And The BS Begins… McCain Born in was born at the US military base Coco Solo in the Panama Canal Zone…

John McCain was born to U.S. parents at the US military base Coco Solo in the Panama Canal Zone that was under United States sovereignty between 1903 and 1979,  but it was unincorporated.

Okay… now who drug out this BS that he isn’t a natural born U.S. Citizen???

Per Wikopedia…

Three major candidates have sought the Presidency who were born outside the United States: Barry Goldwater, George Romney and John McCain.

Barry Goldwater, who ran in 1964, was born in Arizona while it was still a U.S. territory. Although Arizona was not a state, it was a fully organized and incorporated territory of the United States, making it debatable whether or not he was born "outside" the United States.

George Romney, who ran in 1968, was born in Mexico to U.S. parents. Romney’s grandfather emigrated to Mexico in 1886 with his three wives and children after Utah outlawed polygamy. Romney’s parents retained their U.S. citizenship and returned to the United States in 1912. Romney was 32 years old when he arrived in Michigan.

John McCain, who ran in 2000 and is running in 2008, was born at the US military base Coco Solo in the Panama Canal Zone to U.S. parents. The Panama Canal Zone was under United States sovereignty between 1903 and 1979 but was unincorporated.

I guess the question is who has the most to gain, starting these questions??  And hoping McCain won’t be able to run…  Obama???  Huckabee???  Hillary???  Or???

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