8.28 Not Accurately Reported… It Was All About Honor, Prayer and Saving America – Please Watch, Read and Decide for Yourself

If you weren’t there, at the Restore Honor Event in Washington D.C. this past weekend, didn’t watched the live stream or its replay online, please take the time to watch the full rally videos here:  Restoring Honor Rally… 8.28.10 – A God Inspired Dream with photos and videos of the entire rally.

   Video 1:  Media Missed the 8.28 Rally Message

The Powers that be have are offering a $100,000 reward for any dirt on Glenn Beck…  Really?

Glenn Beck… Who Is He?

Glenn Beck is the only radio/TV personality in history who has called for people to gather in Washington DC, without even giving specifics about the program and focusing on normally unpopular topics of Honor and God, and then having 500,000 show up.

Media and the Beck Rally

Yesterday’s huge rally posted a slight conundrum for TV news: how to cover an event on the National Mall headlined by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, Fox News’ and two right-wing megastars?

The outcome was fair and balanced said – more or less. CNN rarely identified its rival network’s ties to the “Restoring Honor” rally, sometimes identifying Beck simply as a “conservative commenter.” It also cut short its coverage of Palin’s speech. ((snip)) Only staid C-SPAN really took a side. The private, nonprofit broadcaster aired the Glenn Beck rally live all morning, only broadcasting the National Action Network rally later in the…

Glenn Beck’s Rally:  How Many Were Really There?

Glenn Beck rally sparks debate over crowd size

NY Times reports
Glenn reads the review from The New York Times and surprisingly it’s not half bad. While much of the media missed the mark completely, The Times hit at least a few nails on the head in regards to Saturday’s Restoring Honor event. How does America’s ‘paper of record’ view Saturday in DC? Find out on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Video 2:  Media Missed the 8.28 Rally Message

Seems the Huffington Post (Encouraged by the White House) Offers $100,000 for Sex Tapes, Phone Records to Destroy Glenn Beck
(Can we say how pathetic and desperate they must be!)

Left desperate to get Glenn off air
Since they cannot win the debate, progressives are desperate to get Glenn off the air in any way they can. They are getting so desperate, in fact, that a former Air America editor (and blogger in the President’s news source of choice: The Huffington Post) has resorted to offering $100,000 for a Glenn Beck sex tape or ‘anything’ that will get him off the air. Glenn responds to this insidious attack on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio, FREE Insider Extreme clip)

UPDATE from HuffPo — Editor’s Note: This piece was published directly to The Huffington Post by its author. It didn’t meet our editorial standards and has been removed from the site.

Posted on Mon Aug 30 2010 06:24:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by kristinn

Edited on Mon Aug 30 2010 11:25:08 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by Jim Robinson. [history]

In the wake of Glenn Beck’s hugely successful Restoring Honor rally held in Washington, D.C. this weekend, the Huffington Post has published an offer of $100,000 to anyone with evidence that would destroy Beck’s reputation and take him off the political/cultural battlefield.

An essay written by Beau Friedlander, the last editor-in-chief of Air America before it shut down this year, was posted in the Politics section of the Huffington Post today with the title, $100,000 For Glenn Beck’s Sex Tape.

Friedlander says he will not use his own money for the hit, but that he will "broker" the deal.

It is time to pop the tea baggers’ favorite balloon (so what if it will be replaced by another?), and with that in mind I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever. I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table. (And it better be good.)

If you have the goods, or if you want to contribute to a slush fund to buy more takedowns (probably not tax deductible), please contact me at: glennbecksextape@gmail.com.

Friedlander couches his offer in the context of Andrew Breitbart’s offer of $100,000 for the Journolist listserve messages, but this is more in line with pornographer Larry Flynt’s blackmail campaign against Congressmen during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, which followed a threat from Clinton conveyed by George Stephanopoulos to expose their sex lives.

Likewise, the Huffington Post has ties to the Obama White House, raising the question of whether the White House is behind this targeting of Beck.

Washington Examiner:  Metro ridership spiked on day of Glenn Beck rally …by 510,000 

Metrorail traffic on Saturday – the day Fox News commentator Glenn Beck hosted a rally at the Lincoln Memorial – was at its highest level since the Fourth of July weekend.

