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The question is:  “How long will we continue to allow ourselves to be played by Barry and his Progressive Globalist Buds?

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Have Christians Gone Overboard in Outreach to Muslims?

“In the Muslim world, Islamists increasingly target Christians for persecution; in the Western world, Christians increasingly target Muslims for outreach. Extending a hand to followers of Islam can be praiseworthy, but the lengths to which some Christians have gone may come as a shock. Consider a few recent cases on the congregational level…”

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“Plundering the possessions, lives, and dignity of Christians in the Islamic world: is this a random affair, a product of the West’s favorite offenders—poverty, ignorance, grievance—or is it systematic, complete with
ideological backing?”

Mark – (9:20 AM)

Some day, Christians will realize that righteousness and peace come only where there is justice, and that sometimes justice is only implemented and maintained by force. There is a Biblical mandate to take up arms and defend oneself, one’s family, and others when the hordes of injustice seek to overrun the land. There is a time for war. A lot of Christians seem to have forgotten that.

Blazing Cat Fur – (9:27 AM)

For certain Christians “justice” has come to mean the utopian poison of “social justice” has espoused by the useful idiots of the left. Therein lies the problem, everyone wants to feel they occupy the moral high-ground, many simply wish not to pay the real rent that entails.

Square Mile Wife – (9:35 AM)

Keywords: Presbyterian. Sweden.
Also: Yes, some Christians have gone too far with Muslim outreach. What is scarier though is that the majority of North American Christians have zero understanding of Islam.

Square Mile Wife – (9:35 AM)

PS – Loving your neighbor and enabling your neighbor are not the same thing.

arturous – (9:45 AM)

“We’re not afraid of the truth,” he added.
If you won’t acknowledge the truth how could you be afraid of it.

munimula – (10:40 AM)

It would be nice to see these dhimmi stooges travel to a Muslim majority country with their naïve outreach programs. Lets see how many Imams would be willing to graft a Church or Synagogue on to their Mosques. Why not see how outreach works when the Muslims are in the majority? Perhaps some insight into the real atmospherics of Islamic hegemony would open their eyes, I doubt it though, because their minds have been distorted by the world’s biggest lie that, all cultures are equal. May I suggest they start off in the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia.

Mark – (12:12 PM)

@Square Mile Wife
Excellent distinction between loving and enabling.
You’re exactly right RE “social justice.” Whenever I hear that term bandied about in our church or social circle, my first question is, “What do you mean when you say ‘social justice’?” Near invariably, the answer involves socialism and other forms of coercion.

Blazing Cat Fur – (12:42 PM)

Willful blindness, there is no other explanation.

been around the block – (7:30 PM)

Square Mile Wife: “Loving your neighbor and enabling your neighbor are not the same thing.”
That’s for sure. The Christian Scriptures counsel us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Loving ourselves definitely means not enabling our neighbor whose intention is to destroy us and our families.
Unfortunately, the image of gentle Jesus, meek and mild has overtaken the image of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers (usurers) in the temple. Too many Christians have conflated loving with being nice.
Ask any (non-insane) parent about what it is to love their child; it often means tough love, discipline, saying “no,” putting your foot down, hating the sin — and making it clear that it’s unacceptable — while loving the sinner.
I say “down with niceness,” and up with telling it like it is and not taking any crap from those who don’t like us and who definitely don’t want the best for us.
Jesus didn’t tell us to lay our weapons down. He gave us spiritual weapons and told us, through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, to put on the full armor of God “against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6). He expects us to be aware that we are in a battle, the battle of good vs. evil, love vs. hate, life vs. death: “Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”
Are these the directives of a “nice” God? They’re not. They’re the directives of a loving God who has His eyes wide open. He wants us to have ours wide open too.

Melykin – (8:34 PM)

Just following random links on the “Iran cultural center” home page I came across this:
Yup…definitely overboard.

Osumashi Kinyobe – (10:06 PM)

It’s one thing to bear wrongs patiently and forgive them; it’s quite another to deny and restrict the truth. Christianity is not equal to cultures that rape, enslave and murder.

Blazing Cat Fur – (11:21 PM)

Thanks for that Melykin, I will look into that, good catch.
Well said BatB & Osumashi.

Source: BlazingCatFur – Have Christians Gone Overboard in Outreach to Muslims?

Allah Is Dead – Why Islam is Not a Religion

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