Injured Dog Found In North Austin, Texas… No ID

We found a great dog on our daily walk-around in the back of the property, an old oak grove, of the Extended Stay Deluxe in North Central Austin Texas today. She is the sweetest doggie and barely made a peep as we passed her walking our little pack of 4. And they obviously sensed something was wrong with her because they never made a peep either. Luckily my husband spotted her.

She is a sweet girl who was extremely dehydrated and injured. She was just lying there in the hot afternoon… luckily under a tree in the dry brush.

We brought her water several times, which she did drink, but we couldn’t get her to eat. In a short time the bowl of food was taken over by ants. She let us get close to her but wouldn’t move, which we could understand when we got close enough to see the gash in her knee where all the hair and skin was gone. It is hard to tell what happened or whether she was hit by a car, but it appeared that something might have been broken and didn’t look like she had been in any kind of struggle with another dog or animal.

She licked Tim’s fingers while he sat with her to wait for the animal services truck. (I normally would not call animal services but we are in an area we are not familiar with, staying in an extended stay hotel and it was after hours by the time we called around. We had found a 24-hour vet that we would have taken her to if Austin’s Animal Center didn’t have placement and re-homing numbers as good as most NO KILL facilities.) She allowed Tim to wrap her in a blanket pick her up and place her in the truck. I stayed with our pack… who were wound up like tops whenever we left them alone.




Our gang watched Dad from the window as the rescue worker came to take Rosie (the temporary name we gave her because she had a pink plaid collar but no tags); it was cute! They were headed directly to the vet because it turned out that she did appear to have a broken leg right above the gash. Rosie should be getting treatment as I’m writing. We were told that if we had not found this injured doggie, given her water and gotten her help when we did that she would not have survived.


Our gang was very curious!!

If this is your pup or you know who she belongs to please contact the Austin Animal Center at 512.974.2000

9/16/11 6:30P.M. Just got off the phone with the Austin Animal Center. They said ‘Rosie’ was going to be fine, but still needed some additional treatment. She also did not have a chip so they have no idea what her name really is or who she belongs to. We are going to make some flyers and circulate them in the neighborhood behind us because she could not have gotten far on that leg.

9/17/11 1:00P.M. Austin Animal Center has her listed as an approximately 8 month old brown and white female American Staffordshire mix. She weighs 37 pounds and they have her listed as friendly. She was very friendly with us, especially considering she was injured and surely stressed and afraid.

Her ID number here at Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) is A609949. We have put together a flier, posted it in the closest neighborhood and passed it around to local businesses.

We will keep you updated…

But again… if this is your pup or you know who she belongs to please contact the Austin Animal Center at 512.974.2000

Source:  Just One More Pet

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1 Response to Injured Dog Found In North Austin, Texas… No ID

  1. Cinnamon Landman says:

    Lucky Rosie, to have been found by caring humans–not all animals are that fortunate. Thank you for saving this beautiful girl’s life. I hope she’ll have a happy future.

    Last week, I was feeding a stray cat I discovered at the laundromat a couple of months ago. He’s becoming more tame with me, and hopefully I’ll be able to get him neutered and vaccinated soon.

    But while I was there on Wednesday, a very young, very skinny black kitten came running up, crying. I put out food and water; she wouldn’t eat, though she drank a lot of water. Although I leave food and water every night, the water bowl is always empty, or gone, by the next night. While I was putting out food, a young clerk who works at the convenience store, came out and told me that earlier in the afternoon, a woman (I call her a monster) had driven up to the gas stations, opened the door, and thrown this kitten out.

    I went home and got a cat carrier. When I opened it, she walked right in. Once I got her settled in a large crate with all necessities, she started eating and never stopped! On Sat. a friend took her to the vet for me and got all her testing taken care of. Now she’s fostering her. I have 24 rescued cats and 2 rescued pit bulls, so my resources and space are pretty stretched right now.

    But fortunately there are so many good humans in this world, doing all they can to counteract the cruelties and negligence of those who don’t deserve to share the air we breathe.

    Thanks again for helping Rosie.

    Cinnamon Landman

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