Beck’s Next Move

beck_glennConservative talker Glenn Beck is revealing his future plans after he leaves his Fox News Channel TV show — talking for the first time about how he will quit New York City and focus his media efforts on a younger audience.

Beck announced this weekend that he has sold his mansion in suburban Connecticut, which had been listed for more than a year. He had been asking $4 million.

“The last thing I will be doing, I will be leaving New York City. As we build a new media I’m not building it in New York,” Beck said. He has not divulged where he will relocate. (Many think he will be taking his family and his business to safer ground… to be prepared, as her preaches to his listeners and will be moving closer to his mentor John Huntsman Sr. somewhere in the Wyoming, Idaho, or Utah area.)

Beck said his production company, Mercury Radio Arts, is going to develop a research department “that will utilize the idle brains that we have — retired CIA and military.

“What you’re going to see in a few months is a new way to communicate with each other.” He added that he is going to “build a way to deliver news directly to the youth of America.”
Beck hinted at his change of direction during an interview earlier this month with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

“It’s a new era,” he told O’Reilly. “Things are changing in the world . . . We have to reach different audiences. We have to reach younger.”

O’Reilly asked: “So you’re going to do more Internet stuff?”

Beck said: “Internet stuff. Not necessarily just with me. Bill, you know my business. I’m multiplatform and do many different things.”

O’Reilly: “So you’re going to develop programming not only for you but for other people on the Net.”

Back on March 22, The New York Times reported that Beck was considering leaving the Fox News Channel to launch his own TV channel, saying he had been contemplating a departure from Fox for more than a year.

Beck sought to downplay the report several days later. But on April 6, news broke that he will be leaving the show this year.

In a joint news release, the network and Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts announced that Fox News and his company will work together to “develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the Fox News Channel as well as content for other platforms including Fox News’ digital properties.”

Beck became a sensation almost immediately after jumping from HLN to Fox for an afternoon program that debuted in January 2009. But his viewership has declined lately, The Associated Press noted.

Beck said in Saturday’s live broadcast from Albany on “I don’t know where [Obama is from]. I don’t think he’s from where they issue birth certificates. I think he’s from Hell.”

Beck reiterated an earlier statement that his ideal GOP ticket for 2012 would be freshman Rep. Allen West for president and Rep. Michele Bachmann for vice president. He added that Rep. Ron Paul should be Secretary of the Treasury.  (Perhaps that is clue and Sarah Palin still isn’t planning to run, because Beck is friend and supporter of Palin’s… I’m pretty sure he could support a Palin/West tickets as well!)

According to, Beck’s 6-bedroom, 6 1/2-bath colonial mansion in Connecticut was reduced in price to $3.65 million. It has 16 rooms, five fireplaces, a pool, four-car garage and a barn on 2.8 acres. The reduced price, which may not have been the final price agreed to, is $250,000 less than what Beck and his wife paid in 2005.

While Beck’s future whereabouts remain unknown, TVNewser reported that Mercury Radio Arts’ more than 50 employees will continue to work out of a New York office.… but for now, that is all speculation.

Source: See –  Beck’s Next Big Move: Getting Message to America’s Youth

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Why Fox Fired Glenn… Or???


Glenn Beck is a thief! Or something…
A conservative web site is making the claim today that Glenn is stealing material and not crediting the real brains behind all the success. Surely, this hit piece has nothing to do with revenge — since the accusers were the ones who produced the James O’Keefe NPR story. The same story that The Blaze correctly nuked as being wildly taken out of context. And surely it has nothing to do with the truth – considering one of the main charges in the piece is that Glenn stole from Mike Opelka, a longtime friend whom Glenn pays to create content. But why worry about the truth when there’s evidence from (not kidding)? Glenn responds to the sour grapes allegations on radio today. Watch it HERE. The Blaze also has more on the story HERE.

The comments left on facebook where this article was reposted were all supportive of Beck and very negative toward those trying make Glenn look bad.  As someone said, “Maybe someone from the Soros network threw some money their way?!?”

No doubt back-biting and in-fighting like this added to the media politics helped push Beck in his new direction!

“What is taught in today’s schools becomes tomorrow’s reality!”  Beck is going to try to help change the pattern of dumbing down our youth that has been going on for decades now!  A worthy project!!

School choice and re-educating teachers on what and how to educate children is imperative for this nation.

The Toxic Influence of Progressive Education Schools on K-12 Curricula

In the 1960s, America’s education schools began conditioning teachers to peddle impossible social and economic theories to captive human sponges in K-12 classrooms.  Since then, teachers taken in by progressive indoctrination have been planting fallacies in students’ minds using a pernicious device: the “deconstruction” of reality.

Deconstruction aims to disassemble traditional Western culture and replace that culture with a collectivist utopia operated under rules set by the deconstructors.  Between Inauguration Day 2009 and the January 2011 GOP House takeover, a congressional wrecking crew led by President Barack Obama did an amazing amount of deconstructing.

The ouster of much of the wrecking crew in last November’s election was a small step toward stopping America’s descent into a utopian hell.  But it is the 2008 election of a full-bore statist and the statist’s still decent approval rating which suggest that too many Americans embrace socialist-collectivist promises.  Such naïveté and ignorance of socialism’s miserable track record are stunning.

Though naïveté will always afflict some people, ignorance can be corrected by objective education and heightened awareness.  One thing is certain.  The nonstop flow of pre-primed, left-indoctrinated university graduates must be stopped, which means that the K-12 education system which feeds the universities must be rehabilitated.

Cleaning up K-12 requires understanding how schools devolved into left-wing ideology centers.

