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Sunburn Remedies In Your Closet

If you realize you’ve stayed out in the sun a bit too long, a quick rummage through your kitchen cabinets can provide you with the relief you need. Here are some all-natural home remedies you can use for sunburns: Aloe … Continue reading

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War On The Middle Class

Lou Dobbs, CNN During the last six years, our country has lost millions of manufacturing and good-paying middle class jobs to outsourcing. The reason: In 2002, our Congress ceded its trade authority to President Bush. But President Bush’s "fast track" … Continue reading

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Break Out The Fireworks!!! Immigraton Bill Suffers Major Defeat In Senate

Legislation falls 14 votes short, despite Bush’s big push to rally support Senate defeats immigration billJune 28: The Senate blocks President Bush’s plan for legalizing millions of unlawful immigrants. NBC’s David Gregory reports and Tim Russert offers analysis. Democratic presidential … Continue reading

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Children With Autism Get Their Day In Court

In Yuma, Arizona, the first court case alleging a link between childhood vaccines and autism is being heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Eight other such cases are soon to follow, and the decisions made will guide the … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber Has Become American Norm

Not long ago, I wrote about how most Americans are dumber than dirt when it comes to health. A survey of 1,000 U.S. adults identified a number of "diet disconnects" between what people consider good health practices and their actual … Continue reading

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Finally – Even Dental Association Agrees Flouride Is Bad!!

The American Dental Association, which has for many years been one of fluoride’s biggest advocates, alerted its members late last year that parents of infants younger than a year old "should consider using water that has no or low levels … Continue reading

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12 Million Green Cards To Go By Any Other Name Is Amnesty!!

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