Stop… Don’t Eat That!

Poisons in Your Food Could Make You Sick

China’s former head of food and drug safety, Zheng Xiaoyu, was put to death recently.
His crime? Taking $850,000 in bribes from pharmaceutical companies, some of which resulted in approval of fake drugs. One of these "approved" antibiotics accounted for at least 10 deaths in China.
His execution followed heightened worldwide concerns over the general safety of Chinese food, medicines and consumer products.
I’m sure you followed along with the tragic story of numerous pet deaths due to eating food contaminated with Chinese wheat gluten — containing the chemical melamine. You may even have a dog or cat who ate one of the contaminated food brands, like mine did…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And the danger certainly doesn’t stop with your pets. According to Newsmax medical editor Dr. Russell Blaylock, your entire family is at risk.
Just this year, North American authorities blocked or recalled toxic Chinese farmed seafood contaminated with drugs — and juice made with unsafe color additives. Yet another Chinese scandal involved toothpaste containing an ingredient used in antifreeze.

Dare to Eat Food from Other Countries?

Although China has been bearing the brunt of the food safety scandals in recent years, other countries have also been involved.

"The public thinks the food supply is much more protected than it is. If people really knew how weak the FDA program is, they would be shocked."
—William Hubbard, former FDA Associate Commissioner

Do you remember the controversy not long ago due to Mexican-grown green onions contaminated with—shockingly—human waste used as fertilizer?
Dr. Blaylock will tell you this is not an isolated incident. Besides the disgust factor, such farming methods expose you to such nasties as potentially deadly E. coli germs and the hepatitis virus.

And an ever-growing number of varying types of produce, fruits and fruit juices continue to flow into the U.S. from Mexico and points south. Due to the globalization of our food supply, we import foods and food additives from numerous countries worldwide. And many of these countries have little to no government standards for processing or safety.
Yet, only 15% of our food is imported. What about the food we eat produced in our own country?

What You Don’t Know about Poisons in
Your Food Could Hurt You…

Dr. Russell Blaylock has researched the sobering statistics. Every year, 76 million Americans get sick from foods they eat, and 300,000 end up in the hospital.

Sadly, another 5,000 end up in the cemetery.

Since a full 85% of our food supply comes from our own country, how safe is our food?

Dr. Blaylock realizes something most Americans don’t… Regulatory agencies do not adequately test substances used on food crops. In fact, as many as two dozen pesticide residues have been detected on commonly sold vegetables. Additionally, government ‘protection’ agencies rarely test the effects of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides when used in combination (some chemicals are not toxic when used alone but extremely toxic when combined)…

Dr. Russell Blaylock
Newsmax Medical Editor


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