THE LARGEST DETENTION CAMP IN WORLD HISTORY IS ALMOST COMPLETE  –  A Fascinating, creepy and scary perspective on the reasons for the new Passport Application… Definitely worth the read!!

By John Galt April 26, 2011

In the world of talk radio, the internet, and various other media outlets there have been legends of FEMA camps under construction throughout the United States, stories about U.N. troops training to round up United States citizens, and concoctions which make for fascinating fiction but little if any fact to support the various stories. In reality each of these stories unfortunately carry a kernel of truth within them, a factoid which stimulates the imagination but fails to capitalize on the big picture thus destroying the underlying credibility of the author. I loath the idea of a trip down Woo-Woo Lane but during a review of the news and a story forwarded to me by my friend in Ireland, a sudden and stark realization hit me as to how such a massive construct could be used by a government which has devious plans in place for its citizens in the future.

The logical place to begin with this project is to review the history of how the creation of the foundation occurred and the extreme ideals behind the construction of this camp. While  the conspiracy theorists and civil libertarians were all labeled insane nutcases when the Patriot Act was first proposed, their concerns have been substantially validated in the last nine years. The abuses of power via the Patriot Act which are documented throughout the internet and various legal websites are only the tip of the iceberg. The law itself was designed to massively increase powers beyond the scope of the Constitution which enable the government to selectively violate the rights of U.S. citizens at will. For the non-believers refer, for example, to Section 6001 and the various clauses allowing reviews and searches of personal financial records without obtaining a search warrant as outlined in the 4th Amendment. This foundation for the camp was a necessity because without the legal authority to bypass the judicial system, the implementation of other laws and regulations would not be possible.

Shortly after the Patriot Act became law, the Department of Homeland Security was created and in less than a decade it has become the largest non-Defense Department and Veterans Affair bureaucracy in the Federal Government (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008 Table 1). The department’s reach has become so massive and intrusive that the American people only notice the power they contain when they hear or witness the abuses via the Transportation Security Administration such as the video of the six year old girlrecently being molested while attempting to board a flight with her parents. Often though, the American people miss the bigger picture that the tentacles of DHS have now stretched far beyond airport and border security, but into the realms of an apparent creation of a domestic paramilitary force to defend our nation against terrorism.

Over the years I too have been guilty of mocking the “black helicopter crowd” yet recent evidence has surfaced that perhaps I was in grave error and for that I apologize profusely. Until one sees the helicopters yourself, which I have seen flying over our beaches during V.I.P. visits to the area, or a video like this one, most individuals remain skeptical:

Video: Helicopters Over Brickell

That video from YouTube is validated by a story from the Miami Herald on April 20, 2011 titled ‘Military Choppers Startle Miami‘, where an exercise was executed until around one to two o’clock in the morning. In the story a revelation was disclosed by this statement from the newspaper article:

Turns out that it was a training exercise by the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force. In other words, a Homeland Security operation, that few other authorities apparently knew about, including the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Department of Homeland Security has its own paramilitary security task force which uses night vision, black Blackhawk helicopters, and the ability to conduct military style exercises which apparently our own military a.k.a. the U.S. Coast Guard is not even aware of? The exercise appears to have been practice for dropping troops on high rise office buildings and extraction which is quite practical since the last terrorist attack where they occupied a high rise occurred in 1994 as documented in the movie True Lies; a work of fiction. This disturbing story did not escape my attention as one can not build a detention facility without the proper training of a guard force to contain and restrain the inmates.


