Navy Seals Team 6 – Update or Conspiracy Alert

Saturday, August 6th, 2011 Fox news released the alert early in the day that twenty members of Seal Team Six, the unit responsible for getting Osama Bin Laden were killed in Afghanistan. Additional information trickled out bit by bit…  And in minutes the blogosphere lit up.  More people than not immediately felt and stated their suspicions that something was just not right with this news.

Then mysteriously by the end of the day the reports began to change and the news was “corrected”, now it was being reported that it wasn’t any of the guys from the Bin Laden mission but other Seals.

We have friends who has a son serving right now that is part of a Special Forces Team and just back states side at a base filled with Special Forces.  He says that everyone of them believes that there is something fishy with the deaths, the reports, the events and especially the changing story.  Below is some input:

Was Seal Team Six Executed by Obama Administration?

The shocking death of the SEALS who took out bin Laden is starting to stink like a corpse.  And the one who’s sniffing that stench the loudest is Ann Barnhardt.  Immediately upon the tragic news of the deaths of Seal Team 6, Ann erupted with disgust at why President Obama’s staff had blared news of the deaths before the families of the deceased had themselves been notified.  This is NOT in accordance with military protocol.  She was also vehemently suspicious of just how Obama had been able to know the identities of the dead personnel when there hadn’t been enough time for DNA analysis; indeed, most of the bodies hadn’t yet been recovered.  But most of all she was highly suspicious as to just how the bumbling buffoons of the Taliban had been able to take out the elite Seals.  We all know that America’s soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan are awesome – but, face it folks, the Seals are a breed apart.

Seals operate in total secrecy, nobody knows who they are, where they are or what they’re doing; in short, the Seals are ‘invisible’ to the world, including their own fellow soldiers.  In fact, the Seals are ‘invisible’ to themselves in terms of knowing where they will be within the next hour or what they will be doing.  That secrecy protects them.  And the protection is ratcheted even higher when one adds in the amazing agility with which Seals move; finding them is nearly impossible because they slip and slide amongst the landscape like – well, like seals do in the ocean, darting at awesome speeds in the twinkling of an eye.  Which means that even if you DO get them in your sights, their speed is so incredible they could vanish before you pull the trigger.  So, given the slovenly ineptitude of the Taliban (a ragtag bunch of losers who more often blow themselves up instead of their targets), it is unthinkable that such a band of incompetents would have been able to execute such a huge number of highly trained, incredibly well-protected Seals.  It was akin to a high school dweeb taking down Bruce Lee with a single kick.

As far as Barnhardt was concerned, the death of the Seals could only have happened because of insider information.  The Taliban had to have known exactly where and when those Seals would be appear on the landscape – and had to been waiting with proper weaponry that would fire at precisely the right moment and angle.  Only then could all of those Seals been taken down.  The Seals wouldn’t have told the Taliban, their brother officers wouldn’t have and neither would have their immediate superiors.  No, only someone much higher up, someone privy to top secret information could have given that out.  And once you understand that an attack of this magnitude needed an insider, the next logical question is – why would the insider do that?  What would be their motive? 

Well, if that insider were a President who refused to take out bin Laden because that President didn’t want to ‘upset’ the Muslims, than getting revenge on the ones who did is a whopper of a motive.  A fit of the self-pitying sulks only makes the motive worse.  Contrary to the lies from his administration, Obama was not glorified by the take down of bin Laden, he was instead humiliated.  This is because Obama never had a single thing to do with the terrorist’s death; it was all the work of CIA Director Leon Panetta.  Four months before the attack on the terrorist, Panetta and General Petraeus had located bin Laden’s whereabouts and begged the President to authorize a takedown of the murderer.  But Obama flatly refused.  He was more concerned with the feelings of the Muslim world than the grief and pain of the American victims of 9/11.  Enraged by Obama’s stance, Panetta then staged a palace coup by secretly organizing the entire operation himself (with the explicit cooperation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates).  The killing of bin Laden was thus Panetta’s triumph, not the Commander in Chief – which accounts for that humiliating picture of the Command Center in the White House basement on the night bin Laden died.  Whereas Clinton, Gates and even VP Biden are all seated at the command table as they’re briefed (off camera) by Panetta on the takedown, the President of the United States is banished from the table to squat in the corner like a tyke on his potty straining to make Number 2.  (Obama even has his finger in his mouth.)  It also explains why Obama’s nanny, Valerie Jarrett, was nowhere in sight.  Because she’d shrieked even worse than Obama against taking out the terrorist because of her concern for Muslim ‘good will’, Panetta had slammed the door of the room shut in her face.  Trust me – Valerie and Barack had more than enough motive to ‘punish’ the Seals. 

