. “Remember when you used to think this was funny?” Beck declares, mimicking his wife’s voice. 

Neither Beck nor Palin told the station sponsoring the event the subjects they would be speaking on.


Replay the Live Blog


On Saturday at Liberty University, Governor Palin Calls for Restoration of America

Beck believes college is for those who can afford it

Beck is as self-made man with only a high school education who believes that not everyone needs to go to college and many are piling on more debt than what they will gain from a college education that will take half their working life to pay back.


After 3-weeks of Occupying Wall Street most of the paid protesters are still not sure why they are there or what they are protesting… Wall Street, bankers, Billionaires, lack of jobs that they feel they deserve, Capitalism or???

Glenn Beck, ardent supporter of the tea party movement, spent the majority of his speech at the Values Voter Summit attacking the Occupy movement. (Bob Chapman Video: Soros is Behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement, someone Beck has studied in great detail.)  One of the best commentaries on the confusion and the of hypocrisy of the kids being used by the organizers of the this liberal astroturf movement was given by Fox News Anchor and Beck’s good friend Bill O’Reilly on the fact that the protestors all say they hate millionaires and billionaires, yet most of them went to school on their parents’ or the government’s dime and are communicating and keeping this protest alive by using their I-Pods, I-Phones, and I-Pads all created by recently deceased Billionaire Steve Jobs, who use software created by Job’s friend Billionaire Bill Gates and are communicating on Twitter and Facebook whose creators are also Billionaires.  Instead of realizing that Capitalism gives them, every American, the opportunity to become Millionaires and Billionaires themselves, that their inventions make everyone’s lives better and these wealthy entrepreneurs have created tens of thousands of jobs they are allowing themselves to be used for a political agenda they don’t even understand.


Whether you hate them or love them, and there is little in-between, both Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are Rock Stars in the political world and will be for a long time; counting their affect out is a huge mistake!

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