The 2012 Election is the GOP’s To Lose

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Why do we allow ourselves to believe that these gals can’t win?  Or that a West-Cain ticket wouldn’t fly?  Some combination of those 4 is a winning ticket for the GOP in 2012 if we stop allowing the leftist mainstream media to convince us to go against our convictions, against our gut feelings, and against the honest polls and what we know is true and right.  I also heard someone suggest Ron Paul for head of the Fed with the power to dismantle it and John Bolton for Secretary of State.  Why not?

The Battleground Poll just published, confirmed that conservatives are the overwhelming majority in America, a stat that has been consistent for over a decade.  When asked to define their own ideological position, 57% called themselves “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative,” while only 37% called themselves “very liberal” or “somewhat liberal.”  The tiny smidgen of Americans who were either “unsure” or “moderate” or “refused to answer” was 5%.   And this polling holds across the board.

An Associated Press-Ipsos Poll in early 2007 asked respondents to identify themselves ideologically.  Conservatives were, by far, the largest group with 41% of respondents calling themselves “conservative,” while only 21% of respondents called themselves “liberal” and 34% called themselves “moderates.”  And even more amazing is the fact that even polling organizations which try to make conservatives appear as small a number as possible fail when the ideological preference question is asked directly. It only changes when the polls are manipulated or the question is purposely confusing.

So why have we allowed ourselves to be silent… silenced… and intimidated or even brainwashed into believing that our thoughts and our preferred candidates can’t prevail?  We are being led by the nose to believe the perverse illusion of the left (like from this Jackass:  Maher) that is being peddled to us and our children by a leftist co-opted educational system and  puppet media which includes the mainstream news cycle, movies, TV, and much of the print world. Talk radio and the Internet are our best chance for the truth and the left is actively working to control and limit freedom from those sources.

This past week was a busy week for the GOP: Huck’s out?  Trump’s out? Newt’s in but has already shot himself in the foot? Pawlenty is in, announced on YouTube! Cain’s in with a message of ‘Yes We Can”’! Bachmann seems near announcing even though she originally said she’ll decide by June and Romney had a great fund raiserHuntsman seems more serious by the day and Palin told Greta that she feels the call in her belly, plus we are hearing that she has bought a new home in Arizona, putting her down in the lower 48 for the campaign.  And now we hear that there are rumblings from Perry in Texas.  Ron Paul is already in and we are also waiting on a definite Yeah or Nay from Rick Santorum.

According to Dick Morris now that two of the top three candidates. according to his survey, for the Republican nomination have pulled out of the race, the big winner is the one candidate left standing: Mitt Romney.  By his analysis and polling before Huckabee and Trump pulled out, the stats were Romney-22, Huckabee-20, Trump-15, Gingrich-11, Palin-9, Bachmann-6, Pawlenty-3, and Daniels-2… who just announced (Sun 05.22) he was not running via email to his supporters

This writer questions the Morris numbers and Hot Air has been running an ongoing poll since November of 2010 (see graphs below), which consistently shows Palin ahead even though she hasn’t committed to running and in spite of the media having tried to crucify her for 3-years now. And Cain has just made a major jump.  I can tell you that in my circle, Palin is the top choice as well;  Cain, West who is not on their chart and still says he won’t run, and Bachmann come next and then Romney and Huntsman… now that Huckabee and Trump are out.

Suffolk University Poll, which just came in, shows Romney and Palin Both Getting a Boost after the Trump and Huckabee News.

There are also some draft movements underway for several possible candidates including: Gen Petraeus, Chris Christy, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, and Allen West plus the wait for the final Yeah or Nay from Sarah Palin.  And there are rumblings about Marco Rubio for VP.

The biggest thing Conservatives, moderates and independents need to remember and focus on is that the end goal is defeating Obama and his progressive cronies.  The Dems will do what they can to discredit, smear and distort information about the GOP candidates and take the focus off the issues, or distort the truth about them.  It has already begun like in this video about the GOP and Medicare.   Look at the lies they have spread about Palin and her family and the unsavory tactics that they have resorted to.  As Palin says on the ‘Lamestream Media: It’s Gotcha Trip-Up Questions and You Have to Be Prepared’.  The Dems are already using Newt against the Republicans.  We and the candidates need to stop ripping each other apart, giving the Dems more to work with, because in the end we need to be able to stand together and with whomever ends up being the GOP’s candidate to defeat Obama in 2012… otherwise there just not be anything left in 2016 t0 fight for!

We need to educate ourselves and then pass along the information and the truth.  We need to demand that the conversation and focus stay on the issues and what is relative about the candidates, but leave their families alone.  And we must not allow the media to fill us and less educated voters with distortions and lies.  We must also be willing to do the work to help with the campaigns and to monitor the elections and demand recounts if necessary… until it is right.  Voter fraud and intimidation and campaign fraud will be an issue in this election from the left, starting from the top!  We had in preview in the last two elections. One of the greatest questions about this election is: Will Ignorance and Laziness Lead to a Second Obama Term?? 

Obama can be defeated and ‘his list of negatives’ beginning with his record on the economy, is long.  2012 and the future of America as we know it is the GOP’s… a coalition of conservatives, moderates, independents, Tea Party members, patriots, traditional Republicans, Libertarians and disillusioned Democrats to win or lose.

The race and fight is on… don’t be an observer and wonder what happened!

Hot Air Candidate Survey – May Edition: Next month’s full-sized survey should be very, very interesting, and that’s assuming no other candidates leave or join the field.  Keep in mind this graph was a Friday vote, so the volume’s a good deal lower than usual. That said, the results:

For the most part the candidates’ approval levels have remained fairly stable when compared to last month.

Different story on the overall vote front, though. The biggest pop in support? Herman Cain, whose support had remained mostly unchanged at Hot Air over the last few months.

Questions? Comments? I haven’t laid out all the data here since, amazingly, some of it’s already out-dated, so if you’re interested in a cross-tab,  tweet me.

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Huntsman Affirms Mormon Heritage  –  After Obama’s questionable record on religion and the ever growing question in the minds of an increasing number of American’s wondering whether Obama is essentially an atheist, an opportunist, a follower of Rev Wright’s Black Liberation Theology or Christian Socialism (based in Marxism, racism against the “White oppressor” and social justice seeing Jesus as a liberator rather than a redeemer of all) or in the minds of an ever growing number of Americans… a Muslim, it seems that being a Mormon should be a non-issue and less of a problem for Huntsman than his stand on global warming or for Romney than his need to justify his stance against ObamaCare in the light of RomneyCare.

Huckabee: Romney Is ‘Inauthentic’  – But he’s still willing to support Romney if he becomes the Republican presidential nominee in 2012.

Fighting for, supporting and working for the nominee and team we want is every American who does not want 4-more years or Obama’s job and responsibility, but like Huckabee, supporting whomever the final Republican presidential candidate for 2012 turns out to be is essential for America!


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  1. Vadim says:

    Wonderful post. I love it. I believe that the next election is Republicans’ for the taking if their representative can speak his (her) mind

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