Eat My Peas

Time to point a few things, watch them like a hawk and speak up!

The next time somebody tells me we must all sacrifice to save our country, I am going to tell them, “eat my peas”. Thank you, President Obama, for a great line.

First, let’s get something straight – soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen sacrifice to save our country; nobody else does. This whole shared sacrifice thing is a crock – the cannibal demanding a shared sacrifice at dinnertime.

Where was the shared sacrifice when the businessman quit his job 30 years ago and double-mortgaged his home to take a chance on a dream? Did any teachers come and work in his firm during their summer off so that his wife and kids could have a week of proper vacation? Did anyone donate their savings so she would not have to work two jobs to support the family during those start-up years?

And who was it that shared the sacrifice of the medical school or law school student – did the IT tech at the Department of Motor Vehicles babysit for free so that single mom could sleep for a few hours before the bar exam? Who was their brothers’ keeper back then, comrade?

Why are we only all in this together when the it-takes-the-village-people want to tax the dentists, doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, financiers, investors, entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, workaholics and all who have risen to the top of their professions into oblivion? Why do they wait 30 years and then come after our stuff?

And sacrifice for what? To cop an overused phrase, let me be clear: it is not the country they want to save, it’s the government. More specifically, it is their cushy government jobs and their generous government pensions and perks. When any partisan says we all need to sacrifice, he or she is saying that you need to sacrifice so they don’t. There’s your moment of clarity.

Not them, not their team, oh no. They are victims, martyrs, lambs who have already been slaughtered. $100k per year to watch porn on the job and you want me to eat peas? GE doesn’t pay a dime in taxes but you expect me to pitch in the other arm and the other leg? Eat my peas, buddy.

Shared sacrifice means we give and they take; that is the sharing formula. Last night I saw another ugly advertisement where the Cannibal Party candidate in the Milwaukee area recall election told me we all have to share in the sacrifice. Eat my peas, lady.
I don’t even know who you are, and I don’t know the lady you are running against, but I know she was elected fair and square. This recall nonsense in Wisconsin is a farce – a union election, run by out of state union pimps. Anyone who has been through one knows the familiar feel.

They get enough signatures to call an election, use the NLRB (oops, GAB) to rig the rules in their favor, schedule it faster than the management side can react, bring in the goons and the cash from outside and then lie, threaten, bully, bribe and cheat to win at all cost. Been there, done that – won all four times.

How low will they go? How about paying kids to lie in advertisements? The very first one they ran in Milwaukee shows “local” kids blaming the pain that the Milwaukee teachers’ union inflicted on its own members – layoffs, larger class sizes – on their Republican opponent. The kids weren’t even local, and the script was so bogus my dogs walked out of the room.

Using kids to spread lies – JFK would be so proud. What’s next, some pre-teen crying in a wheelchair? “Alberta Darling eats children and she closed all of the schools so that my mommy would die.” And when the director yells “cut”, the little princess jumps out of the wheelchair, puts on a flannel shirt, grabs a fishing rod, tucks the pony tail under the cap and pretends to be a boy from Rhinelander: “Kim Simac sold all the hospitals and schools to the Taliban so they can ban country music and dump nuclear waste into the Wisconsin River.”

“Paid for by friends of Agenda 21”. Eat my peas, Soros.

A liberal apologist for those over-the-top ads said they are thought-provoking. Here’s a thought – who in their right mind would spend millions to win a job that pays $49,000 per year? Or this – which did you lose first, your scruples or your marbles? And what on earth do they want to do to us that they want to win bad enough to force kids to lie? That’s what those skanky ads made me think about.

As a Libertarian, I had fully intended to stay out of the Wisconsin recall fray. It is a purely partisan peeing contest that will have no impact; and as one of my Facebook friends keenly observed, Republicans’ and Democrats’ top priority is to punish each other. It’s a stupid game, and I didn’t feel like playing. Using kids to lie changed my mind.

So please, vote Republican, no matter who it is. Not because I love Republicans; I don’t. But while Republicans are un-libertarian, Democrats are anti-libertarian. The modern-day Democrat Party stands for nothing; it is the party that pays kids to lie. It’s the Government Party, seeking more government for the sake of more government. Watch their ads in the recall, if you can stomach the bullsnot, and tell me what they stand for, besides not being Scott Walker. And paying kids to lie.

We already did not-Scott-Walker. A decade of not-Scott-Walker left us $3 billion in the tank with the 4th worst business climate in the nation, 39% proficient schools, a smoking ban on private property, tax hikes every year, unilateral personal disarmament, some useless train cars, and a ban on organic milk sales in the Dairy State.
You want me to sacrifice some more for that? Eat my peas.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website: to find your moment.

