A ‘New World Order” for Conservatives?

Posted by Bobby Eberle

Last week, I focused on Sen. Obama’s speech about his "former" pastor. I thought the speech was both fascinating and scary in how it revealed so much of what the senator actually believes. Who would have thought that in such a short time, there would be another speech that seems equally revealing and that has conservatives grumbling. Though not given all the advance billing of a "major address" like Sen. Obama’s speech, the comments delivered by Sen. John McCain on Wednesday have conservatives such as myself up in arms. To Sen. McCain…. when you give a speech like that — a speech John Kerry could have given — are you purposely thumbing your nose at conservatives?

In a speech before the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles, California, Sen. McCain delivered a laundry list of all things non-conservative. Speaking of new world orders, North American Unions, and global permission to protect American interests is so far from our basic Republican platform that I don’t even need to use the word conservative, it’s not even Republican. Let’s take a look at what the senator from Arizona — the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE — had to say.

On Rush Limbaugh’s program, the conservative talk show host correctly honed in on one of the items that particularly went up my spine. Rush takes issues with the following McCain statement:

MCCAIN: Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed. We need to listen, we need to listen to the views and respect the collective will of our Democratic allies. When we believe international action is necessary, whether military, economic, or diplomatic, we will try to persuade our friends that we are right. But we in return must be willing to be persuaded by them.

What McCain is saying is that American interests are now up for veto by the collective "world body" and we must always get permission before action is taken. Clearly we don’t want our "democratic allies" to be mad at us. This is just another step in diminishing America’s role as leader of the free world. As Rush states, "Liberals are going to love this speech. This is the problem. This is their stated approach. This is no different than what John Kerry was talking about doing, although his remarks were in the context of military involvement, but McCain included that here."

Rush addressed a few other areas of McCain’s speech, but one part that particularly bothered me was this passage:

Relations with our southern neighbors must be governed by mutual respect, not by an imperial impulse or by anti-American demagoguery. The promise of North, Central, and South American life is too great for that. I believe the Americas can and must be the model for a new 21st century relationship between North and South. Ours can be the first completely democratic hemisphere, where trade is free across all borders, where the rule of law and the power of free markets advance the security and prosperity of all.

Again, this sounds like something straight from the liberal manifesto. I’m sorry, I’m just not buying it. When Lee Greenwood belts out those stirring words that make our hearts beat a little stronger, he doesn’t sing, "I’m proud to be a North American." When I get up in the morning, I don’t pray to God and thank him for the fact that our neighbors are Canada and Mexico. I don’t long for the day when people will say, "Hey you are one of those Western Hemisphere folks, aren’t you? Cool…." I’m proud to be an American! A citizen of the United States of America. I do not want alliances that take away American sovereignty or diminish our capacity to do what is in the best interest of America. Any presidential candidate who talks otherwise is sending up a huge red flag to conservatives across the country.

McCain goes on to call for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. That is simply crazy. Would we no longer house enemy combatants? Of course we would. We’d simply have another Gitmo under a different name. So, there is no reason to close what we already have. Suggesting so is simply catering to liberals both at home and abroad that America is somehow the bad guy who needs to clean up his act. Forget it!!!

The comments poured in yesterday, and it might be wise for the senator’s presidential campaign to make a note that trying to fundraise among conservatives on the same day you give a "new world order" speech is not really a great idea.

I was going to send a contribution, but after today’s speech I have changed my mind. I just won’t vote in the next election. I feel this country is going to hell in a handbasket. I can’t believe we will close Gitmo!
— Liz O.

After the speech McCain gave today 3/26, about closing Gitmo and torture, and the global B.S. he will never get my vote, even if he RAN UNOPPOSED.
— Bob L.

I honestly am not to the point that I can say for certain I will even vote for you, Senator McCain, let alone send a donation. I heard some of your speech today and really object to much of it.
— Nancy M.

I am proud of America… a country that was forged in the fires of liberty, freedom, and leadership. When America faces adversity, we face that adversity head on, and we lead. We don’t ask, "Excuse, kind European neighbor, are we really facing adversity, because, um, er, if not, we’ll just go back across the Atlantic. Just wanted to check with you because maybe you thought that perhaps we might just sort of be right and that America should act. Of course we won’t take any action that might make you upset."

America is strong, and we will continue to be so, as long as we have leaders who will promote and defend America and not sell us out to the "global village."


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