More than half-a-million people rode Metro trains Saturday, far outpacing weekend ridership since Independence Day, according to Metro traffic reports.

Roughly 510,000 people rode Metro trains last Saturday, or about 180,000 more than had on any other weekend day in August.

“Traffic was higher than [on] normal Saturdays,” said Metro spokesman Reggie Woodruff.

Beck’s rally, during which he was joined by Sarah Palin and other speakers, was estimated to have drawn hundreds of thousands to the National Mall.

God sent the event a flyover…

Video:  Geese Flyover 8.28 Event Right Before Event Began

Media Misses Rally Message  –  “Where I saw hope, the media saw a ‘pit of hatred” … Glenn Beck

Palin stood silently behind the stage for about 10-minutes before her speech, praying.   “We are not he to fundamentally transform our America as some would want, but to restore America”, Palin said.

Libs are so confused by success of Beck rally they can’t figure out how to bash him so they are attacking the people that attended.

Dr. Alveda King – the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., – explains why she’s speaking at the Glenn Beck 8/28 rally in Washington this Saturday:

Dr. Alveda King –  Glenn Beck 8/28 Rally: It’s a Matter of Honor

Video:  Restoring Honor Rally – Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King

Video 3:  The Media Missed the 8.28 Rally Message

What does it all mean?

The media seems to be having a hard time understanding that the Restoring Honor event was actually about Restoring Honor and not a GOP election booster. Since the media completely missed the mark on the meaning of the event, Glenn recaps what it is each and every individual should be doing in their own lives to help start turning the country around. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)
Expect miracles: An amazing moment happened just as the event kicked off and the music started rolling – a flock of geese flew in perfect V formation over the Reflecting Pool straight towards the Lincoln Memorial. God’s version of a military fly over? Someone caught it on video – decide for yourself. WATCH

Beck said, “The message of the rally was get behind the shield of God or it will be last call!”

The Reverend Bill Graham talks about just this topic in his latest book Storm Warning, that we must change our ways and if we can, we can change or delay the outcome of the path we are on.

8/28 newspaper coverage: They may have missed the point of it all, but at least they reported on it. Check out all the cover stories on the Restoring Honor Rally.

The Beck-Palin Show Is No Joke (They’re scared spitless, with good reason)

Posted on Mon Aug 30 2010 19:13:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by 2ndDivisionVet

It’s easy to laugh off the weekend’s Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin show at the Lincoln Memorial. Palin was her usual squeaky self. Beck was bombastic and self-important, explaining how God had assisted him in this enterprise, just as the almighty helped Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt.

But don’t laugh just yet. The rally was a major event in the right wing’s effort to take over Congress and the presidency.

It marked the end of a big conservative weekend in Washington. The other event was the two-day “Defending the American Dream Summit” of the Americans for Prosperity, an organization founded by the energy conglomerate billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch. As reported in Jane Mayer’s New Yorker profile, they have put many millions into ultraconservative organizations whose goal is to drive President Barack Obama and the other Democrats from office.

Saturday, participants in the American Dream Summit went to Beck and Palin’s Lincoln Memorial rally, making it a conservative mixer on a sunny Washington afternoon. Estimates of the crowd vary, but watching it on C-SPAN, I could see it was big, and also that most of its members represented the main demographics of the Republican conservative base—white and older.

With the Kochs’ billions in the background and Palin and Fox News star Beck up front, it added up to trouble for the Democrats and the country.

Although most of the accounts of the Beck-Palin show concentrated on its heavy dose of religiosity, the most important element was its undertone of politics. Shadowy powers such as the Koch brothers need a public face, someone to articulate their views in a way that resonates with the voters. Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential nominee, was such a person for the right, although he couldn’t extend his appeal beyond the conservative Republican base. Ronald Reagan was a perfect public face, able to cross over to independents and Democrats. Consider last weekend an audition for someone to play the Reagan role.

Beck, the producer and director, made himself the star. He sought to portray himself as being above politics. He did this by appropriating both God and Martin Luther King Jr. His rally coincided with the anniversary of Dr. King’s great speech—“I have a dream”—at the Lincoln Memorial. Beck tried to move beyond his far-right moorings by invoking King’s name frequently, a ploy negated by his 2009 characterization on “Fox and Friends” of Obama as “a racist … a guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, the white culture, I don’t know what it is.” Sunday, after his rally, he backed away from that statement, saying on Fox, “It shouldn’t have been said; it was poorly said; I have a big fat mouth sometimes, and I say things. …”

But Beck’s softening of his position won’t move him into the mainstream. Nor will his ploy of claiming a special relationship with someone who has strong nonpartisan credentials: God.

