What Is The Rapture?

A lot of people believe that today, May 21, is the end of the world, but that’s not ascend to heaven rapturenecessarily true, in fact it is probably not true. 

Many believers think that it will be the Rapture, which only signals the beginning of the end of the world.

There are a LOT of different interpretations of the end times, so other versions of the story may conflict, but one of the most well-known theories – popularized in the best-selling book series, “Left Behind” – says that on the day of the Rapture all true believers in Jesus Christ will immediately ascend to meet him “in the skies.”

They will vanish into thin air, not even taking their clothing.

For those Left Behind, they will now be subject to the Tribulation, a seven-year long torment, when the Anti-Christ will rise to rebuild the Temple of Solomon and take over the world. (In the books, he’s a smooth talking politician who becomes the Secretary-General of the United Nations.) Desecration – the Anti-Christ takes the thrown.

During this time, the people of Earth will experience hardship, famine, war, and eventually Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil. After that final conflict, the Second Coming of Jesus will happen, the Anti-Christ will be defeated, and the remaining believers will join him in Kingdom of Heaven.

This is slightly different than the prediction of Harold Camping who believes the Rapture happens tomorrow, but the world will actually “end” on October 21, 2011.

The good news, is that if you don’t ascend to Heaven tomorrow (and only about 3% of the world will), those who manage to survive the “fiery trial” can still be saved and earn a place in the New Heaven and New Earth. But most of the people left on Earth will die during the Tribulation, so your odds are not good.

Here’s a trailer for one of the Left Behind movies, starring Kirk Cameron:

Video:  Left Behind Trailer

On an overseas flight to London, journalist Buck Williams and Pilor Rayford Steele are caught in the middle of the most incredible event in history, as without warning dozens of passengers have simply vanished! It soon becomes apparent that this was not an isolated incident and there are millions of people missing. As chaos and anarchy engulf the world, both men set out on different paths in a desperate search for answers.

Left Behind – The Movie

Left Behind – The DVD Collection (Left Behind / Left Behind II – Tribulation Force / Left Behind – World at War)

Book #3 in the Series:  The Rapture

Book #8 in the Series: The Mark

Source:  The Business Insider

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3 Responses to What Is The Rapture?

  1. youngearth says:

    The next BIG false teaching to fail: “pre-tribulation” rapture.

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  3. The real Rapture is coming just watch, and see. (escape) all these things that shall come to pass.(escape) as Rapture Luke 21:34-36

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