Beck’s Founders Friday: African-American Founders

By Glenn Beck

See Video: Part of Beck’s Show on African-American Founders

FNC – James Armistead, an American hero

Did your school completely omit some of the greatest stories in American history? And if so, why would they do that?

If you take a look at paintings of revolutionary times — like of the Boston Tea Party for instance — you don’t see a whole lot of racial diversity. In movies like "John Adams" or "Johnny Tremain," African-American faces are few and far between and the only times you ever see them, they’re shown as slaves.

But take a look at this painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill. At first glance it again looks like just another bunch of white guys. But take a look at the man on the very right side of the picture. That was Peter Salem, the hero of that battle who saved scores of American lives that day.

Look at this picture of the Battle of Lexington. One hundred and fifty Americans, all members of the Reverend Jonas Clark’s church, went out to defend their town. And when the shot heard round the world was over that day, there were 18 Americans lying on the ground including both black and white patriots. One of those injured patriots on the ground in this painting was a black man named Prince Estabrook, but you never hear about him.

How about this one of the crossing of the Delaware? You see George Washington and the others, but what about the black man helping row that boat across the Delaware? His name was Prince Whipple and he fought alongside Washington during the Revolution.

Or look at this one of French general Marquis de Lafayette: The obvious assumption here is that this was his slave. But, he was not. His name was James Armistead. He was a double spy. The Brits thought he was spying for them, but he was really spying for General Washington. He’d give the Brits bad intel and reveal good, critical information to the Americans.

Did you know that America had an African-American ride in the opposite direction, at the same time, to warn that the British were coming, just like Paul Revere?

Did you know that Frederick Douglass, a black man and former slave, had a personal relationship with President Abraham Lincoln?  Read:  Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

Frederick Douglass was upset about the 3/5 of a man ruling for slaves in the Constitution until he read it for himself and realized that it was favorable to blacks and an anti-slavery compromise; an attempt by the Founding Fathers to minimize representation of Southern States with slaves.

If asked who was the first Black Speaker of the House… what would you say?  Probably that there hasn’t been one… Not true, the first Black Speaker of the House was Joseph Hayne Rainey. in April 1874.  It is all part of the history that has been scrubbed from our rich history by the Progressive Left… part of their “dumbing down of America” agenda.

Charles Burton featured on Beck’s show was on the over-sight board in Texas helping to make sure that the black history mentioned in Glenn’s show will be back in the textbooks… which the Progressive left was fighting tooth and nail through the process.

I hope after watching the video of this show that you ask yourself… “Why was this rich history erased?  And who sold us on the Democrats as being the party for reform and the progress for minorities when Lincoln and MLK were Republicans; JFK’s civil rights legislation was written and born under Republican General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower; when the KKK was primarily an organization of Southern Democrats, when MLK’s niece who marched for civil rights with her uncle and dad supports Glenn Beck (the White House’s created devil) and when the policies of social economic  and social justice programs promoted primarily by the Progressive Democrats are exactly the programs that holds minorities, of all colors, down and allows the Democrats to control them. (It has been said over and over again, that if JFK were alive today, he wouldn’t recognize nor be allowed to run as a Democrat… he’d be a Republican.) 

The Progressive left’s shell game primarily waged through: the takeover of the Democratic Party; elitist academia; leftist Hollywood and media; and radical progressives who have infiltrated our educational and publishing systems,  on Black America is the same that they have and are playing on Hispanic America.  Political Correctness is the Revenge of Marxism and what separates us to be controlled.  Social and Economical Justice programs are what holds minorities and the poor down and creates hate and envy.  And, American Progressivism is the enemy and downfall of America as we know it and our freedoms.

Black Americans in Congress

**Book by David Barton:  Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White

A Patriot’s History of the United States…

George Washington’s Sacred Fire

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