Perry and Creeping Sharia Law in Texas

Sharia Law enforced in Texas!… Yes, Sharia Law enforced in Texas!

Creepy, creeping Sharia Law is law in Texas

Originally posted in February, 2008; updates below

The parties will ask the courts to refer the cases for arbitration to Texas Islamic court within “Seven Days” from the establishment of the Texas Islamic Court panel of Arbitrators. The assignment must include ALL cases, including those filed against or on behalf of other family members related to the parties. Each party will notify the other party, Texas Islamic Court, and their respective attorneys, in writing of the assignment of all the above Cause Numbers from the above appropriate District Court to Texas Islamic Court.

Hence my motivation to start documenting this disturbing trend. Why disturbing, check back frequently and you’ll soon see why.

From the zTruth blog,

Ever heard of the Texas Islamic Court?:

Islamic Court in Texas may have a role for Muslims. An appellate court appears to have upheld sharia law in a divorce which is shocking.

Isn’t this a dangerous precedent for our democracy? We all have to abide by the laws of our city, state and country. Anytime, any religious law is allowed to take precedent, it should alarm you.

Critiques [sic] have been arguing that Islamists are chipping away at out laws. This may be a great example:

1. The Parties agree to arbitrate all existing issues among them in the above mentioned Cause Numbers in the appropriate District Court, which includes the Divorce Case, the child custody of the [sic] Noor Qaddura and Farah Qaddura, the determination of each party’s responsibilities and duties according to the Islamic rules of law by Texas Islamic Court.

2.All parties agree to sign the Texas Islamic Court required legal forms, and each party pays his required fees.

3.The panel of arbitrators of Texas Islamic Court will be formed according to the rules and regulations of Texas Islamic Court. However, the parties agree and suggest the following names for the panel:

Mujahid Bakhash, the Imam of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas. .Main El-quda, the Imam of the Islamic Society of Arlington, Arlington, Texas. .Abdel Salam Abu-Nar, the Imam of Dar Assalam Islamic Center, Arlington, Texas

4.Each Party will submit all of his documents, exhibits, and evidence to Texas Islamic Court.

5.The parties agree that the Ruling of the Texas Islamic Court in the above mentioned Cause Numbers is Binding, and Final, and no party will take any appeal or future legal action of any matter afterwards.

…We reverse the trial court’s orders denying Appellants’ motions to stay litigation and to compel arbitration in these two consolidated cases. We render judgment that the Arbitration Agreement signed by the parties is valid and enforceable and covers all disputes between the parties that arose prior to the date the parties signed the Arbitration Agreement, including all matters that were the subject of the partial summary judgment previously granted by the trial court.

Perry at the signing of the Texas Halal Law

Some questions have been raised about Rick Perry’s views on Islam. Islamic infiltration into American politics means that every candidate deserves close scrutiny. My purpose is not to attack Perry, but to conduct a preliminary discussion of the subject. Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel have written their own articles, which add more pieces to the puzzle. As with every candidate, the discussion will go on as more materials are brought forward.

Perry at the signing of the Texas Halal Law

First of all it’s important to recognize that the Rick Perry question, is also the Chris Christie question, it’s the question that comes with every governor from a state with a large and politically active Muslim population. This question will have more serious implications as the size of the Muslim population expands even further.

The multicultural pandering that used to be associated with the Tammany Hall political machine has become second nature in American politics. There is hardly a governor who does not pay lip service to diversity or do roundups of all the religious groups in America. That’s an unfortunate reality.

The initial good news is that Rick Perry did not try to influence the judicial system on behalf of a member of a terrorist organization, or appoint a terrorist Imam’s political affiliate to a superior court judgeship the way that Christie did.

The worst thing he seems to have done is played footsie with the Aga Khan and appointed one of his people to the State Health Council. He also seems to have met with a group of black clergy, which included a Nation of Islam minister, and made the usual trips to Dubai to talk up trade and academic exchanges.

Then there’s the Texas Halal Law, which makes it a criminal offense to sell Halal and non-Halal meat in the same store, without specifically labeling the two, and of misrepresenting non-Halal meat as being Halal. In theory that’s not such a big deal. Similar laws are on the books for Kosher meat. But the problem comes with the definition of what Halal is.

“Halal,” as applied to food, means food prepared and served in conformity with Islamic religious requirements according to a recognized Islamic authority.

That comes from the bill’s definition. And it raises the question of who is recognized as an Islamic authority. HB 470 leaves that question open. But in a dispute over which Islamic definition of Halal to use, the State of Texas would be forced to rule on a question of Islamic law. And to enforce that law. Texas would become an enforcer of Sharia.