Rewind to the numerous stories of our modern surveillance society in these pages and elsewhere. Way, way, way, back in 2007 USA Today noted this happy-happy joy-joy story that “Cameras Help Cities Reduce Crime” which in fact may be quite accurate. The problem is you have to begin to consider other aspects of our spy happy society starting with the working relationship of the world’s largest search engine with the National Security Agency (NSA). If one is shocked that I can tie Google snooping back into this story, allow me to take a second and review some of the stories on this subject over the recent past:

Welcome to 1984-Google “Mistakenly” Collected Data from Wi-Fi Networks of Individual Citizens

Google’s Wi-Fi Spying: What Were They Thinking? – PCWorld

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage –

Google spied on British emails and computer passwords – Telegraph

Google‘s spy case: Not the first, nor the last | InSecurity-CNet

That’s just a sampling of the news on the subject as there are literally hundreds of stories about this, yet shockingly no outrage from the masses. Why? The trade off of technological convenience for personal privacy was willingly offered up for the massive leaps forward on the internet and personal devices be they a car via On-Star or a smart phone. Thus the government naturally exploited this weakness and aligned themselves with the major telecommunications corporations, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and internet leaders to develop a web of information flow where information they desire can be extracted at the stroke of a key. The ability to instantaneously access an American citizen’s location, financial transactions completed seconds ago, emails, text conversations, audio conversations via cell or land line, and restrict their ability to travel via airline at will should have not just civil libertarians but average Americans outraged. These tools and the surveillance ability are necessary for “our safety” according to the government but they are also required when building a detention facility; think about it.

Instead or calls for action all we continue to hear is muted grumbling, willful submission, and crickets chirping.


Fast forward to the news of the last twenty-four hours from the U.S. Department of State and the brewing passport scandal. The documentation appears to be innocent enough right as we can not have terrorists and non-citizens obtaining passports to leave the U.S. right?  Thus the controversy over the new DS-5513 that I highlighted on my radio program last night. The first question that came to mind is why would there need to be a requirement for an alternative form for a passport when you see the standard application requirements (from the U.S. Department of State Application for a Passport Form DS-11):

I’ve highlighted the requirements from the current form which is in existence now and it seems quite logical that for a United States citizen, naturalized or born here, this form is a no-brainer with sufficient security requirements that would assure documentation for issuance of a passport. In fact the current application has the necessary checks and balances once the information is received in Washington, D.C. for the government to refer the data to DHS for further investigation and validation should the State Department deem the identification and other requirements suspect or too vague for processing.

Now review the supporting documentation for DS-5513 the proposed Biographical Questionnaire for a U.S. Passport starting with page one from the Office of Management and Budget:

Based on the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate, anyone can have their own documentation questioned but there is a deeper problem when one analyzes the impetus behind the document above; the portion at the bottom which allows an innocent mistake such as forgetting an address of an employer or where your mother resided decades ago (if one is an old guy like me) or failing to list an employer could be considered perjury or worse based on the proposed program. The second page of the document above does nothing to reassure one that this will end well for new or renewal applicants for a passport based on the State Department’s justification:

I hate to break this to the government but I do not remember the name of the preacher who Baptized me, which church, or where it was located. This is a defined trap door where the American citizen can easily provide a false or erroneous statement, either deliberately or by accident, that opens the door to prosecution. Before anyone says that this is a reach, refer to the section above on the Patriot Act and the current administrations nefarious Regulatory Czar one Cass Sunstein. The application itself displays the land mines for the individual to step on and perjure themselves as one can see for themselves:

This form is filled with booby traps for the average person and as one can see, please try to ask your mother if you are in the fifty plus age span (provided she is still alive of course) if she remembers the appointments for post-natal care over a half century ago. Needless to say it only gets worse on the next page:

To be quite honest, I do not recall all twenty-five plus locations so I guess I can not get a passport when it is time to renew. Then again how many of my readers remember the address and name of their last supervisor for every job they have held in their lives:

Thankfully this form is voluntary just like your income tax returns so there are no penalties if you make a mistake, right? Uh, wrong if one wishes to travel or leave the country:

Guess it’s better to not chance it so everyone had best plan to stay put during the coming storm. In reality though, this has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a universal identification card, controlling terrorism, insuring illegals do not obtain de facto citizenship by obtaining a passport, nor controlling the movement of the average American citizen from casual travel to and from Mexico, Canada, or via cruises, etc. This is much larger than that and it requires a trip to March 18, 2010.