Well, someone did just that because now the Seals are dead.  Barnhardt is smelling a rat – and I am also.  And the smell is only getting worse with the news (which Barnhardt outlines below) that the Seals themselves were not only clumped together in abnormally huge numbers (they never travel in large packs) but were also NOT traveling in their usual specially armored choppers.  

I hope and pray that I (and Ann) are wrong.  But I don’t think so.


Tip from Afghanistan

Posted by Ann Barnhardt – August 7, AD 2011 6:57 AM MST

I received a tip from a soldier stationed with an aviation brigade out of Jalalabad overnight.

“Almost immediately, after news of the crash began to spread, we were placed in an internet and phone blackout. This means communication with family, friends and “others” back home, in real time, is prevented until further notice.

However, there are also chinook pilots, crews and mechanics assigned here who were privy to the details of the crash almost immediately. One of confirmed details they have been discussing is that the chinook shot down belonged to a National Guard unit. Which is causing people to whisper in astonishment, “why were some of the most elite of America’s military, in such large numbers, tooling around on a National Guard aircraft?”

Also, those around me are wondering why such a large number(extremely unconventional for Seals, Green Berets, etc) of them riding in a single aircraft instead of being spread out into numerous aircraft.

Without question, I mean no disrespect to the pilots and crew of the National Guard aircraft, but the fact is that it’s very “strange” that Seals would be conducting an actual mission, with such large numbers, in such a basic aircraft. Especially, given the fact, that there were special operation chinooks easily available, and sitting idle, when this tragedy took place.”

I am not a journalist. I have no means of checking this. But SOMEONE needs to investigate if in fact the SEALS were on a National Guard helo, if there were SPECOPS Chinooks available and idle, and what the difference in armament is between Guard Chinooks and SPECOPS Chinooks. This potential difference in armament is HUGE and could account for the possibility of the Chinook being shot down by an RPG, if that is what happened.

Hello? Journalists? Anyone out there?

UPDATE: The SPECOPS Chinook is a very different beast that is heavily upgraded with enhanced survivability features. It is the Boeing MH-47E/G. Boeing’s Homepage for the SPECOPS chinook here. The soldier quoted above contends that the SEALS were NOT in one of these units, but rather in a standard Chinook while these SPECOPS Chinooks were available and sitting idle. Again, a JOURNALIST needs to confirm this.

UPDATE 2: From a reader:

You are on to something here. I was in the 160th 1982- 1985 and I can tell you that the reason the aviation wing was created was so special ops would never again have to fly missions with anyone other than their own pilots and birds.

UPDATE 3: From a reader:

Ann, I’m sure you’re getting a lot of notes on the Chinook debacle. I’m retired USAF familiar with how the system works when it comes to the questions asked by your Jalalabad contact. First, look to the Command Authority. Dispersion protocols are almost never broken except on direct order up the chain high enough that nobody could question or refuse the order without jeopardizing their career. Second, ‘who benefits’? Follow the trail of beneficiaries to the incident. Tactically, intell had to be passed to the shooters as to the timetable. I’m willing to bet that there were several RPG’s (if not Stinger’s – remember, we provided quite a few and never kept a record during the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan) involved. Then, once fired, the shooters had to egress unseen to fight another day. Many people I know, including some recently back from that area say this stinks to high Heaven, as you do.

Updated August 8, 2011 3:30pm ET

Some Possibly Killed in Abbottabad Helicopter Crash Months Before

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today 31 NATO troops, 20 of them Navy Seals from the Osama bin Laden operation died in what is reported as a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

The chances of this story being true is almost nil.  The chances of this being a staged coverup is over 80%.  We believe these people were murdered to silence them.  This is why.

We have solid information on two areas:

  1. Osama bin Laden died in 2001 as an active CIA employee and his body was recovered in Afghanistan and taken to “the sand box.”  We were told it was frozen.  We have so much verification from this, CIA, ISI, US military and top officials.  I have a direct confirmation from Bin Laden’s CIA handler who I grilled mercilessly on this.
  2. The Abbottabad operation involved numerous American deaths, witnessed, bodies all over, a helicopter crash. (suppressed translated TV interview below)  These bodies were recovered by land vehicle from Islamabad and there was NO “successful” bin Laden operation of any kind.  There was and has been a CIA safe house in Abbotabad where terror suspects were stored for years.

