Glenn Beck’s Surprise Trip to Israel

This morning on Glenn Beck’s talk radio program, it was announced that Glenn Beck is on a surprise trip to Israel, and they might have a big announcement about the future tomorrow.

Glenn Beck won’t be on TV today, since he’s still on the other side of the planet, and presumably Judge Napolitano or some other fill-in will be doing Glenn’s TV show tonight.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to see what Glenn has up his sleeve. Here’s what had to say about it:

Glenn decided late last week to make a surprise trip to Israel, and is off radio and TV today to visit the country. He plans to broadcast his radio show tomorrow, Tuesday May 10th. Glenn has been taking a strong and vocal stand for Israel since the beginning of the year – and you can hear him make his case in the clip above from the March 29th TV show. Glenn will also be speaking at the “Christians United for Israel” event in Washington, DC on July 19th. Get the details here.

What prompted Glenn’s sudden trip over to Israel? We’re told that details are coming soon. will have all the information as soon as it’s available.

And here’s The Blaze on this story:


Posted on May 9, 2011 at 10:12am by Scott Baker
If you were listening to Glenn on the radio Friday morning, you may have heard him say something curious right at the end of the program. He asked listeners to pray for him over the weekend. He promised he would be praying for the listeners in return.

Now we are learning more about the motivation behind the request.
Glenn is in Israel right now.

Over the next few days we’ll be learning more and more about the reasons why.

Beck has been talking a great deal about Israel lately, particularly his concern that “Israel is being set up”:

Video: I Believe Israel Is Being Set Up!

This is not Glenn’s first trip to Israel. Shortly after 9-11, he scheduled a trip so that he could learn more about the origins of conflict in the region.

“I had done some reading but I didn’t understand until I went there,” Beck told me by phone. I talked with him a length on Friday and again on Saturday just prior to his departure.

He vividly remembers that experience a decade ago: “The Temple Mount almost pulsated. I could feel it.”

So, why this sudden trip? He’s working on a project. The decision to go this weekend was made just a few days ahead of time.

During our phone conversation, he spoke with a measured enthusiasm, indicating the project is deeply important to him and that he hoped have more information to reveal very soon.

“It’s time to get out of the studio and get involved,” Beck told me.

He spoke of the “courage and compassion” he sees in the Jewish people and his desire to amplify that message.

Beck was deeply moved by the murders of five members of the Fogel family in the West Bank town of Itamar. Two Palestinian teenagers have been arrested in the slayings. Beck has focused on the firm response of Fogel relatives: “They have refused to turn it into hate.”

Glenn has talked about the Fogels at length on radio and TV and hopes to learn more about the family during this trip.

Glenn says this trip, and the project that will unfold, is “because of my commitment to Israel and the Jewish people.”

He said that, as a “student of history,” he feels “crisis is coming” for Israel and that it is time for supporters of Israel to take stand.

Of that first trip to Jerusalem, Beck remembers thinking, “It’s the axis point of the world. Where man connected with God.” He seemed eager say more about what the next few days may reveal, but he did not give a timeline. The tone and focus, though, seemed clear: “Courage and compassion.”

Posted by Jared Law on May 9, 2011 at 11:21am in Glenn Beck


Knights Templar Prepare To Unite US-Iran For ‘Final’ World Battle

A grim top-secret Russian Federal Space Agency (FKA/RKA) report prepared for Prime Minister Putin is warning today that the Knights Templar “factions” operating in both the United States and Iran are preparing to “unite” in an effort to engulf our world in a “final battle” leaving it unprepared for an expected onslaught from the UFO fleets nearing Earth and said hidden behind the massive space objects C/2010 X1, 2010 SO16 and 2005 YU55.

In our April 21st report “Awakening” Moon Shocks Scientists As Massive Asteroids Near Earth,” and our April 24threport “US Warns Russia: “Aliens On Their Way, Will Be Here In 2012,” we had previously warned of the growing concerns of what is now occurring in the heavens, with subsequent new warnings coming from Dr. Sergio Toscano of Argentina’s Astronomical Research in Mission who stated that when NASA began to make calculations and projections of the orbit of Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1), they realized that something was wrong and the first thing they did was remove the website all information related to it.

Dr. Toscano further states in his report that Chinese scientists are now saying that behind Comet Elenin are what they describe as a “globular cluster” they say can be an alien spacecraft.

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