On March 18, 2010 President Barrack Obama signed the HIRE Act, a bungled effort stuffed with pork designed to help stem the perpetually bad employment news hitting the administration on an almost weekly basis. Buried deep within this act however was the gem of gems for those wishing to close the doors for Americans with wealth or talent from emigrating to another country which I highlighted as did Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:


Within this act was a direct legislative action that instituted capital controls on American citizens:

Aw gee, that only impacts the really wealthy people and besides most people don’t have $50,000 to open an account overseas. That has been the standard reply that “this does not apply to me” yet think about the impact if one decides to retire in Ecuador, Costa Rica, or Canada. The key aspect of this particular act which the Republicons failed to read was this clause designed on the surface to catch tax cheats but in reality was designed to force repatriation of funds from overseas accounts back into the United States where the Patriot Act and I.R.S. have free reign to monitor those accounts and their activity without that pesky 4th Amendment thing to interfere with their “investigations.” The reality is much further from the truth as projected by the political parties and current administration.

The HIRE Act basically imposes capital controls on all American citizens of wealth. This same tactic has been initiated throughout history in other authoritarian regimes which force a large expatriation of wealthy citizens to renounce their citizenship and pay the required exit taxes or to repatriate funds home and endure the restrictions on their freedom. But knowing the Obamites as many of us do, there is a far more evil and devious plan behind the implementation of Section 1471. Note the huge rush and timing of the enacting of the HIRE Act; one week before the Obamacare bill was rammed through the House and Senate. What key portion of the health care legislation had to be passed to insure that the Obama socialized medical plan would succeed?

That’s right, section 1471 of the HIRE Act, designed not to ‘monitor’ foreign account holdings of American’s super wealthy but instead to keep medical practitioners and other citizens with talents and abilities necessary for the functioning of a nation trapped within its borders before far worse actions than the events post September 11th occur. Section 1471 was designed to insure that those Americans wishing to leave the country with their monies would be unable to, trapped either in the U.S. banking system and subjected to an extremely high taxation rate in the future, or forcing them to abdicate their citizenship and pay the extortion or exit tax as designed by Representative Charles Rangel several years ago.

If one thinks this is a myth, I simply remind my readers of a story I covered in great detail last year from eFinancial News from Dow Jones Newswires on March 9, 2011:


The final implementation of the law is December 31, 2012 but the first reporting requirements begin on January 1, 2012 and foreign banks have no desire to allow and offer unlimited access to financial records from a foreign government entity, aka, the Internal Revenue Service. Thus American account holders are finding their foreign money managers and institutions politely asking them to depart post haste. Once sentence from the article tells anyone with common sense why this is happening:

Krause said: “Although it will be difficult to ignore the US completely, some of the more bespoke wealth managers are entirely washing their hands of it. The administration involved with Fatca – the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – is just too burdensome.”

The intrusiveness was designed within the U.S. Code and the HIRE Act to be just that; a burdensome requirement that violates many of the domestic laws and rights of banks and financial institutions overseas. This insures that anyone who attempts to leave the Untied States with more than $50,000 will face a bureaucratic series of obstacles in establishing an overseas residency, much less functioning within that nation’s financial system.

This is the danger of DS-5513, revealing that it may well be the final padlock on the gates of what will become the largest detention camp constructed in world history. The security is in place, the spying and surveillance network built, the management and expansion of financial controls extensive and now locked into place via Dodd-Frank and the HIRE Act, and the militarization of local law enforcement well under way with Predator drones being delivered to local police departments via DHS grants. Everything is being put into place but for what event? What crisis would justify domestic paramilitary units, the establishment of NORTHCOM which has been engaged in “practice” exercises in American cities, and the expansion of the IRS to manage and monitor citizen’s financial activities? The crisis does not have to be real, it can be created via a financial collapse or terrorist action “allowed” to occur; either way the infrastructure and now in place created should terrify every man, woman, and child with an ounce of common sense.


ALERT:  Please Act: State Department’s Ridiculously Invasive New Passport Application – Retaliation? – (Updated)

Building a Dictatorship or a Roll Up Into a Global World?

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