Next Round in Debt Crisis Battle

Video:  Boehner to Dems:  Put Something On the Table

House Approves Speaker Boehner’s Revised Debt Plan

Senate plans to vote to kill House bill as early as tonight

The U.S. House has passed its version of a bill to raise the debt ceiling.  The final vote was 218 to 210.  22 Republicans voted against it, because Boehner’s either bill didn’t go far enough in cuts or a guaranteed trigger for them to support it, and no Democrats voted in favor of the plan.

Here are the Republicans who voted against the bill (Freshman members are in bold):  Amash (MI), Bachmann (MN), Broun (GA), Chaffetz (UT),Cravaack (MN), DesJarlais (TN), Duncan (SC), Graves (GA) Gowdy (SC), Huelskamp (KS), Johnson (IL), Jordan (OH), King (IA), Latham (IA), Connie Mack (FL), McClintock (CA), Mulvaney (SC)Ron Paul (TX), Tim Scott (SC), Southerland (FL), Walsh (IL), Wilson (SC).

This was the third version of a debt plan House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) produced this week in an attempt to garner enough Republican votes to pass it. The bill now heads to the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said he has enough votes to table, or discard, it immediately. And, if the Senate successfully tables Boehner’s bill, the body is likely to move onto Sen. Reid’s version, which lifts the debt ceiling through 2012 and cuts $2.2 billion in spending.

Senate Democratic leaders said they could hold a procedural vote on Senator Reid’s proposal to lift the debt ceiling as early 1 am ET Sunday.

In remarks this morning, President Obama said Mr. Boehner’s bill “does not solve the problem.” The President pointedly called out Speaker Boehner’s efforts to appease members of the Tea Party. “What’s clear now is that any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan.  It must have the support of both parties that were sent here to represent the American people -– not just one faction,” he said.

Today’s sequence of events came after the House was minutes away Thursday evening from voting to lift the debt ceiling and cut $900 billion in spending. But Republican leaders pulled the bill from the floor after Speaker Boehner spent the evening attempting to finalize support for his bill but fell short.

The road to lifting the debt ceiling has been rocky. Negotiations between a bipartisan group of lawmakers and Vice President Biden failed. So did talks between the President and Speaker Boehner, as did subsequent talks between the President and Congressional leaders.

No agreement between Republicans and Democrats and the House and Senate means the path forward is still uncertain with the August 2nd deadline imposed by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner fast approaching.

House Democrats encouraged the President to invoke the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution to unilaterally lift the debt ceiling without Congressional authorization. The White House continues to reject that option.  (This is a completely unviable option considering that the 14th Amendment does not apply here. Per Judge Andrew Napolitano: The provisions in the 14th Amendment were written to deal with unique issues caused by the Civil War and the execution of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. The left keeps distorting the facts and the Constitution and wrongly applies the provisions to allow them to do whatever they want… not what is legal, Constitutional or what the American People want!! Read more at: Review: The Debt Ceiling and Economic Crisis Debate Rages On.)

July 28, 2011

Curious to know the impact Obama’s budget would have on America’s fiscal future? The chart below provides a rather painful preview of the next decade under the President’s budget alternative.

Picture this — Obama’s budget for America

As Heritage’s Mike Brownfield explains, ”Obama’s budget would set America on a dangerous fiscal course that leads to massive deficits well into the future—hitting $1.2 trillion in 2012 and, after dipping slightly, rising back to $1.2 trillion again by 2021.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s projections, the President’s budget would more than double the national debt in 10 years – totaling approximately $9.5 trillion.

Paul Ryan Destroys Reid Bill in Blistering Speech; ‘Let’s Cover the Moon with Yogurt!’

Live Blog:  The U.S. Debt Battle


The tea party… which means “We the People” are not happy.  A Balanced Budget Amendment and no raising of the debt ceiling is what most people want.  That is what they voted for in 2010.  The problem is when you only control half a branch of government, it is a tough battle and when you have people like Harry Reid and the President running interference, telling tales and controlling the mainstream media it is even tougher!!

75% of Americans support a balanced budget Amendment

66% of American support Cut, Cap and Balance

Most people say they don’t care if we go into so-called default, mind you we won’t really go into default… there are funds to pay what is most important to Americans as well as the interest on our debt.

And the powers that be feel that America’s Credit Rating will be down-graded from AAA status to AA status even if we raise the debt-ceiling.