Watch Them Like a Hawk

July 25, 2011
By Frank Neudecker  –  Watch Them Like A Hawk

Thursday, September 29, 2005

“In private meetings last week, GOP leaders sharply criticized rank-and-file Republicans for taking issue with the surge in spending…

“‘This leadership group is so out of touch, it’s unbelievable,’ said one House lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid inflaming leaders further.”

– Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post

They dragged Congressman Mike Pence into a dark room.  They closed the door and attacked him repeatedly without mercy…

And why did they see fit to strong-arm this conservative champion?
Because Congressman Pence had the gall to suggest that the federal government should control its spending and cut hundred of billions of dollars of “pork” from the federal budget.

And who are the “they” I refer to?

At the time, none other than our Republican leaders in Congress: Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, then Majority Leader Tom DeLay, former Ways & Means Chairman Bill Thomas and Transportation Chairman Don Young, among others.

Seriously, Congressman Pence’s trip to the woodshed was so severe that columnist Robert Novak noted that when offered a seat at a subsequent meeting, Pence “explained that he would be more comfortable standing because House Speaker Dennis Hastert had just tanned his hide.”

Think betrayal will not happen again.

If you are a conservative, you voted for less government and better fiscal responsibility, and the Republican leaders promised you’d get it. But if we are not careful all they’ve given us is more out-of-control spending. And taxpayers like you and me and our children and our children’s children are stuck footing the bill.
In some ways Congressman Pence, (may I note that the highway bills he and other congress critters were willing to forego were also unconstitutional) should be applauded, not taken to the woodshed for trying to keep the promise that a great many at that time broke.
So what to do?

Well you can write your representative and tell them what you think; most of them know my mind already and consider me a nut case which is probably true. But I am a nut case with some power.
About a five thousand a day read this site’s news and comments. Not bad for a nut case.

So what (should we do) for the rest of us to do you ask. Continue to write your Congress critter, give them the support they need when they do the right thing. Keep up with the bills that are on the State floors and the floors of Washington. Read the Constitution of the United States…. several times…. Read your state Constitution… at least once. Then Read the Federalist Papers … a difficult read…. but worth it.  Getting into the habit of carrying a pocket version of the Constitution is a good idea as well.  (Part of the reason the government and the courts get away with unconstitutional actions is because Americans don’t know what they have!).

Also See:  The Original Argument  –  The Federalist Papers written in modern language.  Also check out: The Road to Serfdom Also:  The Annotated U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution For Dummies for those who think they might need some additional insight.

When something comes up that you think is wrong, discuss it with close friends. Stand your ground and write your critter again. But always remember to write your critter when they do something right too.

It’s good to let them know what you think.

Libertarian GOP Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, reacting to the latest Boehner and Reid debt compromise deals after another grueling WH meeting (the big problem with both is that they don’t solve the spending problem which will destroy us because Obama is really only interested in appearances and winning re-election), just appeared with Neil Cavuto and says we’d be off not raising the debt ceiling now… than wait until later, even if it drove us into default, but says there is plenty of money to pay the interest on the debt, SS, the Military etc so the only way they wouldn’t get paid is if Obama chose not to, to use it as a political weapon.  He added that Cut, Cap and Balance is the only answer with the balanced budget amendment as the lynch pin.  There is a great possibility that the S&P and Moody’s will down grade the U.S. credit rating anyway… and preventing that is the only reason even to consider raising the debt ceiling!

Well respected American Thinker: The Tea Party, Right About Everything!

**An added point: As I was watching Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Five he talked about the fact that Obama or any president does not have the power to cover financial debt, raise the debt ceiling or the power to cover related financial issues or debt by using an Executive Order. Obama quotes the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as his reference and justification for his threat to execute and sign an Executive Order (EO) to raise the debt ceiling if the Congress does not do what he wants. According to the Constitution under the wise concept of separation of powers, the House of Representatives holds the purse strings and the Congress must initiate and pass and all bills regarding funding and finances. The President’s only power is negotiation and to veto the bills sent to him. The provisions in the 14th Amendment were written to deal with unique issues caused by the Civil War and the execution of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. The left keeps distorting them wrongly applying the provisions to allow them to do whatever they want… not what is legal, Constitutional or what the American People want!!

Wake-up and Stand-up America, while you still can!

h/t to Judson Phillips at the Tea Party Nation and Warbird at Sovereignty in Colorado


 Steve King on default: Obama could be impeached

Super Congress:  Echoes of Tyranny Rising

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