MSNBC (NBC News), CNN Ratings Plunge as O’Reilly (and Fox in General) Reigns

MSNBC and CNN’s primetime news programs have suffered an incredible nosedive in ratings since Barack Obama was elected president, Newsmax has learned.

Ratings for “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” on MSNBC at 8 p.m. have plunged a dizzying 42 percent since October, shortly before the election. CNN’s 8 p.m. show, now being hosted by Roland Martin, has seen a 49 percent plunge over that time period, while “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News has dipped only 15 percent, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Bill O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. show remains the top-rated cable news program, averaging 2,650,000 million households per night in April, more than the combined totals for Olbermann’s program (938,000) and CNN’s 8 p.m. offering (613,000) — with more than a million households to spare.

In the key demographic of viewers 25 to 54 years old, Olbermann has lost 53 percent of his average nightly audience, a precipitous plunge. Rachel Maddow, who follows him at 9 p.m. on MSNBC, has lost an astounding 65 percent of her 25-to-54 audience since October, and her 819,000 households in April compare poorly to Sean Hannity’s 1,953,000 households on Fox.

O’Reilly has also trounced Olbermann among viewers aged 35 to 64 in April, with 1,724,000 viewers, down 19 percent since October. Olbermann suffered a 49 percent drop in that demographic and had 1,151,000 viewers.

The solid showing of “The O’Reilly Factor” and the plunging numbers for Keith Olbermann further belie Olbermann and MSNBC’s occasional claim that he is winning the ratings war in his time slot.

MSNBC took out a full-page ad in The New York Times last November proclaiming “A Sweeping Victory” for its ratings and declaring “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” the No. 1 cable news program.

But fine print at the bottom of the ad acknowledged that the “victory” referred only to the 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. time slot for the dates Oct. 27 through Oct. 31, for viewers between 25 and 54 years of age.

Overall, however, O’Reilly’s show averaged twice as many viewers as Olbermann’s.

Earlier last year, the liberal press crowed loudly when Olbermann narrowly beat out O’Reilly in the 25 to 54 demographic one week in June. But the rating results were misleading. On Tuesday of that week, the cable stations covered that day’s primaries, and on Friday, O’Reilly was on vacation, with Laura Ingraham filling in. Ratings for “The Factor” dip when O’Reilly is not the host.

On the three days when O’Reilly and Olbermann went head to head, O’Reilly won the 25 to 54 demographic. And he trounced Olbermann in total viewers, with 2,193,000 per night to Olbermann’s 1,031,000.

The O’Reilly-Olbermann feud has been ongoing for years. O’Reilly denies that there is a feud, and says he won’t even mention Olbermann by name. But Olbermann for his part has made O’Reilly the frequent recipient of his nightly “Worst Person in the World” award.

In a recent interview with Broadcasting & Cable magazine, O’Reilly said “The O’Reilly Factor” has fared well since Obama entered the White House because CNN and MSNBC comprise the “Obama cheerleading crew,” and viewers are tuning in to Fox because it is “more skeptical of the president.”

And Newsmax reported earlier that Obama’s win on Election Day “may be a Pyrrhic victory” for Olbermann, who “had positioned himself as the anti-Bush, anti-Republican news source on MSNBC. With Democrats firmly in control of the White House and Congress, it’s questionable that his audience will grow.”

By: Jim Meyers – Newsmax

Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, March 17

Posted on 18 March 2009 by Bill Gorman – TV by the Numbers

Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for March 17, 2009

P2+ Total Day 
FNC – 1,282,000 viewers
CNN – 576,000 viewers
MSNBC –475,000 viewers
CNBC – 250,000 viewers
HLN – 337,000 viewers

P2+ Prime Time
FNC – 2,403,000 viewers
CNN—872,000 viewers
MSNBC –1,129,000 viewers
CNBC – 202,000 viewers
HLN – 671,000 viewers

25-54 Total Day
FNC –335,000 viewers
CNN –186,000 viewers
MSNBC –168,000 viewers
CNBC –76,000 viewers
HLN- 178,000 viewers

25-54 Prime Time
FNC – 631,000 viewers
CNN –266,000 viewers
MSNBC –377,000 viewers
CNBC – 75,000 viewers
HLN – 271,000 viewers

35-64 Total Day
FNC –607,000 viewers
CNN –257,000 viewers
MSNBC –243,000 viewers
CNBC –121,000 viewers
HLN- 194,000 viewers