The Texas Halal Law was lobbied for by Mohamed Elibiary and his Freedom and Justice Foundation and is quoted in a recent article about their positive relationship with Perry. Elibiary has spoken at an event honoring the Ayatollah Khomeini and recommends the writings of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Last year he wrote an op-ed warning against assassinating Al-Qaeda leaders. And of course he’s busy educating Americans about Sharia.

At the signing, Perry made a point of thanking Imam Bakhash for all that he does. Bakhash also appears to be one of the judges on the Texas Islamic Court, whose decisions have been upheld as binding by Texas appellate courts.

Then there’s Perry’s friendly relationship with Farouk Shami, who has a rather ugly background when it comes to Israel, and who suggested that 9/11 might be a conspiracy. He is the Palestinian in the Perry quote mentioned below.

Believe it or not, all this is the good news. It’s a sad commentary on the state of Islamic infiltration that this is business as usual in state politics. The bad news is that this means Perry’s as bad on Islam as George W. Bush. Maybe worse.

Like most of the world’s major religions, the Islamic faith preaches peace, love and tolerance. Indeed, terrorism is the antithesis of the basic tenet to which the one billion Islamic followers all over the world adhere.

The Koran teaches that “whoever killed a human being, except as punishment for murder or other villainy in the land, shall be regarded as having killed all mankind; and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as having served all mankind.”

The heartfelt condolences and overtures of cooperation that have been offered by Islamic communities in Texas portray the true spirit of Islam.

That’s from a post 9/11 editorial. And it’s echoed elsewhere. Perry’s views haven’t changed since. Witness this NPR piece from last year.


The governor of this swiftly changing state works to take a nuanced approach to a minority group that’s been very much at the center of the news. “We have a huge Muslim community in the state of Texas,” he says, and many of these Muslims are “great businessmen and women, very good supporters of mine. … We are an incredibly diverse state. I sell it as part of our strength.”

Perry was asked if he was comfortable with the way that some people talk about the problem with terrorism — their concern to say that the real problem is “Muslims” or “Muslim countries.”

“The radicalization of Islam is a great concern,” Perry said. “Islam of and by itself is one of the great religions, along with Christianity and Judaism.” He recalled meeting one of the Democratic candidates for Texas governor in the recent election. “He’s a Palestinian. And he and I were having a conversation about Ground Zero. How do you deal with this? He said, well, it’s pretty easy. He said, ‘Build a synagogue, a temple, and a church there. And bring these people together.'”

How problematic is this? Again this is Bush territory. It’s insipid and dangerously ignorant. It’s one thing to hear it from the governor of a state with a sizable Muslim population. But it’s inappropriate for a president. And yet it’s also inevitable.

As some have pointed out, Perry is pro-Israel. So was Bush. It didn’t stop him from toadying to Saudi Arabia and Abbas, or from pressuring Israel to make concessions to terrorists during his second term. It’s possible to be pro-Israel and pro-Islam. And when the scales are weighed, then Islam comes first. If you doubt that, go look at what happened when Bush was pressured by the Saudis.
But this isn’t about Israel. It’s about Islam. Specifically it’s about addressing the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Perry has pandered on Mexican illegal immigration and on Islamic terrorism, as Bush did before him. Will he keep it up once he gets elected the way that Bush did? Hard to say, but the odds are good that he will.

Some will note that this article is not particularly harsh compared to my original piece on Christie. And with good reason. There’s no fundamental breach here, just a slow erosion of ideas and values. But there’s a larger reason too.

Christie’s position as US Attorney and his role in prosecuting terrorists meant that he knew exactly what he was doing. And he did it anyway. For all his smirking and bellowing, that’s the unforgivable thing.

I don’t know how much Perry knows or understands. Which is the larger reason why I’m not harshly attacking him for what he did and said at the state level. A slow trickle of criticism may move him to the right, better than a complete rejection. Pandering to Muslims was part of Texas politics. But he’s running for nationwide office in a country where Muslims are less of a political force than they are in his state. That may give him more freedom to break with the past.


The very fact that two Texas governors have done it this way suggests that the entire political path to the top is badly contaminated. That it’s easier to pander than to take a stand. But while I keep comparing Perry to Bush, and this is a personal view, I don’t read the same sincerity in Perry, that I did in Bush. There’s too much showmanship and I’m not sure who the man underneath is. He may be more to the right, he may be more to the left, or he may not care at all. As the race continues, it may be easier to get a read on him. Maybe.

The last four years are a reminder that we could do worse than Bush II, but maybe we could do better. With Perry in the race, the two frontrunners, Romney and Perry will be clones of each other. (There are also many other questions about Perry… his relationship with the Bilderberger Group, his record of crony capitalism and the list goes on!) Two aggressively business oriented governors with no real interest in protecting American manufacturing or resisting the Islamization of America. One of whom looks like a Tea Party friendly populist, but more in style than in substance.

