Obama… Little Change On His Side… But Demanding Major Concessions from GOP

“Baby steps don’t get you where we want to go”, said to Obama and the true underlying stand of the President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid the Dems is that in the end they are going to push their agenda, if the GOP doesn’t make major concessions that that majority of the American people don’t want.

President Obama, trying to make the Republicans look like the party of “NO” one last time, said they would move forward with or without them.  Translation:  We will do whatever we need to do, implying reconciliation, if the GOP does not make dramatic concessions.  Is that really what bipartisan compromise is all about??

President Obama admitted that he has a plan two… a scaled down version of healthcare reform that might be both more palatable to the American People and closer to a bipartisan bill… but Democratic leaders (Pelosi and Reid) have convinced him not to go down that road, but instead to make another attempt the Obama/Pelosi/Reid ideological takeover of both U.S. healthcare and one sixth of the American Economy using reconciliation an option that  was created for and intended to be used for budget  bills and measures, not social legislation that will transform America… and the Dems know that, but choose to ignore it, just as they choose to ignore the will of the majority of their constituents and the American People.

Karl Rove said that this summit was going to be Kabuki theatre… and sadly it appears he was right!!

Snorefest 2010 – Obama’s HealthCare Summitt

So the healthcare debates have finally come to C-SPAN, but Glenn was correct in predicting it would essentially be a bunch of political grandstanding. Which makes for some pretty boring television as politicians read their talking points. In particular, this exchange between McCain and Obama was a lowlight. McCain painfully demonstrated why he got dominated in the election. Is this just another dog and pony show, or can something good actually come out of these talks? Glenn talks about it on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Guess We Might Be In Trouble… But Let’s Try to Scam the GOP and the American People Anyway!!

Amazingly, Reid said at today’s Summit that nobody has talked about using reconciliation except for the GOP… HMMM?!? Amazingly it sounded that was what President Obama was saying during his final 5-minute… join me or else speech!?!

"You can put lipstick on a pig… but it is still a pig… and this bill is a pig!!"

Video Flashback: Dems Howl with Rage Over Nuclear Option | The FOX Nation

Charles Krauthammer said, “In the last few minutes after 7-hours that the whole summit was a show to justify reconciliation, which is what they wanted to do all along!!”

Please keep up the good fight. The president intimated that his would be the final chapter on this Bill and HC Reform, at least for now.  Let us make it is the final chapter of ObamaCare type of reform and that it doesn’t pass.  Right now they don’t have the votes!!!

Related:  2/3 of the HC Bill Passed Already!  Hidden in the Stimulus Package that No One in Congress Read… Done Deal!!! – With Back-up Research But they need some kind of actual HC Bill to activate most of these diabolical measures… Wake-up America!


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