35-64 Prime Time
FNC –998,000 viewers
CNN – 342,000 viewers
MSNBC –526,000 viewers
CNBC – 80,000 viewers
HLN –369,000 viewers

Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
FOX & Friends –953,000 viewers (306,000) (596,000)
American Morning- 456,000 viewers (153,000) (249,000)
Morning Joe-455,000 viewers (203,000) (262,000)
Squawk Box-209,000 viewers (66,000) (118,000)
Morning Express w/ Meade- 304,000 viewers (193,000) (175,000)

6PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Fox – Special report w/Bret Baier – 2,090,000 viewers (417,000) (873,000)
Situation Room—679,000 viewers (226,000) (317,000)
1600 Pennsylvania Ave —521,000 viewers (160,000) (303,000)
Mad Money—311,000 viewers (95,000) (108,000)
Prime News—329,000 viewers (139,000) (194,000)

7PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Fox Report w/Shepard Smith – 1,920,000 viewers (458,000) (861,000)
Lou Dobbs Tonight –761,000 viewers (289,000) (340,000)
Hardball —616,000 viewers (162,000) (276,000)
Kudlow Report —273,000 viewers (99,000) (137,000)
Issues– 563,000 viewers (244,000) (332,000)

8PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The OReilly Factor —3,070,000 viewers (792,000) (1,261,000)
Campbell Brown—710,000 viewers (213,000) (256,000)
Countdown w/K. Olbermann —1,322,000 viewers (464,000) (639,000)
CNBC Reports – 223,000 viewers (84,000) (88,000)
Nancy Grace –1,014,000 viewers (381,000) (539,000)

9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity – 2,299,000 viewers (604,000) (953,000)
Larry King Live—990,000 viewers (307,000) (405,000)
Rachel Maddow Show —1,167,000 viewers (365,000) (541,000)
Big Brother, Big Business — 226,000 viewers (77,000) (80,000)
Lou Dobbs- 420,000 viewers (185,000) (250,000)

10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
On The Record W/Greta —1,839,000 viewers (496,000) (780,000)
Anderson Cooper—916,000 viewers (277,000) (363,000)
Countdown w/K.Olbermann —898,000 viewers (303,000) (398,000)
On the Money – 158,000 viewers, (64,000) (71,000)
Nancy Grace –612,000 viewers (257,000) (341,000)

11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor —1,466,000 viewers (471,000) (756,000)
Anderson Cooper —518,000 viewers (205,000) (243,000)
Rachel Maddow Show –535,000 viewers (185,000) (269,000)
Mad Money -a scratch w/119,000 viewers (55,000) (70,000)
Showbiz Tonight– 371,000 viewers (206,000) (207,000)

Note: We don’t get the 5pm hour results, so we are unable to post them.

Since this report the numbers have increased for Fox again and appear to be increasing daily. The Glenn Beck Show is now pulling in numbers between those logged by O’Reilly and HannityGlenn Beck was new to Fox at the time of this report.

Why is Fox News increasing their numbers as others are plunging?  Because they are reporting the news fairly.  They: Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Sesteran, Shep Smith, Bret Baier, Neil Cavuto are reporting what is actually going on, not slanting or spinning the news and not cherry picking what they want to report on.  And those that are more right leaning like Sean Hannity and  Glenn Beck, give a balance to the constant left reporting media.  The difference is that Hannity and Beck let you know that what they are reporting and highlighting is from their conservative perspective… unlike the mainstream media who leans left but portrays themselves as just reporting the (unbiased) news.  And all the Fox News shows feature regular and special guests with expertise as well as differing viewpoints from people like Bret Hume, Alan Combs,  Dave Ramsey, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Dennis Miller, Juan Williams, Charles, Krauthammer and the list goes on.    And on the weekend Fox offers a variety of different personalities including Mike Huckabee, the Beltway Boys, Geraldo Rivera, Oliver North, etc.   Fox’s early morning Fox and Friends, America’s Newsroom and late night Red Eye shows round out their coverage

It does make you wonder how accurate the polls really are when the most liberal left wing president the U.S. has ever had keeps showing top ratings while at the same time Fox News… featuring traditional  accurate middle of the road to right conservative reporting dominates the news viewing market and is increasing weekly if not daily in viewership~


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