The Coming Insurrection and a New Islamic Caliphate??

The Coming Insurrection and What Islam Is NOT (part 1)

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Its Own Words 

Obama quietly builds ties with Muslim Brotherhood

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Press Demands Access to Obama


This is slick as hell! We, the United States have been buying Egypt’s friendship for billions and now it is about to become a Muslim enclave, and that, is the bottom line, like it or not, so now it is being reported that Rand Paul wants to cut Israel’s aid (as if we can afford giving foreign aid to anybody?).  Perhaps Rand Paul is already getting a little too full of himself.  That isn’t so unusual after the

smoke of an election has blown clear.  Like Albert says, dictatorship or not, if Egypt comes under Muslim control, Israel is down the tube, that is unless they pull out the nuclear option.  The stupid Europeans have let their security by way of Muslim immigration go down the tube and there is no way out other than deportation with a blood bath of both sides, nations native population and Islam. 

Russia had better wake up as well.

The problems we have here in the USA with a corrupt government and it’s open borders policy is nothing compared to Israel and it’s situation.

I would sure as hell not want to be there now or in the short future that they obviously have.  The Muslim take over of the world will most likely begin there and then continue throughout all of Europe and eventually to here in the USA.  That is unless the rest of the people of the world finally wake up to the reality of this plague and exterminate it before it is to late.  If we don’t, a lot of good peoples heads are going to roll. That is my opinion.  …Albert

The Islamic Tide is Cresting

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As if Israel does not suffer the slings and arrows from the Left and from many in the Democrat party, now Senator Rand Paul, who is a leader in the Tea Party movement which many of us support, has just announced that he is calling on the Obama Administration to end the $3 billion annual military support for America’s most loyal ally, democratic Israel. This was announced on the news today, January 28, 2011, even as the Arab world, including Egypt, Jordan and Yemen were aflame with violence and sliding into the embrace of jihadism and Islamism.

With Obama and Clinton uttering the most bizarre and naïve statements about the Egyptian rioting by urging Egyptian President Mubarak to “listen to the protesters and bring about reform in Egypt,” we are witnessing a foreign policy gone mad. That Obama and Clinton are unaware that these demonstration and riots are planned and orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is a junior partner, is breathtaking in its irresponsibility. Unless they come to their senses soon, Obama and Clinton, by their ignorance and foolishness, will be seen to have been complicit in the establishment of an Islamic Republic of Egypt. Remember the Suez Canal – the West’s lifeline – runs through Egypt. Remember Nasser in 1956 and 1967 and the Canal.

The Obama Administration and the State Department have already allowed Lebanon to be subsumed into the Islamic Republic of Iran. Jordan is a ripe fruit ready to be plucked by the Islamists and jihadists who hate the Bedouin Hashemite rulers of the largely Arab “Palestinian” population. Thus, the Jewish state is now surrounded on all sides by Islamic regimes. The two countries that Israel had peace treaties with, Egypt and Jordan, will have no further need to honor or adhere to those paper t treaties once new Islamic regimes take hold. Israel gave away 90% of the territories they had liberated from Egypt and Jordan in return for peace – albeit an Arab frigidly cold peace. Now we see what worthlessness land for peace means.

It will not only be the Gaza Strip border that is a mortal danger to Israel but the entire Negev-Sinai border. Israel’s northern border is now de facto a border with Iran and, perhaps sooner than later, the long Jordanian border will be aflame again as it was before Israel was forced to fight its defensive 1967 Six Day War with its main protagonists: Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Israel is hated and loathed by most of the world even as it strives to seek peace with the Arab and Muslim world – a vain hope if ever there was one – so it should now immediately take the following steps to secure its security and strategic strength. Israel must at the very least retake the Philadelphi Corridor. This is the strip of land between Israel and the Mediterranean which would separate Gaza from Egypt but which Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, under President George W. Bush urged Israel to vacate as a gesture towards peace. Some peace!

