What everyone should know about those new energy efficient light bulbs:

In addition, PG&E is being forced into an customer “opt-out” position because people are refusing these meters. The California Public Utility Commission will make a ruling for California residents in September 2011, on whether there will be an “opt-out” option for PG&E customers. The problem is that PG&E wants huge amounts of money paid to them for a possible “opt-out” option and also may elect to encumber our property in the event we want to sell, in order to collect additional money from ratepayers. California residents are not in favor of these “opt-out” options. Also it means that middle, low, and those on fixed incomes (like seniors), would not be able to afford to “opt-out” of the program.

Across the United States a growing rebellion is starting to gain momentum as reports about SMART METERS have begun to find their way into to local newspapers, radio, and television news. In California, as Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), began to roll-out their SMART Meter installation program, residents began to learn more about these meters, in many cases learning this lesson the hard way as some of their bills skyrocketed upward at alarming rates.

Health questions began to increase, not only about the meters themselves, but the cell towers needed for transmission of the SMART Meter signals, and the SMART Meter Relay Antennas that have begun to show up along rural roads in California. Many are asking their local, city, and state elected representatives to stop this process until all impacts can be evaluated. We know that these types of SMART Meter signals may disrupt pacemakers and other similar medical devices. And it should be clear that hospitals, which ask cell-phone users to turn off their cell phones when inside, should protected from these types of signals.

The rebellion, here in California, started in Southern California where local residents began protests that have spread across California. This issue has spread throughout California and many other states are getting involved in this debate. The SMART Meter rebellion has been gaining momentum as the big push to put SMART meters on every home, business, school, apartment, and every place where electricity or natural gas is metered. (The change-out has also included the installation of natural gas SMART meters to replace the older existing meters.) It is a topic we all need to know more about as the installation of SMART meters sweeps across California and the United States.

PG&E in California has rolled out the program with $Millions in television, radio, and print media advertising (being paid by ratepayers in California). Their goal is to SMART Meter the entire State of California without residents having the option to permanently “opt-out”. This issue will be decided this September by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). (In other states different options may be available for residents-for information on how to “opt-out” in California see[7] below or file a complaint with the California PUC.) [8]

PG&E in California and Texas [16] have also been having problems with defective Smart Meters [14] [15], overbilling problems, questions about privacy, and ease of hackers hacking into the system.[17] The list of Smart Meter problems keeps growing. In California, the latest revelation in the S.F. Chronicle on May 3, 2011, is that PG&E has installed some SMART Meters that overcharged customers when the SMART Meter interior temperature reached 100 degrees.[18] PG&E has agreed to remove these defective meters put will only rebate customers $40.00+/- even though the meters may have overcharged each customer over time hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Planned obsolescence  Video:  The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Pyramids of Waste” tells the untold story of Planned Obsolescence (The light bulb conspiracy)

Energy Saving Light Bulbs ‘Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals’

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  3. I just can’t tell you, how excited and happy to read this information about smart meters!!!Thank you!!!We have suffered with them for 6 months now where we live in Kadoka, South Dakota.I am 82 years old, and didn’t want them installed, but they sneaked and I mean sneaked in, and installed them without our knowledge.I live with my step-son and he is 66 yrs. old and has similar problems with them as I do. I is slowly killing us!! Can you help????This is AMERICA!!!, How can this be happening??Where did our GOD-GIVEN rights go??? Can you help????Thanks for letting me share this disagreeable situation; Please advise what we can do. Sincerely, Ethel And Jesse Freeman Kadoka, South Dakota 57543, P.O. 144, 605-837-2071. Thank you so much!!!

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