Sarah Palin Does What She Needs To Do In Vice Presidential Debate

Biden vs PalinPast vs Future?!?

Sarah Palin did what she needed to do in tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate.  She was articulate, spunky, relatable, knowledgeable, made no major mistakes and proved she could learn and improve quickly!!

Some Republicans were worried and a lot of Democrats were hoping that Governor Palin would come across as inexperienced or fumbling.  She did neither.  Sarah held her own with veteran politician and Senator, Joe Biden. She was even funny and spontaneous at times.

She spoke of change, her executive experience, that fact that she and McCain were both Mavericks in different ways… and that she and McCain were looking forward and that Biden and Obama kept looking backward to the mistakes of the Bush administration.  She and McCain were not part of that administration, even though Biden kept trying to make it sound like they were.  She pointed out that past administrations, of both parties, had made their share of mistakes… which is definitely true in regard to the present mortgage and Wall Street crisis.  In fact if you do your homework, it will become evident that the Democrats are truly the greater long term culprits in that mess.

"Say it isn’t so, Joe!", Sarah said at one point, getting a chuckle from the audience, when Biden again came out with the same tired rhetoric in an attempt to tie Governor Palin and Senator John McCain to the Bush administration, even though Governor Palin had just addressed that very issue.

Both Joe Biden who often suffers from foot in mouth disease and Sarah Palin had a good night and a good debate, but in the end, it was a winning moment for Governor Palin.  She proved she could hold her own with the old veteran on all subjects, she proved that in a very short time she had learned a lot so is a quick study and fast on her feet when she has the information so would be ready to lead, if she was so called upon, and she proved that she was confident; just as she has been a quick study and did the job as mayor and governor.

In anticipation of tonight’s debate, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou said earlier today on their popular and controversial radio show that with the present state of the hostile media, throwing Governor Palin in with the likes of Katie Couric and others was like throwing her to the lions. They also talked about listening to and played some campaign debates and interviews from her campaign for Governor of Alaska against the two term incumbent, who she beat, where she came across as competent, knowledgeable  and even witty at times.  They noted that as good as the two of them are at debating and being interviewed, that if they were thrown into a debate, with people or situations that weren’t their expertise or they "hadn’t lived it", they wouldn’t have done any better than, if as well, as Sarah Palin has these past couple of weeks.  And her fumbling a bit in interviews doesn’t mean she isn’t incompetent or that she couldn’t be Vice President or even President, especially not with a little more time.  They also said, "If she just holds her own tonight… she wins and should prove to everyone, who isn’t biased, that she can do the job".  And she did that tonight; she held her own and more!!

Sarah Palin Does What She Needed To Do And More!


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