Perry may shoot a gun into the air, but his rhetoric is the same old Compassionate Conservatism. He may be more authentically Texan than Bush, but the substance of his ideas is the same. NAFTA, education for illegal aliens, and Islam is a great religion.

Whatever we say and do, he may be the inevitable candidate. The man who merges the strongest points of Huckabee and Romney into one populist friendly package. Who sells a pro-business compassionate conservatism that comes off as a low pain alternative to Obama. But before that it might not be such a bad thing to pore over the details of his record in office.

Perry is certainly an improvement on Obama. But in a race where Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Palin and Gingrich have spoken out about the dangers of Islam — everyone is gathering to cheer a man who celebrates it. Is this what the struggle of the last 3 years comes down to? Did we go through all this just to put Bush era policies back into office?



 Archbishop in England has submitted to Islam and has declared that sharia law in the UK is unavoidable…


This did not happen to me personally, it was forwarded to me as is from a friend. — You should know this the next time you are in Costco

I just didn’t want anyone to think this was my experience! )

I did some shopping at Costco on Saturday. Nothing too special, just looking to pick up some meat to BBQ. My eldest son was down with his fiancée from Iowa, so we wanted to have some family time. My wife and I worked our way past the various displays and only picked up an ice chest to keep the meat from spoiling on the return trip to Magdalena, (we were strong willed for a change). We arrived at the refrigerated section and began the difficult task of choosing our cuts of meat for the family get together. Right away, I spotted the chicken breasts, they were already boneless and vacuum sealed. The price was good as it was organic chicken from Oregon, but then I saw on the sign a note that stopped me cold.

The whole chickens that looked wonderful for the family bar-b-que, just a moment before, were now an offense to me. Right on the sign were the words “Certified Halal”.

Halal is the Islamic term that basically means the meat is lawful to eat for a devout Muslim. What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat has been processed in a very specific way. Now, you may think that this is no different than meat that is acceptable to the Jewish people or kosher. Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of the meat is the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component that makes the meat lawful.

For lawful (halal) meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the butcher faces Mecca, and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a tape plays the words over a loud speaker. Understand, that when they face Mecca, they face the black stone, the very definition of idol worship.

I am glad that Costco is finally telling us plainly that the meat is halal or sacrificed to an idol, but I have a feeling that this not to benefit the Christian, but rather the Muslim. I will state again that I have not fear of a lifeless false god, but the book of Acts plainly tells us that we are not to eat meat sacrificed to idols. The false religion of Islam continues to make inroads into America as they attempt to force some of our communities to submit to Sharia law and demand that halal food be sold in mainstream stores.

I would point out that normally this type of food has been called “ethnic” food or given a special section like the Chinese food or whatever. That is not what we see here. This food is being sold with the standard fair, and one must read the small labels on the back of the food to find out if it is halal or not.

I believe in freedom of religion. What I am starting to observe, however, is that one religion (currently the minority) is being given a wide berth and allowed special status. Those that know their Bible are not surprised by this. But it still amazes me that it can (as the Bible predicted) happen so suddenly and without anyone really taking notice.


You should know this the next time you are in Costco… and this is at Costcos all over the country… not just Texas, Michigan and other states that have succumbed!

Dear Friends and Christians:

Please be aware of what you buy. Also, know that the Gulen-Islamists took over Turkey while we were busy debating the debt limit. They know how to infiltrate. They (Gulen) have 36 schools here in Texas (Harmony Science Centers, etc.). Our children are being indoctrinated by our own tax dollars thru these charter schools. Imam Gulen lives here in the US and runs a $25 billion empire from PA… most paid for by our tax money. We need to wake up.

I checked this – found the following links . . . and Lamb too


Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s Vaccine Shocker

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4 Responses to Perry and Creeping Sharia Law in Texas

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  2. Mike Tanco says:

    That’s not the American way. In the United States the Constitution is the law. This is, as they say in Texas, BULL SHIT!!!! Mike Tanco

    • Paul says:

      Mike – Your ignorance is beyond reproach. If this was Unconstitutional don’t you think it would have been heard before the Supreme Court by now? It really amounts to nothing more than two parties agreeing to accept binding arbitration. Businesses have been doing this for years as a way to reduce trial and litigation costs. Before spouting off at the mouth you should have a better understanding of the issue at hand!

  3. John says:

    but paul what about seperation of “church ” and state ,which is bullshiiiiite lol , so setting up a “seperate” court based on “religious ” belief in itself and seving only 1 “religious faction is unconstitutional , mike is right , paul you are WRONG know law before you speak of the law , , for a wise man says ” a wise man speaks because he has something to say , a FOOL speaks because he has to say SOMETHING? “

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