Concerned Mothers Speak Out – The Dumbing Down of America (Part III) – Indoctrination & Propaganda In Our Schools… & Everyday Life

The Beck Show asked Moms to submit their greatest fears about is going on.  They received 40-pages of input and narrowed it down to these top 3 issues:

1.  History Lessons are not being Taught to Our Children  (and what is being taught is incorrect of homogenized).

For Anyone Who Missed the Special That Fox Ran Over the Weekend on Textbooks…

Do You Know What Textbooks Your Children Are Really Reading?  Truth in the Classroom Video – Fox Special Updated

2.  Parents Losing Their Rights (Parental Rights are being taken over by our government as well as turned over to the United Nations or International Law).

Michael Farris – United Nation’s Convention on Rights of a Child Material

– Obama May Revive Anti-family UN Child Treaty

Senate to VOTE on Parental Rights (UN Treaty…)  –  Video

3.  Killing Our Children’s Future

Unfortunately… Much of this discussion was pre-empted for another Obama Speech.  Below is what we managed to hear and save.

Moms From All Across America on the Glenn Beck Show Today!


Breaking News: Yosi Sergant Resigns From NEA

White House Enlisting the National Endowment of the Arts – Art for Propaganda

NEA Teaming Up with White House to Push Obama Agenda– Video


Women: History is not Being Taught to Our Children


These Are Women… Moms, Who Have Never Demonstrated Against Government Before…


Start Your Own Chapter of the Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots if you are feeling alone!  Attend a tea party, attend a town hall, join the 9/12 Project.  Stand up for yourselves, your children’s futures and to Save our Freedoms!

One of the mom’s stated that she was concerned now that the Feds have taken over all school loans, that they would require students to major in careers that the government would chose. 

These are absolutely valid concerns! 

Also, earlier today it was reported that tens of thousands of returning Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, returned to school this year.  The government has failed to send promised tuition checks, leaving with the choice or borrow money until the funds hopefully show up or dropping out.  Read full story at: Veteran’s promised tuition checks AWOL – Is there a pattern here?  Like the car dealers in the Cash for Clunkers program having to wait for months for their money… while dead people and prisoners were getting stimulus tax refunds. 

How can these people possibly handle everyone’s school loans?  And is this, the federal government, really who you want to handle your medical care and payments if they force a public option on us?

The movement of Purposely Dumbing Down the Masses has been slowly going on for years and has really been stepped up more recently.  Get a free copy of the:  Deliberate Dumbing Down of America E-book below.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – E Book download is NOW FREE TO ALL!!!
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Source: Knowledge Creates Power & the Daily Thought Pad

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