Starting in the 1960s, academics took heightened interest in Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s culturalMarxism.  Members of the political class glommed onto the resulting “social justice,” affirmative action, “diversity,” multiculturalism, political correctness, and other malignancies spawned by cultural Marxism.  Progressive politicians came to view society as a hodge-podge of racial, ethnic, gender-based, and now also sexual orientation-based groups locked in zero-sum combat with Western whites.

Generally speaking, cultural Marxism’s indoctrinees have learned to view morality and knowledge as “constructs” and social and economic power as commodities to be transferred from “oppressor” to “oppressed.”  Progressives routinely label minorities as oppressed and anything that benefits minorities as moral. Such thinking dominates the Democrat party platform.

In embracing Western middle class deconstruction, universities took a radical left turn.  To ruinous effect, the radicalism gradually descended below freshman level.  Cultural Marxism entered high school, then middle school, and now infests elementary schools as well as preschools.  One illustration of the use of anti-wealth, anti-American fallacies in K-12 classrooms is the showing of the virulently anti-capitalist video, The Story of Stuff.  The video presents baseless, hysterical vitriol as fact.  For instance, schoolchildren are told that:

… extraction … is a fancy word for natural resource exploitation, which is a fancy word for trashing the planet. What this looks like is we chop down trees, we blow up mountains to get the metals inside, we use up all the water and we wipe out the animals.

Thousands of schools and churches have the video, while “hundreds of teachers” have required students to view the propaganda on the Internet.  Googling the phrase, “The Story of Stuff,” nets 2.2 million hits, and though the web buzzes with concern over exposing schoolchildren to the video’s venomous distortions, interspersed amid the alarm is a shocking amount of gushing praise.

What motivates such praise?  What motivates teachers to bias students against capitalism?  Answers lie within education schools which influence K-12 teachers and curricula.

University of Arkansas researcher Sandra Stotsky found that education schools push “evidence-free theories” to influence curriculum development.  One theory, “constructivism,” argues that children learn best by constructing class topics and methods in ways which leverage the children’s personal experiences.  The notion “feels” seductive, but contains no factual basis.

Constructivist theory recklessly assumes that racial, ethnic, gender-based, and sexual orientation-based subgroups learn what’s truly important by absorbing teacher-led dissection of Western middle class knowledge and values.  Constructivism holds that after such cleansing, the subgroups should be qualified to select study topics of their choosing.  The method aligns with the equally baseless views of early progressive education theorist John Dewey, who wanted children to specify “relevant [classroom] material.”[1]

Related to constructivism, “reader response theory” teaches students to ignore authors’ actual words and assign preferred meanings to written works.  Children are conditioned to believe that truth is relative to individual or tribal experience.  Ayn Rand captured the tribalistic aspect of minority exploitation in her essay, “Global Balkanization.”[2]  Rand observed that government “manufactures pressure groups,” especially ethnic groups.

The profiteers are those group leaders who discover suddenly that they can exploit the helplessness, the fear, the frustration of their “ethnic” brothers, organize them into a group, present demands to the government-and deliver the vote.

By encouraging minorities to resist socioeconomic assimilation, progressive politicians maintain a nationwide nursery of government-dependent adults from which to draw lifelong votes…and income.  Progressive teachers steer students toward a strange-brew mindset of anti-assimilation, collectivism, diversity, and we-are-the-world-ness.

Stotsky points out that the “evidence-free” education school theory of “social justice” alleges that minority children learn best when encouraged to embrace grievances against middle class whites.  Social justice-indoctrinated teachers instill resentment in “non-dominant” (minority) children and guilt in “dominant” (white) children.  Judging by the abundance of guilt-ridden white Americans, the tactic is working its magic well.

Social justice education deemphasizes knowledge retention and the development of traditionally productive skills.  The theory’s fanatical adherents maintain that teaching American history to blacks and Hispanics is oppressive.  It’s also oppressive to force blacks to “think like whites.”  “Diversity consultant” Glenn Singleton teaches that blacks must be excused from developing “annoying white characteristics, such as being ‘task-oriented’ and ‘intellectual.'”  Together, government dependency and social justice education have fashioned a super-progressivism turbo-charged by cultural Marxism.  Stunted black academic achievement and disintegration of the black family are but two of the many devastating results.

In truth, disintegration of not only the black family but of wholesome tradition itself begins in preschool, as discussed in my introductory analysis of Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s influence on early childhood curricula.  A study by Stanford education professor David Labaree frames the scope of disfiguration of America’s education curricula.  Education schools fit “solidly in the progressive camp.”  Teachers are conditioned to “integrate the disciplines,” use “socially relevant themes,” and push morally relativistic versions of “community, cooperation, tolerance, justice, and democratic equality” in ways that make the concepts appear noble, indeed innocent.

But there is no innocence in the effects of the progressive conditioning of teachers.  More K-12 students than ever are now being manipulated through lesson plans warped into platforms for moralizing against capitalism, the white middle class, and America.  The deconstruction of American society is proceeding.  The ghosts of Gramsci, Dewey, and Vygotsky are probably smiling.

By Chuck Rogér, a physicist and former high tech executive,  E-mail Chuck at  Posted:  American Thinker

Video:  Union Teachers Explain How to Push Marxism in the Classroom

By: Trevor Loudon  –  New Zeal

Sarah Knopp

Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teacher and member of the International Socialist Organization, organized a panel at Democratic Socialists of America‘s Left Forum 2011in New York in March, “Capitalism and Education: A Marxist discourse on what we’re fighting against and what we’re fighting for,” which discussed how best to indoctrinate children in the classroom.

Barack Obama used to attend these events (then known as the Socialist Scholars Conference), when he lived in New York in the early 1980s.

The second speaker is New York public school teacher and I.S.O. comrade Megan Behrent.

The Dumbing Down of America Series

But there is hope! Checkout:  Im2Moro

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