This gave the US several areas of severe vulnerability.  Generally, Navy Seals are the best people in the world at keeping their mouths shut, these are real team players, as the term “Seal Team” belies.

We at VT were informed that the bin Laden operation was staged at this time, a theatrical farce, to cover the exit of Secretary Gates, the move by former CIA Director Leon Panetta into the DOD as Secretary of Defense and to stem any heroic claims by new CIA Director Petraeus of killing the long dead Osama bin Laden, the long frozen CIA operative.

Petraeus is a possible presidential contender and had to be denied this “gift from heaven,” a fast track to the oval office for sure.

Will We Ever Know What Happened?

Again, I remind you, I went over specific meetings on bin Laden with his handlers, getting every last detail.  I have watched what has gone on, the continuing need to vilify a long dead top CIA operative to provide residual cover for the Bush administration….

The reason?  Bush and his cronies are all facing charges of war crimes, not just in minor jurisdictions but heading for the ICC, putting them on the dock with Gaddafi ( a far less harmful character).

As for the timing of this incident?  This we will work on.  What we can easily surmise is that some of the dead have been dead since their bodies were taken away from the helicopter crash site in Abbotabad.

Who would order such a thing?  We are going to have to wait but we are going to find out.  However, we expected this, the timing is exactly as predicted.


When the phony Abbotbad operation came out, I immediately understood what happened.  I also saw much potential good from it other than the tragedy of the dead Americans from the crash.  I wrote of this and see their deaths as more heroic than many recognize.

They died to erase for all time remnants of the Bush era fairly tale of badguy and evildoer Osama bin Laden.  Enough good men had died chasing a ghost who lived only in phony video and audio tapes by “Bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv and in the continual “boogeyman” rhetoric of professional fearmongers.

Not long afterward, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, another able public servant announced the near defeat of Al Qaeda, another Bush fairly tale.

Al Qaeda has never existed, there are no magic worldwide terror conspiracies other than those run by governments.  There are several of those and I have written extensively on these.  Google will help you with this if you are curious.

When VT saw why the government staged this, we saw we could accomplish two things:

  1. We could simply report the truth for those willing to believe it, something we believe is the right thing to do.
  2. We could also support the United States in a very real way, knowing Pakistan would weather this crisis, timed, in some ways, as a face saving move in response to the embarrassing Raymond Davis affair.  I believed if the truth came out, clear enough for insiders, intel and miliary for sure, to understand that we knew and other insiders knew, there would be no reason to “clean house” afterward, to stage a coverup and get rid of any involved.

Abbotabad – How Many Died Here?

I had felt that we had provided cover for the Seal Team, we hadn’t trashed them, we acknowledged the dead at Abbotabad where no one else bothered, this is our job as fellow members of America’s military forces (current and former).

More importantly, we got out word, I certainly did enough radio and TV on this, enough that, for anyone who care, the “truth was out there.”

This is all we could do but I hoped it would stem a need for covering tracks.  After all, anyone leaking real information on the operation would only seem like they had gotten it from me and I put it out there in such a manner that I allowed room to be “debunked.”

I do this to protect myself but I really was thinking of them.  These are great guys, Seals are among the best people on earth.  The Seal and Special Forces communities are, of the military groups in the US, some of the finest people I know.

They also help cover my “behind,” which I appreciate.

This is just too obvious, too brazen.  I can’t imagine it started at the White House or even cabinet level but maybe I am deluding myself.  Bin Laden was all about the election.

After the bond collapse and credit disaster yesterday, anything threatening President Obama’s reelection is seen, by some, as a threat to America’s financial survival.  This debt crisis is a bigger threat to the US than a Japanese invasion in 1942 would have been.

You may not see it that way and you certainly cant get out your hunting rifle to fix it. (Don’t be a sap, kill a Jap!)

Osama in Better Days

Someone had gotten to someone.  My best guess and this is a guess…an expose’ by the mainstream media, perhaps Murdoch, another guess, conjecture I admit, regarding the farce at Abbottabad, information possibly gotten through spying, bribery and blackmail, threatened to take down Obama.

With Murdoch’s good friend and “monkeyboy,” Netanyahu ‘on the ropes,” with crowds marching in Israel’s streets demanding his ouster, we have more timing to factor in.

