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Martial Law: Corporate Media Hints At Military Plans To Take On The American People During Domestic Civil Unrest

The Intel Hub As the United Kingdom continues to riot many have wondered how the United States would respond to a similar outbreak of riots whether caused by an economic collapse, widespread terror attacks, or some other catalyzing event. For … Continue reading

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British Paper: If White House Really Wanted to Cut Spending They’d Rein in Michelle Obama

$10 million worth of free advice. From left to right: the first lady’s mother Marian Robinson, Assistant Minister of Finance and Development Planning Gloria Somolekae, Obama, nephew Avery Robinson, daughter Sasha, niece Leslie Robinson and daughter Malia in Botswana. (BET) … Continue reading

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Indictment of Obamanomics: Banks Add New $3 Fee For Accessing Your Own Money and Some Do Not Want Your Deposits… Plus

Banks add new $3 fee for accessing your own money with debit card In one of the first tangible fallouts from new federal restrictions on debit card “swipe fees,” Wells Fargo bank and other card issuers are launching test programs … Continue reading

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N.J. pets welcome at hurricane evacuation shelters

Good Job Governor Chris Christy! Tony Kurdzuk/The Star-LedgerMaryellen Small of Beachwood, a volunteer for the Ocean County Animal Response Team, carries supplies past a stack of pet carriers at the Red Cross shelter at the Poland Spring Arena in Toms … Continue reading

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George Soros Creates Comic Book: Methadone Man and Buprenorphine Babe

I guess now that billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros ditched his Quantum Fund, he has succumbed to a severe case of boredom anxiety, as his latest venture is creating a new comic book entitled “Methadone Man and Buprenorphine Babe.” But hey, … Continue reading

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Team Obama Regulates Goat Herders’ Workplaces… Morons?

What is the term, stupid is as stupid gets, or is it… No matter, stupid is stupid and that is U.S. government. Nanny State government at its worst. I can’t believe ANYONE would be stupid enough to create this kind … Continue reading

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On radio Thursday, Glenn Beck told his audience that while on his way to South Africa, there was a curious incident that occurred during a planned stopover in Egypt.* But what we didn’t know yesterday is why. Now we do: … Continue reading

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