Beck compared his relationship with the deity to that of Moses, who was told by the Lord that he was being sent to Egypt on a divine mission to take the Jews to freedom.

Beck’s moments with God came on two occasions, he told the crowd. One was when one of his staff asked what would happen if nobody showed up at the rally. Beck said, “My response was we’ll stand where the Lord wants us to stand, and he’ll provide the people if it’s what is supposed to happen.” His second moment was when he ran short of money to pay for mounting costs of the rally. “For the first time I challenged him a little bit,” Beck said. “I was on a plane with my wife and I looked up at the top of that airplane and I said ‘Lord, we don’t have anything else left. It’s up to you now.” Beck said more than enough money suddenly flowed in.

Whereas Beck wrapped himself in God, Palin portrayed herself conventionally as a soldier’s mom, with only one dip into politics. “We must not fundamentally transform America as some would want; we must restore America and restore her honor,” she said.

Beck was too erratic, too bombastic, too full of himself to fill the role of fronting for the Republican right. On the other hand, Palin showed much more potential. Her delivery, still too high-pitched and flighty, is nowhere near Reagan’s. But she has improved, particularly in a situation like the Beck-Palin rally, where facts and details would have been out of place.

Moreover, she is in sync with what Jane Mayer, in her New Yorker article, described as the Koch brothers’ agenda—“drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation.”

Their money and that of other secretive Republican financiers is now flowing into Senate and House races. From there, the GOP funders will move to the presidential election. Sarah Palin could be their front person, with them pulling the strings while she reigns as America’s first woman president. So please don’t laugh. It could happen

Bill O’Reilly spent the bulk of his hour covering Beck’s 8.28 Restore Honor Event.  He did a great job, as did Chris Wallace in his interview with Beck right after the event. Geraldo, on the other hand did a horrible job covering the Beck Event as he tried to boost and support Al Sharpton in his sad attempt to down-grade the Beck Rally at which MLK’s niece Alveda King spoke, instead of the Sharpton rally that by all reports drew an attendance of approximately 3,000 people… which the Reverend Sharpton lied about.

If you have not watched the event… please do so and decide for yourself:  Restoring Honor Rally… 8.28.10 – A God Inspired Dream with photos and videos of the entire rally


Glenn’s keynote speech HERE

Mr. Beck Goes to Washington

A Meditation on Glenn Beck’s Divine Mission

Video:  We Need Heroes

Video:  Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem at the Glenn Beck ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally 8.28.10

Tonight! America’s Divine Destiny

C-Span Link to Entire Restoring Honor Rally (03:28:29)

Video – Restoring Honor 8/28:  Al Sharpton vs. Glenn Beck

Dept of Labor Sec William Spriggs gave political speech at Sharpton rally (in DC) about how they are putting economy in drive …yeah right! And, Bashed Beck.

DLOESCH:  Sharpton’s Rally- Total opposite of Glenn Beck’s rally. Full of hate. Talk about a contrast! Had to turn it off

Glenn Beck Devine Destiny and Restoring Honor

MLK’s Niece, Dr. Alveda King to Stand With Glenn Beck at ‘Restore Honor Event in…

The Black Robe Regiment – What Was (is) It?

Beck Says U.S. Has Wandered in the Darkness Too Long

Ed Decker Responds to Donna Rogers’ Article on the 9-12 Project Website Criticizing the Rodeo Program of Brannon Howse on Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny Meeting

8/28 in pictures: Take a look at these incredible photos from Saturday!

Newsmax Beck SlideShow

Restoring Honor: Online Coverage

Photo taken by the Associated Press

Video:  Shown on reason.tv in DC

As Beck said, one of Sharpton’s supporters came over to the Beck rally and planned to protest.  After observing what was going on, he changed his mind.  If you have not watched the 8.28 Rally Videos yourself in full, you owe it to yourself to watch them and to decide for yourself… because the media always gets it wrong.

C-Span Link to Entire Restoring Honor Rally (03:28:29)


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