There will no longer be a need by Hamas to smuggle in to Gaza lethal weaponry through tunnels from Egypt. An Islamic Republic of Egypt will merely send truckloads of arms openly to Hamas. Only by retaking the Corridor can Israel maintain any control over the flood of weapons and missiles deliveries to Hamas from Egypt and to all the other Muslim terror gangs operating in the Gaza Strip – including Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda and with the increasing evidence of Hezbollah itself.

Secondly, the farce that has been the ongoing and utterly fruitless negotiations with the Palestinian Authority should be ended immediately and, with Jordan’s likely slide into an Islamic state, all of Biblical Jewish Judea and Samaria should at long last be annexed. Most of the world will still hate the Jewish state but, at least, Israel will have taken the most prudent and long overdue strategic and tactical decisions. Better to be hung as a lion than a sheep.

In this most evil world it must be understood that “the meek shall inherit the earth, but sadly six feet under.” Until the world is truly made up of a perfect United Nations and not the sham U.N. Temple of Hypocrisy that exists in all its malevolence in New York City, men and women of good will must look to their own safety. The same applies to nation states and, in today’s frightening world, it applies in particular to the embattled and increasingly besieged and friendless State of Israel. The very angels in heaven must weep at what mankind has wrought.

Of course, many will object to what I write. To them the words are just not peaceful enough. But appeasement is in the air and it is Munich all over again. Despite the clearest of all warnings, there still will be those calling for “peace now” even with an implacable and demonic enemy from whom the only peace will be that of the grave. How witheringly tragic for all humanity.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of Politicide: The attempted murder of the Jewish state.

· U.S. ‘held secret meeting with Muslim Brotherhood’

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 3:32:17 PM · by Qbert · 40 replies

WND ^ | 2/1/2011 | Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – The Egyptian government has information a diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Cairo secretly met yesterday with a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the nation’s major Islamist opposition group, WND has learned. The topic of the meeting was the future of Egypt following the “fall” of President Hosni Mubarak, an Egyptian intelligence official told WND. The claim comes amid charges from Cairo that the Obama administration has been encouraging the protests rocking Egypt and targeting the rule of Mubarak, a key U.S. ally in the Middle East. The Egyptian intelligence official told WND his government has information…

· Muslim Brotherhood: Suez Canal Must be Closed, Egypt Should be Ready for War with Israel

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 1:27:10 PM · by therightliveswithus · 41 replies

Pundit Press ^ | 2/1/2011 | Aurelius

As the world watches the chaos in Egypt continue, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the major political groups fighting for power, has now greatly increased tension in the reason. Muhammad Ghannem told an Iranian news network that if he and the Muslim Brotherhood had his way, the Suez Canal would be closed immediately. This would not only hurt capital coming in for the Mubarak government, but it would have further repercussions, as one-third of the world’s oil is transported through the canal. This could increase the price of oil and gas substantially. Continuing, Ghannem stated that…

Caroline Glick on the Mark Levin show re: Egypt ^ | Caroline Glick

Kill Switch: Obama Administration Fears Egypt-Style Revolt In U.S.

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Violence Erupts in Egypt

Study Guide: Muslim Brotherhood and more on Egypt

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From the GB radio show: The Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for North America

Rumors of War available on-demand

After Food Protests, Water Riots Are Next

Many in US re beginning to worry after FEMA has moved into 5-states because of the Winter Storms… that they might not leave.  I have personal confirmation that the National Guard is present in Missouri and Oklahoma.  Winter storms zap city budgets. Will FEMA help with snow plowing costs? 


FEMA also said it has moved personnel to Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana at the request of the states to help coordinate additional support, if it is needed.

What many communities really want from FEMA is money. Getting it requires a state or a community to meet two main requirements.

First, the jurisdiction asking for aid must have had a “record or near-record” snowfall within a 48-hour period. A near-record snowfall is within 10 percent of the previous record.

I guess the lesson here is when it comes to the government, be careful what you ask for!!

This is important information!!  Please share this with at least one more person!!


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