The System ‘Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly’ in Detroit?

Exclusive: The System Failed…Miserably

Presidential Policy: Does It Make the Grade?, James Carafano, PhD

The administration has a lot to do. Let’s hope they get it right before the jihadists get lucky.

Rash of 2009 Homegrown Terror Plots Ends ‘Denial’

Steve Emerson

How did homegrown radicalization develop? And will the flurry of terror cases in 2009 force the issue?

The System ‘Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly’ in Detroit?

Daniel Pipes

Eight and a half years after 9/11, our counterterrorism apparatus still appears to be in catch-up mode. What needs to be done to bring security in line with 2010 threats?

Homeland Security 101

Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Napolitano told CNN that, "Right now, we have no indication [that Abdulmutallab’s actions were] part of anything larger." Not "part of anything larger"? Is she serious? Does she take us for fools?

Tightening the Noose on Foreign Policy

Herbert London

As the plans for American foreign policy are being debated in the White House and the corridors of Congress, it is increasingly apparent that the options are limited.

Video: ‘Underwear Bomb’ Packed Enough Explosive to Bring Down Flight 253
Radio Interview: Witness Says Terrorist Suspect Aided Onto Northwest Flight Sans Passport
Video: Janet Napolitano gets grilled by Matt Lauer about her statement that "the system worked."
Video: President’s Statement on Terror Plot "this was an isolated terrorist incident"
Video: Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes Blast President’s Statement on Iran
Al Qaeda Leaders Behind Christmas Day Attack Were Released from Guantanamo Bay in 2007
Video: Flight 253 Terrorist Warns ‘More Like Me’ Are Coming to America
The Imprudent Tyranny of Harry Reid – writes legislation that ‘cannot be repealed!’
Why Was Umar AbdulMutallab in Houston? Whom Did He Visit There? What Did He Plan?
Hail 2010! The year of the American Citizen!
Detroit terror attack: Yemen is the true home of Al-Qaeda.
America’s Latest Wake-Up Call Came on Flight 253
It looks like Sarah Palin is right again, this time on the issue of profiling.

Exclusive: Why Worry about a Muslim Center at Ground Zero?

Rachel Lipsky

Serious questions must be asked of the Imam behind the mosque planned at Ground Zero and essential, unambiguous answers should be demanded, before we engage in self destructive deeds which undermine our own freedom and security.

Health Care Reform: A Modest (Hippocratic) Proposal

Paula D. Gordon, Ph.D.

Congress has a choice: Pass the proposed legislation and risk repeal by those voted into office in 2010 or begin anew with some realistic, low cost, clearly stated initiatives. Which will they choose?

Exclusive: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! (12/29/09)

The Editors

A daily roundup of idiocy, buffoonery and incompetence – courtesy of your government and its enablers.

We choose, you peruse.

  1. Underwear Bomb Revealed as Terror Suspect Warns More Attacks Coming (FOX)
  2. Al Qaeda takes credit for plot to down plane (WT)
  3. Illinois Congressman Says Obama Official Agreed That Moving Terrorists to U.S. Prison Would Increase Risk (CNS)
  4. Homeland Security Touts 2009 Accomplishments, Including ‘Secure Flight’ Program (CNS)
  5. Al Qaeda’s Clear Message – The U.S. has to rethink jihad’s global recruitment of terrorists. (WSJ)
  6. Six Uncomfortable Answers
  7. Preventing the Next Terrorist Attack – by Andrew Cline
  8. Cyber-security chief resigns in protest – Calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency ‘bad strategy’
  9. States Draft Bills Regarding State Sovereignty
  10. Key security agencies lack permanent leaders (WT)
  11. Putin: U.S. Missile Shield Holding Up Nuke Deal (FOX)
  12. Cross the River, Burn the Bridge – Obamacare is the fast-track to a permanent left-of-center political culture. By Mark Steyn
  13. The Tipping Point in Iran (WSJ)
  14. ‘No Place in Constitution’ Gives Congress Authority to Mandate Health Insurance – Is Trampling on Individual Rights (CNS)
  15. Justice transfers Panthers pursuer out of D.C. office (WT)
  16. Letting The Cat Out of the Bag
  17. Forget Supreme Court Challenges to this Monstrosity!
  18. Shameless Islamist Doublespeak Rages On (PAJAMAS)
  19. How the West Rejuvenated Pan-Islamism and the Global Jihad
  20. The Open Hand, Slapped (Richard Perle)
  21. Family of Kidnapped U.S. Soldier Urges Taliban to Send Son Home (FOX)
  22. Analysis: Detroit terror attack is a major intelligence and security failure (TELEGRAPH UK)
  23. Let’s Roll 2 [Mark Steyn]
  24. Janet Napolitano Made A Fool Of Herself On TV Talkshows
  25. Let My Terrorists Go
  26. Lying to Ourselves
  27. On Planet Janet
  28. Obama Acknowledges Flaws in Security, Vows Fixes… But Blames Bush (Again)
  29. So What?  Why Don’t We Profile? (FOX)
  30. What? Nigerian Suspect Given Lawyers, Civilian Trial, Constitutional Rights
  31. Republican Congressman Calls on Napolitano to Resign
  32. Ooops!  Freed Gitmo Alumni Plotted Airline Bombing
  33. Lawmakers Spar Over Obama’s Decision to Transfer Gitmo Detainees to Illinois Prison

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