Spook Free Halloween For Pups

Spook-Free Halloween Tips

For most dogs, Halloween is more frightening than fun. Here are a few tricks to make the evening safer and less spooky for your pup:

Keep your pet in a separate room away from the front door if the ringing doorbell makes him anxious.

Keep decorations and jack-o’-lanterns out of paw’s reach.

Keep him away from the candy basket. Most sweets make dogs sick — plus, raisins and chocolate can be fatal.

Pick up any stray candy wrappers, which can be a choking hazard.

 If you decide to dress your dog (or cat) up, make sure the getup does not interfere with his movements or ability to see, and that it does not contain any small pieces that could be swallowed accidentally.  Know your pet(s) before suiting them up; many pets find costuming uncomfortable and stressful, others are just fine with it, and some even thrive on the attention.

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