ABC News video Michio Kaku: "Chernobyl in the making"


Japan on High Nuclear Alert

Huge Blast at Japan Nuclear Power Plant

Japan’s quake shifts earth’s axis by 25 centimetres

ABC News video Michio Kaku: “Chernobyl in the making”

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Michio Kaku – Rolled out to break the bad news – quote “Chernobyl in the making”:

Video:  Japan Nuclear Reactor Explosion Fukushima Meltdown

750 RADS

550 – 750 RADS —  Vomiting and nausea in all personnel within 4 hours from exposure, followed by other symptoms of radiation sickness. Up to 100 percent deaths; few survivors convalescent for about 6 months.

Fallout Map From Fukushima Destroyed Nuclear Plant



If there is jetstream storm coming dropping down from Canada, that would push the fallout map path depicted above further south. The polar jet stream and subtropical jet streams are both seriously manipulated now and quite unpredictable. The sun and solar flares (which we are now having) also impact weather and jetstreams.  Also El Nino and El Nina greatly impacts the jetstreams.

File:El nino north american weather.png



issued by

10 March 2011

La Niña continued to weaken during February 2011 as reflected by the reduced strength of the negative surface and near-surface temperature anomalies across much of the equatorial Pacific Ocean (Fig. 1 and Fig. 4). The Niño indices were between –0.5oC and –1.3oC at the end of February (Fig. 2). Subsurface oceanic heat content anomalies (average temperatures in the upper 300m of the ocean, Fig. 3) returned to near zero in response to the eastward progression of a strong oceanic Kelvin wave, which has weakened the negative temperature anomalies at depth in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific (Fig. 4). La Niña continued to be most evident in the atmospheric circulation over the equatorial Pacific, although at lesser intensity. Convection remained enhanced over much of Indonesia and suppressed over the western and central equatorial Pacific (Fig. 5). Also, anomalous low-level easterly and upper-level westerly winds have persisted in this region. However, a reduction in the strength of the anomalous low-level cross-equatorial flow, and associated oceanic upwelling, over the eastern Pacific contributed to anomalous SST warming in that region. Collectively, these oceanic and atmospheric anomalies reflect a weakening La Niña.

In concurrence with the observed evolution, nearly all of the ENSO models predict La Niña to weaken further in the coming months (Fig. 6).

Northern Hemisphere’s two major jet streams:
the polar jet stream and the subtropical jet stream.

Meandering polar jet stream often takes wild north-south swings.

The location of the jet stream is extremely important for aviation. Flights between Tokyo and Los Angeles using the jet stream eastbound and a great circle route westbound.

In case you missed it: The 5th largest earthquake recorded since 1900 devastated Japan and triggered a massive 23ft high tsunami that destroyed everything in its path. The exact death toll from the largest quake in Japan’s history has yet to be determined, but hundreds are dead and thousands are missing. Alaska and Hawaii were hit with the first tsunami waves just after 8am this morning, and California was preparing for contact just before noon eastern time. (4 people were killed and 35 boats were damaged in Northern California) Get the latest updates on The Blaze live blog and watch the incredible footage of the moment the quake struck Japan, along with the helicopter footage which shows the tsunami gobbling up everything in its path as it plowed through the countryside.  Great coverage on Fox Cable News as well.

Radiation Levels Surge Outside Two Nuclear Plants in Japan

Forbes Blog: Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe Escalates in Japan – ‘Worse than Cernobyl’?

Some interesting speculation as to cause of earthquake at Benjamin Fulford

Nuclear Meltdown, Explosion &/or Fallout – Fukushima Nuke Plant – Army Survival Field Manuals & Info

Video:  Nuclear Meltdown, Explosion and/or Fallout – Fukushima Nuke Plant – Army Survival Field Manuals & Info

Nuclear Meltdown, Explosion &/or Fallout – Fukushima Nuke Plant – Army Survival Field Manuals & Info – Here is some useful info from the U.S. Army field manuals on NBC topics, preps, detections & protection. Here are the links…

1. Mayo Clinic on Radiation sickness, doses & timelines
2. SMTP 21-1-SMCT – Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks
3. List of Army FM (field manuals) in pdf format
*NOTE: NBC found in FM 3-3 to FM 3-19
4. Fallout shelter – wikipedia
5. Hundreds Confirmed Dead in Japan as Aftershocks, Meltdown Fears Hamper Search Efforts – Read more:…
6. Japan’s fears mount with nuclear plant blast,0,4…
7. Survival Under Atomic Attack

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