The Blame Game: Not Working Out So Well For Obama and Dems…

INSTANT CLASSIC: Rush Reads Six Pages of Headlines of Obama Blaming Others

Video:  INSTANT CLASSIC: Rush Reads Six Pages of Headlines of Obama Blaming Others (Or HERE)

RUSH:  Let me count the pages here.  One, two, three, four, five, six pages — six pages — of news headlines and stories.

Obama Blames Arab Spring and Japan’s Earthquake on Struggling Economy and Job Situation, August 5th, 2011.  Obama Blames Messy Democracy for His Failed Policies, August 3rd, 2011; remarks by the president at a DNC event.  Obama Blames Congress for US Debt Mess; Obama news conference, June 29th, 2011.  Obama Blames Republicans for Slow Pace on Immigration Reform, July 25th, 2011.  (This was page one.)  Page two: Obama Blames Media for Lack of Compromise in Washington; remarks by Obama at a town hall meeting July 22nd, 2011.  Obama Blames Technology for Struggling Economy; June 14th, 2011, NBC Today interview.  Obama Blames Oil Spectators for High Oil Prices; April 19th, 2011, remarks by Obama at a town hall meeting.

Obama Blames Reagan for America’s Out of Control Debt and Spending; remarks by President Obama April 13th, 2011, Federal News Service.  Obama Blames Bush and Congress for Lack of Fiscal Discipline, April 13th, 2011; remarks by Obama, Federal News Service.  Obama Blames Bush-Congress for Putting Off Tough Decisions, August 17th, 2010; remarks at a fundraiser for Patty Murray.  Obama Blames Bush for Tax Cuts, Deficits; Obama town hall meeting on the economy in Racine, Wisconsin, June 30th, 2010.  Obama Blames Bush for Deficits, June 8th, 2010; remarks by Obama at a second fundraising reception for Senator Barbara Boxer.

Poll:  Who is to blame for the U.S. credit downgrade?


S&P, Republican,Tea Party, Obama and Democrats, All of Washington

Results Below (At time of posting):

Obama and Democrats 62.14%

All of Washington 33.97%

Tea Party 2.52%

Republicans 0.95%

S&P 0.41%


Quote of the Day:  Considering we have heard the exact same words over and over the past couple of days, it would seem that the liberal left sent out a memo, “Blame the tea party for the S & P credit rating downgrade and use the words tea party downgrade.  You would think that they’d realize that the people aren’t that stupid?!?” …Dana Parino   Yes, you’d think

When uber-lefties John Kerry, David Axelrod and Howard Dean all use the exact same words while trying to vilify the tea party… you know something is up.  Then through union boss Trumpka into the mix saying the same thing… you know there was a plan.

Mark Steyn, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove and a handful of others today agreed that Obama missed his opportunity in this crisis by again being silent and absent for 96-hours on the effect of the S & P downgrade.

Mark Steyn, author of the new book After America, said, “Obama is pathetic blaming the butcher and the baker… who are the tea party for his mistakes and ineptness.” Although it is finally becoming more and more plain to people paying attention that it is not ineptness, but rather part of the grand plan to “fundamentally transform America into a second rate country” and they are almost there, as most Americans are just waking up and the media who are awake are afraid to stopped from saying it.  Much of which is due to the MSM’s protection of Obama and their affect on us and our thinking is covered in  Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind

The reason the left hates the tea party and politicians like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul etc is because the Progressive left never factored them in and they are complicating their plans.  And the reason so many people feel the same way, when these are the people who are standing up for them is because of the demonization by the media and the Progressive Left.  Wake up America… Let’s not be the Sheeple the expected us to be.  Don’t let the liberal media think for you.  Do your homework!  And by the look of the poll above, people are!

There is another perspective:

Rick Santelli: Fired Up – If It Wasn’t for the tea Party W’ed be Rated Triple B!!

Rick Santelli — the man whose speech on stimulus and bailouts in February 2009 is credited with helping launch the Tea Party — was fired up in this morning about the lack of leadership in the White House and all the political wrangling around what is really a simple problem- the government spends too much money.

During the CNBC segment, Santelli ripped into the “blame Bush, blame the sun” culture currently on display in the White House. He said it’s clear “we all know deep inside no country is the same it was five years ago,” and as for stocks going down, “we’re already Ralph Cramden on thin ice, now an infant’s jumped onto our shoulders.”

More than anything else, Santelli was livid about the political accusations that the Tea Party is to blame for the U.S. credit downgrade. Quite to the Contrary, Santelli said, “If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, we’d have been rated triple B.”

The Santelli portion starts around 3:10 into the clip here, courtesy of CNBC:  HERE

The tea party is everyday people… you, me, the small business owner, the fiscal conservative, the patriot worried about this country, those concerned about the destruction of our Constitution, the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker… Independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or all races, creeds, religions and colors.  They focus on two issues fiscal responsibility and and preserving and following the Constitution; no social issues as part of the united fight. So why are they terrorists? anti-American?  Or scary?  They are exactly the opposite and the Progressive left is afraid of them because they are exposing their “grand plan” amd waking a lot of people up!

h/t to Fox News and the Blaze~

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