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Thought For The Day 11.30.10 – Confessions for the Holiday

“The More We Enjoy Each Other’s Holidays and Traditions, the More Beautiful the World Looks!” “I am a Jew and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish, and it does not bother me even a little bit when people … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm is Here… (Update: SB510 Passes)

Remember that Perfect Storm you’ve been hearing about,  it’s here… Update (See Video 3 below):Hot mic picks up discussion on Senate floor: ‘It’s all rigged’ A hot mic left on during a Senate vote Tuesday morning on the Food Safety … Continue reading

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Why Unhappy People Become Liberals

. . . and why liberalism makes them even unhappier. According to polls — Pew Research Center, the National Science Foundation — and studies such as Arthur Brooks’s Gross National Happiness, conservative Americans are happier than liberal Americans. Liberals respond … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day 11.29.10 – Unwanted Gift

“Sometimes the things we don’t want are truly the things we need.  Perhaps the rising prices for Christmas items are just want we needed to return to a simpler celebration where tradition, love, family and the true meaning of Christmas … Continue reading

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Fear Factor: Palin Derangement Syndrome (Worth the Read)

Fear Factor: Sarah Palin and 2012 by Dr. Gina Loudon Recently, I attended the Conservatives for Palin, and I gained some insight I think conservatives want to consider moving forward. The group was not like any I have ever known. … Continue reading

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God Rest Ye Merry Merchants

“The Celebration of Christmas in America is not Just a Christian Holiday,  but a Celebration of our National Past and Our Collective Wishes and Psyche as a Nation!” In his mawkish 1942 hit "White Christmas," Bing Crosby yearned for a … Continue reading

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Council On Foreign Relations – Please Read

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama consistently promised Americans “change.” Such promises aren’t new to the voting public. When Jimmy Carter ran for president, he said: “The people of this country know from bitter experience that we are not going … Continue reading

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