Both major political parties are scrapping the Constitution, and the Republican elite will not challenge Obama on eligibility in 2012. Here’s why.

Maybe now Americans will stop asking me why Republicans never challenged Barack Obama’s clear constitutional ineligibility for the presidency.

The answer is one of the following:

  • They are too ignorant to understand that the definition of a “natural born citizen” is an American born to U.S. citizen parents; or
  • They are willing accomplices in the dumbing down of a simple constitutional requirement for their own political reasons – so their own ineligible candidates can run.

I don’t know any other choices that make sense today as the Republican Party establishment along with leading candidates begin active consideration of vice-presidential nominees who are just simply ineligible to assume the top job.

Two candidates for the job are mentioned over and over again – two wonderful, charismatic public servants whose only problem is they are not constitutionally eligible to be president.

They are Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (just like now shamed but one time charismatic favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t eligible because he was a naturalized citizen… there are laws and rules for reasons!).

Don’t get me wrong. I like both of these guys. If I were eligible to vote in Florida or Louisiana, I would vote to re-elect them. I would support either one for almost any job in America. But there is one job for which they are, by chance of birth, 100 percent, totally and inarguably ineligible to hold office – and that is the presidency of the United States.


Because both are sons of parents who were not U.S. citizens when they were born.

It’s just that simple. To be a natural born citizen means to be the offspring of U.S. citizen parents at the time of birth.

Since the vice president, by definition, must be able and willing to assume the presidency in time of a national emergency, and because the vice president is often seen politically as an heir apparent for the top job, it makes absolutely no political or legal sense to nominate a vice presidential candidate who is not constitutionally eligible to become president.

But that’s just what is happening in Republican circles and media circles – without even a hint that both Jindal and Rubio are ineligible.

Now maybe you can understand how the political and media establishment missed the biggest U.S. story of the last 50 to 100 years – the illegal inauguration of an American president wholly ineligible to take office.

I guess the Constitution has just been rendered moot by default.

What are they thinking about?

Is it because the son of a visiting foreign student was able to usurp office illegally that now anything goes?

Do we just totally disregard the simple rule book that forms the foundation of American governance?

Is it only the American people who care about the Constitution and the rule of law?

Is this a bipartisan conspiracy to make it easier and easier to operate outside the confines of the law and the Constitution’s strict definition of limited government?

Do Republican elitists have any idea how widespread the concerns of Americans are about matters of constitutional integrity?

Are they willing to lose millions of votes from people who still revere and cherish every jot and tittle of the Constitution and especially the very minimal requirements for seeking the office of the presidency?

This is nuts!

But it explains a lot.

For more than three years – both during the 2008 campaign and the first two years of Obama’s fraudulent administration – Republicans have been virtually mute on the scandal of his ineligibility.

Now we know why.

They don’t care.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

They’re ready to take full advantage of this latest nail in the coffin of the Constitution.

They’re going to continue to thumb their noses at the Constitution and all those who believe in it by pretending that their own favorite sons are something they are not – namely, eligible for the presidency

By Joseph Farah

Posted: August 29, 2011
1:52 pm Eastern © 2011

Source: WND

The next question is if we ignore this… what is next? Check this out: ‘FEC Drafts Opinions for Guyana-Born Man About Presidential Run’ As Obama’s Eligibility Case Quietly Moved to Supreme Court

And if you haven’t read it, check out Jerome Corsi’s: Where’s the Birth Certificate?

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