The bin Laden killing, the third rate drama of capturing an unarmed frozen dead guy and throwing him into the ocean had probably become an albatross around certain high ranking necks.

Norway was no accident, it was a warning too.  It has been containerized, just as the Murdoch espionage issue is now “poor Rupert and the pie thrower.”

These Americans are casualties in a game, one like 9/11, sacrificial pawns, like Britain’s 7/7, all lies, all theatre, all evil.

This is not for public consumption.  There are those who know exactly who I am talking to.

There are many of us here who still keep our mouths shut about so many things.  There are too many who don’t even care, most of us at VT do.  Yes, I am aware I can be jailed, I am aware my passport can be pulled, I already see the damned surveillance.


We aren’t anti-American.  I am simply sick of seeing solutions that go one direction, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down.  I am also sick of the fact that Washington can’t visit the “head’ without Israel’s permission.

This…today, this is too much. It is unforgivable.  We are not going to allow this to stand.

We have a long standing history of “cleaning house” after operations of this kind.  Usually its dead senators in plane crashes, heart attacks, car wrecks, like the Minot Barksdale or 9/11 incidents.  I could name a dozen more.  Does the name Wheeler meaning anything to you?  Anyone remember Pat Tillman?

But this many?



VideoSuppressed TV Report of Navy Seals Killed in bin Laden Operation (Urdo – Translation)

More Updates:



From the obituary of Sgt. Patrick Hamburger who served in the Nebraska National Guard as a Chinook Helicopter crewman and crew chief. The family was notified at 5:00pm CDT Saturday afternoon.

Link Here.

From the article:

Sources from the US military say the giant NATO chopper was called into action as backup. A team conducting a night raid on Taliban fighters was in trouble and the chopper went down as it arrived to help.

Requiescat in pace, Sgt. Hamburger, and all the fallen dead.

Sgt. Hamburger had JUST ARRIVED in Afghanistan a couple of days ago. Why was a green National Guard unit flying backup for DEVGRU SPECOPs??????? Where was the 160th SOAR backup??????

My God.

UPDATE: Additional confirmation that it was a CH-47 transport helo. Copy and paste this URL:

What in the HELL was a CH-47 TRANSPORT helo doing in a DEVGRU combat theater???? FILLED WITH 25 SEALS??????? If the SEALs’ MH-47G SPECOPS Chinook that they rode in on was taken out in the Tangi theater, where is the fallen MH-47G helo itself? Shouldn’t there also be dead crew members from the 160th SOAR, which is an Army unit? This ain’t right, people. I’m telling you. This is NOT RIGHT.



No, the Chinook could not have been shot down with a 1980s-era Stinger supplied by the U.S. when the Soviets were in Afghanistan. It turns out that U.S. Stingers were designed to have an “expiration date” after which they became useless and inert. The seeker head of the U.S. Stinger contained a coolant that degraded over time. All U.S. Stingers in Afghanistan are long since inert. The risk today in Afghanistan are the Russian “Grail” and French “Mistral” MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems)

Following up on the RPG question, we have lost only one (that I can find) SPECOPS Chinook to RPG fire, and that incident saw the RPG shot go inside the cabin of the SPECOPS Chinook through an open hatch. It was a Golden BB shot. That tells us that the SPECOPS Chinooks are extremely resilient and have high combat survivability. The SPECOPS Chinooks are like a heavily armored Brinks truck. A standard National Guard Chinook would be analogous to a FedEx truck by comparison. You never pack 25 SEALs into one helo as a point of dispersion protocol, as stated by a reader below. I have been told that a MINIMUM of three helos would normally be used for a group of that size. And IF they were indeed in a standard National Guard Chinook and not a SPECOPS Chinook, that would be like rolling out in a FedEx truck with your extremely precious cargo.

(Every human being is infinitely precious, but we can all agree that from a battlefield standpoint, SEALs are “tactically precious.”)

h/t to George King, Ann Barnhardt and the Veteran Times


Navy Seal Wife: ‘I Just Fell to My Knees’:  Navy Seal Widow Says He Husband Died the Only Way He Would Have Wanted To

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    We are in the 10th year of the war and the insurgency is getting fierce with more American deaths every year.

  3. Paul E says:

    has anybody talked to the wife who was supposably only wounded in the battle? She might shed some light on this. Like if it was bin laden or not. anyway just a thought.

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