Courage or Mobology… Where Are We Headed?

Video:  The Search for Courage

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There are those who love freedom of expression, as long as it’s not conservatives who are doing the expressing. Just ask Glenn Beck. On radio Tuesday, he told the stunning story of how he and his family were harassed during an outdoor movie in New York City’s Bryant Park.

For those unfamiliar with Bryant Park, it hosts weekly showings of classic films during the summer months. Attendees bring blankets and picnic dinners and sprawl out on the park’s great lawn while watching the films on a giant screen.

As Beck explained, he attended Monday night‘s public showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps” with his wife and daughter. During the film, he was ridiculed, had someone “kick a cup” of wine on his wife and on his blanket, and even witnessed another person stand up and yell, “We hate conservatives here!”

“These people were some of the most hateful people I have ever seen,” Beck said. “All I wanted to do is go out on a blanket with my family and have dinner in the afternoon sun and sit around Americans, not like-minded Americans, and just watch a movie in the park.  And last night at about‑‑ when the movie was just about over, my wife and I got out because it was hostile.”

When Beck left near the end of the movie, the crowd applauded.

“I don’t know what kind of victory you thought you won,” Beck said on radio in response, and later added, “I swear to you I think if I would have suggested, and I almost did, wow, does anybody have a rope, because there’s a tree here, you could just lynch me. And I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have.”

Despite the obvious hurtful elements of the story, Beck used it as an opportunity to deliver a message to conservatives:

All through the evening, I wanted to say to you today, please, please, please don’t ever treat anybody like that. If Van Jones comes and sits next to you, please don’t treat anybody like that, and then I realized I don’t have to say that to you. I was there at 8/28.  I saw when people were pointing their finger in your face and calling you a racist, setting you up, egging you on, I saw how you reacted. I don’t have to tell you that.

Later in the evening, he admitted he had to call his daughter and console her because she was so distraught.

You can listen to Beck tell the story below:

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Audio: Beck Family Accosted in NYC

Part II: Loving left accost Glenn & Family  (Language Warning for Tweets Below)

Yesterday, Glenn shared his story about the hostile environment he and his family experienced while attending movie night in Bryant Park Monday evening.

While trying to catch a showing of Hitchock’s The 39 Steps, fellow moviegoers were anything but friendly, shouting hateful messages and even kicking a glass of wine on Glenn’s wife’s back.

Today, we hear from the other side. Lindsey Piscitell, a young woman who says she was sitting behind Glenn and his family, has written a response letter to New York Magazine about the incident. Glenn chose to read her response on radio this morning.

“Just a quick FYI -saw your article on Mr. Beck and his numerous FALSE claims about the way that he was treated at Bryant Park last night,” Piscitell wrote. “Myself and several of my friends were seated immediately behind Mr. Beck & co (have pictures) and I can tell you that while the crowd was certainly not *thrilled* that he had shown up, his family was left completely alone, and for the most part he was too.”

Piscitell criticizes Glenn’s security detail for being “unnecessarily prickly with the crowd,” and asserts that though her friend did spill half a glass of wine on Glenn’s wife, it was a “complete and utter accident.”

That’s rather ironic because later that evening Piscitell tweeted an explicit message saying that she was seated near Glenn, to which one of her followers, Marissa Barker, responded, “Ew, can you ‘accidently’ spill something on him? Or ‘accidently’ kick him in the mouth?” (See the evidence here)

However, when’s Wilson Garrett simply Googled her name he did notice this:

Hold on!  Is this the same woman who wrote to New York Magazine?  She seems much more agitated here than we were led to believe!

The link in that Tweet to FourSquare had the pictures of Glenn and his family on their blanket.  It was active until a few hours ago.  But….it’s now not there:

We also noticed that one of her Twitter followers was eager to respond to her notification about proximity to Glenn with some timely suggestions:

How about that?!  Lindsey’s pal suggests an accidental spill!

I did want to see if Marissa had other suggestions, but guess what:

Well doesn’t that sound loving and rather timely?

“It’s amazing how she would be swearing, that’s the tolerant part she was talking about,” Stu said. “And then the odds that one of her 40 followers would suggest exactly what would happen. I mean, it’s a billion to one that that would occur. But it did. And we found out about it.”

Piscitell’s letter ends with her expressing her frustrations that Glenn offered his love and forgiveness on yesterday’s radio program. She wrote, “I‘m sure it’s unnecessary to point out the hypocrisy in Glen’s statements that we were being hateful. I can assure him that we don’t need his sympathy.”

Regardless of whether or not Piscitell wants Glenn’s sympathy, she is still going to get his love. “You’re still going to get my prayers because I still love you,” Glenn said. “I just don’t love your actions. But I still love you. And I believe you’re terribly misguided. But the only real truth is love. Not hate.”


See the Blaze for the full update


As Glenn Beck’s finale show on Fox News draws near, the folks at George Soros’ progressive Media Matters are tickled pink. So much so in fact, they even hosted a soiree to celebrate their victory. The group gives themselves a hearty pat on the back and all the kudos for “getting Glenn off the air” by claiming to have pressured advertisers into pulling out of Beck’s time-slot.

Huffington Post’s Zach Carter interviewed various Media Matterites at the event, many of whom said now that Beck is “gone” they’ll be ever-vigilant of the remaining “right wing media nuts” out there — which, according to one attendee, constitutes the entire Fox News network. Ironic, considering a recent UCLA study actually puts Fox News left of center.

Regarding Beck’s plans for the future, another guest at the event believes Beck should “look into the internet” as it provides a large audience of people interested in “baseless conspiracy theories.” Speaking of conspiracies — Carter pointed out to the guest that George Soros, who funds Media Matters, had been shorting Beck on Intrade. “How is that not market manipulation?” Carter asked. Naturally, the question was dodged.

The group that was formed out of a paranoid belief in a right-wing media “conspiracy” doesn’t believe they, themselves, are conspiracy theorists. Priceless.

Huffington Post provides the video HERE

The amusing part is that his last show isn’t until Thursday, 06.30.11, not yesterday, so they celebrated a bit early.  Plus as Beck says… they will probably soon be wishing for the days where he was only on TV for an hour 5-days per week.  Through GBTV and his other Mercury Arts radio projects, Beck or his programming will now be available and reaching people 24/7.

His second to last show starts in about an hour:  5PM ET and 2PM PT and will re-run tonight at 2AM ET and 11PM PT.


Canadian Free Press: Concerns About Anti-Mormon Bigotry


Catch Beck’s last two shows on Fox today and tomorrow.  After that you will need to catch him on radio, a live event, at www.GlennBeckcom or at  Hope to see you with Glenn in Israel!!

I guess this is what pathetic looks like:

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