Regardless whether you are happy or not with the outcome… the GOP has passed 3 plans in the House and Boehner, like the results or not, tried his best to work a compromise.  (And Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has another last ditch bill ready in the Senate.)  The Dems have passed nothing, finally proposed one bill that is a ruse and have run interference for the President… who also has put ‘no’ deal on paper.  If we lose our AAA credit rating and go into pseudo default it will be President Obama and the Democrats fault… not the GOP’s and not the tea party’s.

If we keep letting Obama spend and up the national debt… it is all our faults!

Within hours after the House passed their second bill dealing with the debt crisis in about a week, Harry Reid again tabled the discussion and the vote on this bill.  My question is, if you are so sure you are right and the people and your party are with you, Harry… why won’t you allow a vote on these bills?  And if Obama really wanted to make this go away, all he and the Dems needed to agree to was to begin the process of a balanced budget amendment that 75% of the American people want.  So why not do it?  After all Obama will either be long out of office before that amendment goes into affect, or he will be a dictator and it won’t matter anyway.

So, why not? Because destroying the the economy of the United States has always been part of Obama and his handlers’ plan! And that is the elephant in the room that nobody is willing to discuss!!

Best Quote I’ve heard this week is: “The tea party is the Dem’s new George Bush, so no matter what you don’t like… it’s their fault!”

Tweets of the Day:

  • If 3rd World Dictator Obama is pres after Jan-20, 2013, an AA rating will be a memory
  • How can they put a man with Dementia in charge of the Senate?
  • Rubio: “Compromise that’s not a solution is a waste of time.”


As the Party of Socialism tries to convince the GOP that is it not the Party of Reagan, but the Party of Surrender, Harry Reid is desperately searching for sixty votes in the Senate so he can get his “I want to destroy the American economy bill” passed.

Can it be passed? – The Search for 60

House Defense: Hardliners Slam Reid Debt Plan, Obama – Video:Reid’s Gimmicks Unmasked

Harry Reid Filibustering His Own Bill?

NYT: Coming Soon: ‘Invasion of the Walking Debt’

RS: In Defense of Holding the Line

Congressional Leaders Struggle to Work Out Bi-Partisan Debt Deal

Balanced Budget… Balanced Budget Amendment… The Only Sane Idea

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Reid Wants to Give Obama Blank Check for Rest of Presidency

Debt Crisis: NYT’s Graph Glitch

Senator Tea Party: DeMint Drives Conservative Direction on Debt and Deficit

As Predicted: Call for Obama’s Impeachment on the Table

Video: Michele Bachmann on the debt limit. I like her! Left hates her because fights like a democrat!

Video: Screw Congress… I’ll Do It On My Own – The really scary part is all the clueless fools in the audience chanting, “Yes You Can!”

Obama called out GOP again today to compromise… Because $14.5 Trillion is not enough!!!!!!! Compromise!, and I guess neither were Boehner’s attempts?!?

No budget in 800 days? Liberals saying Democrats had a budget this year. Obama… that was rejected by all? Clueless how budgets get passed? However he is not clueless about raising the debt ceiling… without meaningful matching cuts and or a balanced budget amendment! Obama knows it would be another nail in the coffin of America and another step toward his plan to fundamentally transform America… into a second rate nation!

Many, including Trump, feel that the GOP doesn’t know they are in the driver’s seat. All they have to do is sit back & wait for Senate & Obama to pass #CCB. Tick, tick, tick… Time for the GOP to play poker!

Last Update: 07.30.11: 4:07p.m. ET – Reid’s Debt Ceiling Increase Bill defeated in the house. The vote was 246-173. Senior official confirms Pres Obama has summoned Dem Leaders Reid and Pelosi to WH meeting on debt limit stalemate… no Republicans. So Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority McConnell just appeared together in short press conference:

Pres. Obama needs to tell us what he can sign. We’re in those discussions now. –McConnell

Boehner: It’s time for the POTUS to tell us what he’s for.

McConnell: “I think we all know that if the president decides to reach an agreement w/ us, the Democrats…will fall in line.”

Boehner says POTUS has driven Congress into cul-de-sac

Former Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garrett: Remember that driving metaphor from POTUS and 2010 campaign (reverse/forward)? The press would be a lot more credible if they treated POTUS the way they treat Boehner and McConnell. Amen

**Unnamed conservative reporter at Boehner/McConnell press conference said it appears that Obama and Reid might be getting the message that the tide is changing and they they will get the deserved blame for this debacle they’ve created, so my be talking compromise now.**

***At the end of the day, the most amazing thing to me is how many people are still completely disengaged… clueless. Jon Stossel went out in the street… Leno Jay-Walking style and asked people what the debt ceiling was, how much it was and who John Boehner is and most didn’t have a clue and many said they did care. I can only pray that those people choose not to vote!!***

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