Sean Hannity Travels to California’s Fields (Updated) – From Country’s Bread Basket to Grapes of Wrath Dust Bowl Over 2” Minnow – Turn On the Water

Update:  Senators DeMint and McCain went to the matt to bring water to the central valley of California.  Who stopped them?  California Senators Boxer and Feinstein… and certainly prompted by Speaker Pelosi.


Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity travelled to California’s Central Valley to help bring national attention to the on-going water crisis.

Water activists say after nearly a dozen marches and protests, it’s time to try something different, so last Thursday Hannity broadcasted his national show from a dry, dirt field west of the Fresno/Kings County line.

The Federal government has cut off water to the bread basket of America and refuses to turn it back on.

Since Hannity’s visit Senators DeMint and McCain drafted legislation to get the water flowing…

Response  9/23/09:


U.S. Senate to California Farmers: Drop Dead

Demonstrating once again the moonbat priorities of the Democratic Senate majority, the Senate has voted to screw over hundreds of thousands of farmers and endanger our national food supply for the sake of a two-inch fish that probably isn’t endangered anyway.

Because of the ruling of Moonbat Judge Oliver Wanger, millions of gallons of freshwater that could be growing crops and providing livelihoods to hundreds of thousands of people are washing uselessly into the sea. Farmers are facing bankruptcy and tens of thousands are out of work.

California’s dingbat senators Dianne Feinstein and Babs “Ma’am” Boxer stood by and did nothing to correct this insanity. It took a Republican from South Carolina, Jim DeMint, to try and rescue California’s farmers by proposing an amendment to restore water to the farmers in the San Joaquin valley. Guess what? Senate Demoncrats… including both dingbat senators from California… voted it down. And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has interfered to keep the water turned off several times before.

Update: Senior Dingbat Dianne Feinstein compares supplying Farmers with water to “Pear Harbor.”

Source:  Moonbattery

The question needs to be WHY??  Why is our own government shutting off the water to the most fertile areas in California  if not all of America?

This is what they do in countries like Venezuala… Iran… or the old Soviet Union, countries run by Obama’s friends!!!  Putting the Delta Smelt before people?  Creating food shortages so we are more dependant on foreign supplies to push their global agenda or New World Order?  Creating an emergency to impose even more control,  cut more freedoms and grab more power?


Feds shut off water to California farms in controversial effort to help threatened species

By NewsWax | Aug 12, 2009

A farming town in California claims that it may disappear due to the United States federal government shutting off water pumps, though the government states the actions are necessary to save several marine species.

In July 2009, action by the Federal Bureau of Reclamation to protect threatened fish stopped irrigation pumping to parts of the California Central Valley causing canals leading into Huron, California and the surrounding areas and the farms that rely on them to lose their primary irrigation source. Unemployment has reached 40% in some areas as the farms have dried up.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated the action is putting the fish “above the needs of millions of Californians.”

Highlighting the city’s plight, Huron Police Chief Frank Steenport stated, “A year from now, [Huron] may not be here.”

In an interview on Tuesday, comedian Paul Rodriguez, the mother of whom owns a farm in the area, criticized the actions of the government and called for President Barack Obama to review the decision. “This used to be an almond orchard. Now all that is left is firewood.”

Laura King Moon, assistant general manager of the State Water Contractors, a nonprofit association of 27 public agencies from across California that purchase water from the government under contract, said “these cuts are crippling on our people and businesses — especially in the Central Valley where farmers are being forced to fallow their land and workers are being laid off. Rather than piecemeal restrictions, we need to balance the needs of the environment and the needs of people with a collective plan for the Delta.”

The National Marine Fisheries Service, an agency within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, states the water pumping inside central California threatens several marine species. In the Huron area, the delta smelt is specifically targeted.

In defense of the actions, Rod McInnis, the southwest regional director for NOAA’s Fisheries Service stated, “What is at stake here is not just the survival of species but the health of entire ecosystems and the economies that depend on them. We are ready to work with our federal and state partners, farmers and residents to find solutions that benefit the economy, environment and Central Valley families.”

Delta Smelt

Delta smelt, Hypomesus transpacificus, are slender-bodied smelts, about 5 to 7 cm long, of the Osmeridae family. They have a steely blue sheen on the sides and seem almost translucent. Smelts live together in schools and feed on zooplankton (small fishes and invertebrates). One female may lay from 1,400 to 1,800 eggs. Mature unfertilized eggs are about 1 mm.


Delta smelt are currently endemic to the Sacramento Delta, California, where it is distributed from the Suisun Bay upstream through the Delta in Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano and Yolo counties. The delta smelt is a pelagic (live in the open water column away from the bottom) and euryhaline species (tolerant of a wide salinity range). They have been collected from estuarine waters up to 14 ppt (parts per thousand) salinity.

Life cycle

Most delta smelt live one year and die after their first spawning (semelparous). Delta smelt spawning occurs in spring in river channels and tidally influenced backwater sloughs upstream of the mixing zone (saltwater-freshwater interface). The Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers then transport the delta smelt larvae downstream to the mixing zone, normally located in the Suisun Bay. Young delta smelt then feed and grow in the mixing zone before starting their upstream spawning migration in late fall or early winter.

Delta smelt are preyed upon by larger fish, especially striped bass and largemouth bass which are invasive species in the Sacramento Delta.[1]

Delta smelt used to be a common fish in the Sacramento – San Joaquin rivers estuary. The population is much smaller than historically and the species was listed in 1993 as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) and Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA) (Federal Register 58:12863; March 5, 1993). Critical habitat was listed for delta smelt on December 19, 1994 (Federal Register 59:65256). In 2008, the California Fish and Game Commission moved to uplist delta smelt to endangered under CESA.

Court protection

On August 31, 2007, California Federal Judge Oliver Wanger of Federal District Court protected the rare declining fish delta smelt by severely curtailing human use water deliveries at San Joaquin-Sacramento River delta from December to June. [2] It should be noted that these are the pumps at the Banks Pumping Plant that send water to Central and Southern California for agricultural and residential use. As a result of this ruling, large portions of the heavily-agricultural western San Joaquin Valley have been denied water allocations used for farmland irrigation. This, in conjunction with the persistent drought affecting the region, has caused large amounts of farmland to become fallowed.


When Khadafi says Obama should remain president forever, they are ‘teargassing’ protesters in Pittsburgh outside the G20 and not reporting it until story appears in British press,Hugo Chavez openly invites Obama to join the Dictator’s Club in his UN speech, and Obama has filled the White House with czars, cabinet members and even a few approved positions with radicals who believe it is okay to nudge the system, control the masses and are filled with ideas like minnows are more important than people…  it is past time to take notice!!

“When you control the food supply… you control everything!”… Remember who said that??

Sean Hannity Travels to California’s Fields to get the Water Turned On

Source: Knowledge Creates Power & the Daily Thought Pad – Visit Both Daily for up to date and past information!!

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