China Has Taken Over As Number One In Almost Every Area

America… the party is over and we are no longer the world’s super power.  We are now the largest debtor nation in the world.  China is now the economic Super Power.  China is now even out-tapping us in beer.

Jim Rogers and David Buckner were guests on Glenn Beck’s Friday show, 01.14.11.

The big money and big companies and industry have moved to China… or at least Asia.

Their Advice:  Teach your children and grandchildren Mandarin Chinese

Every Empire or Super-power rises and declines and unfortunately, we are no different… because we didn’t pay attention.  Up and until 50 to 60 years ago the sun never set on the British Empire.  And for the last 100-years America has filled the gap left by England while being in a super power race with the former USSR and China.  The USSR dissolved.  China has risen and is becoming more and more a Capitalistic state.  America is declining and becoming more and more a Socialistic state.

Jim Rogers says that Massachusetts and California are now more socialistic than China is.

China Has Taken Over As Number One In Almost Every Area

Video:  China Has Taken Over As Number One In Almost Every Area

Are there any solutions for America??

Absolutely, but not without a crisis!

But to save ourselves we must: start with education; educating ourselves, our children and grandchildren.  The individual must also inspire innovation… in ourselves and in everyone around us; entrepreneurship and individual thinking.  We must also insist that the government not only allows it but encourages it.  We must stop the tax codes to encourage saving and investing instead of spending. And we must stop spending at all levels, from the individual to the federal government and everywhere in-between.

Signs the “End of America” Is Nearing, Buy and Hold Gold 

Koch: Time to reconfigure U.S. commitments to cope with emerging China threat

Thomas Jefferson, “You will end up being a slave to people (countries) you owe money to!”

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