Noisy Room: Bin Laden – Doubts and Questions Abound

May 2nd, 2011 by TMH

I just happened to catch on Fox News all the happenings on the Bin Laden snuff out last night as we were hooking up new hardware and swearing at the slowness of software.

Geraldo comes on Fox News and starts going on about the president getting ready to address the nation. He is on there with a 3 star general, and it is being pointed out that this has never been done before on a Sunday evening. They call it a “pop up.” Speculation was all over the place from Gadhafi being killed, to invading Syria, to an impending attack via chemical/biological/nuclear warfare. Good times indeed.

Then, suddenly, Geraldo exclaims, “What if they got Osama Bin Laden?” I’m not kidding when I say 30 seconds later that is exactly what came over the wires. The president’s speech was delayed an hour and then Obama appeared trying and failing to look humble and triumphant simultaneously. Earlier, Geraldo reported that Bin Laden had been killed a week earlier and DNA was being verified. But Obama claimed that the intel was received a week earlier and Bin Laden was killed yesterday. That Obama gave the order to take the head honcho terrorist out.

Let the media Obama worship begin on every channel ad nauseam. Oh, do I have doubts and questions on this one. First off, let me say, that if he is dead, terrific! I hope he rots in hell. And if the Seals got him, awesome! But there are glaring out points here that all of the media will not address and that includes Fox News, who seems to be in an all out Obama love fest complete with progressives slobbering on air and the Woodrow Wilson Institute claiming victory for the left. Gag…

Now, this morning, I hear Bin Laden was buried at see because of Muslim tradition. Well, isn’t that convenient? No body to have to come clean on. Since when do we follow religious observation for terrorists?

I also want to know how thousands showed up at the White House within minutes of word getting out complete with signs and youthful exuberance. More showed up in Times Square and it had the definite feeling of actual astroturfed propaganda worthy of the Nazi regime. Maybe it was real, but I kind of doubt it.

And ask yourself, what is this distracting from? The border? Gun confiscation? The EPA? What? Because you just know the other hand is busy doing something.

I would love to revel in the knowledge Bin Laden is dead. But it is just too neat. Too convenient for a president whose ratings are in the toilet with a reelection coming up. Too convenient when the economy is in the crapper and our elites want to ‘stimulate’ it into recovery. Too neat that the assassination occurred on May Day, a Communist day. Just too many doubts and questions.

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at the Noisy Room

Great job Terresa!!  Couldn’t have said it better myself!  It was exactly what I’ve been thinking since I first heard this and all day long as the coverage progressed.  The only thing I’d like to add is that the other problem with this whole story is that it keeps changing!!  From the story of the intel having been received and the kill having happened a week earlier and them needing the time and waiting for DNA testing results to now Bin Laden was killed Sunday and they’ve already done DNA testing and dumped the body?  Plus now it seems that  the WH is again modifying their account and backing off key details from their Monday evening narrative  as well as there being leaks that senior military and Intelligence officials overruled Obama regarding the mission to kill Bin Laden. We are also starting to hear rumblings and questions from members of the CIA and the like…  MGA of Knowledge Creates Power


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