2011 Will Be Pivotal… But You Cannot Wait for the Tooth Fairy

2011 Will Be Pivotal… But You Cannot Wait for the Tooth Fairy… The Solutions Are Up To Each and Every One of Us~

2011 – Time for the Next Step…

Beck’s Solution… the 4 E’s – All Revolving Around Us

Beginning with ‘Who Are You?’

You can only change yourself… but when you do, you become a light which inspires others to change! … MGA

2011–A Pivotal Year

Video: GB: 2011 Will Be a Pivotal Year

America is Great Because Americans are Good!

8.28.10 – Restore Honor Event

Tonight! America’s Divine Destiny

C-Span Link to Entire Restoring Honor Rally (03:28:29)


In a way the least interesting part of this clip may be the part in the headline. Frances Fox Piven, of Cloward-Piven infamy (see James Simpson’s analysis here), is talking about the Deacons of Defense and their role in the Civil Rights movement. She seems to be saying that the group was a proponent of violence rather than active defenders:

Frances Piven

Video: Cloward and Piven  – ‘It is ok to use violence as long as it is a BIG part of your strategy’

Two excerpts via NZPatriot:

“I have considerable respect for non-violence, but I don’t treat it as inevitably a necessary rule. The reason I have respect for non-violence, is I think it helps to protect the protesters.”

“Unless you have good reason for breaking the window, probably you shouldn’t do that. Unless it’s you know, a big part of your strategy.”

Analysis via YourDaddy’s Politics:

Had I not researched the Deacons a bit more and you read the rest of this article and watched Piven spew her hatred for America you would not have known these Deacons were armed militia that did not incite violence but defended against it.

The article referred to there is this one:

During a desegregation effort at the Jonesboro High School, the authorities brought up fire trucks and prepared to hose the black students attempting to enter the school. The Deacons pulled up and four men publicly loaded shotguns and then made it plain that the lead was for the firemen if they turned the hoses on. The firemen wisely beat a retreat.

This was a very significant event. This was a self-defense effort in the spirit of the American War for Independence. The government was attempting to exercise illegitimate power (enforcing an unbiblical law which by this time also violated federal law) and it was repulsed by the use of community force — by the militia, if you will.

The Deacons were in the great tradition of American freedom — liberty is not given by tyrants and thugs, it is wrested from their hands by force.

the Blaze 

Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven.


More Chilling information and Videos:



You may be surprised to discover that the Department of Education did not even exist until 1980.

Yet, over the last three years alone, the Department has spent roughly a third of a trillion dollars with copious amounts of ‘Stimulus’ spending sent directly to the bosses of the teachers’ unions.

I think even progressives would agree that the Department of Education has been an abysmal failure. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent in just the last few years alone with literally no measurable effect.

But the progressives claim they need more money.

I disagree. I recommend we excise the entire Department of Education and save tens of billions of dollars a year. Whatever they’re doing isn’t working and has never worked. And the United States survived just fine for over 200 years without an Education Department.

You may also be surprised that the Department of Education, in its official capacity, is a huge devotee of Saul Alinsky.

Who is Alinsky?

He was best known as a community organizer and Marxist revolutionary who preached the violent overthrow of the United States government. He was, in many ways, the founding father of the current strain of radical Leftist Democrats. He advocated physical violence against those who opposed the left (“[we should break] the necks of Conservatives… [we] may resort to the sword”), he despised the U.S. Constitution and he sought to dismantle capitalism because of its inherent “unfairness”.

And yet your taxpayer dollars are funding the promotion of Alinsky’s literature. ERIC is the DOE’s “Education Resources Information Center”. And ERIC proudly boasts works by Alinsky and other Marxists including:

Democratic Socialism: Toward a Fifth Theory of the Press.: “[Modern paradigms fail] to account for economic and social pressures that have led to a decline in newspaper plurality and opinions available in Western democratic societies. A new theory has recently emerged to fill this gap. The theory, which arose from democratic socialist ideology, holds that state intervention in the structure and operation of the press should be encouraged to counteract effects of private control… The theory proposes alternative ownership and management forms that would make the press public utilities…”

Alinsky’s Reveille: A Community-Organizing Model for Neighborhood-Based Literacy Project
Saul D. Alinsky’s Contribution to Community Development
Alinsky Reconsidered: A Reluctant Community Theorist
Planned Social Change: The Case of the Fresno Organizing Project.
PC [Political Correctness] and the Fast Food Model of Teaching — “The author recounts a tale about impairment of academic freedom that he experienced while teaching in the MBA program of a respected business school. The management department chair restricted the of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in a course called “Conflict and Negotiation…”
TWO ANTI-POVERTY STRATEGIES–NEW CAREERS VS THE GUARANTEED ANNUAL INCOME – [Ed: this paper discusses two ways to undermine capitalism, one through a catastrophic “run” on the system (also known as Cloward-Piven); the other by a Statist reordering of the economy.]

In other words, your tax dollars are going to a federal, Cabinet-level department to help fund both the shredding of the U.S. Constitution and the overthrow of the U.S. government itself.

Democrats always ask Republicans: so where would you cut? I would start by disbanding the entire Department of No Education, which seems more concerned with the the overthrow of capitalism than educating children.

“It is up to each of us to change ourselves for the better and in turn inspire others including our elected officials to do the same!” …MGA

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I am a babyboomer and empty nester who savors every moment of my past and believes that it is the responsibility of each of us in my generation and Americans in general to make sure that America is as good or even a better place for future generations as it was for us. So far... we haven't done very well!! Favorite Quotes: "The first 50 years are to build and acquire; the second 50 are to leave your legacy"; "Do something that scares you every day!"; "The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place". At age 62 I find myself fighting inoperable uterine Cancer and thanks to the man upstairs and the prayers from so many people including many of my readers from AskMarion and JustOneMorePet... I'm beating it. After losing our business because of the economy and factors related to the re-election of President Obama in 2012 followed by 16-mos of job hunting, my architect-trained husband is working as a trucker and has only been home approximately 5-days a month since I was diagnosed, which has made everything more difficult and often lonely... plus funds are tight. Our family medical deductible is 12K per year for two of us; thank you ObamaCare. But thanks to donations from so many of you, we are making ends meet as I go through treatment while taking care of my father-in-law who is suffering from late stage Alzheimer's and my mother-in-law who suffers from RA and onset dementia as well as hearing loss, for which there are no caretaker funds, as I continue the fight here online to inform and help restore our amazing country. And finally I need to thank a core group of family, friends, and readers... all at a distance, who check in with me regularly. Plus, I must thank my furkids who have not left my side through this fight. You can see them at JustOneMorePet.
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